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#203 (0) [X]

Andres: If you ever do understand what I'm talking about for longer than a day at a time, call the police as someone will have usurped my name

#202 (0) [X]


05 Jan 11
17:09:03 - 18:02:39

NessySheep: LIES !!!! *hugs* Happy New Year ! -smile-
Lieserl: nessy! *hugs!!!* how are you, girl! i hope you had a decent holiday -shy-
Glenno: Hi ya NessySheep. Please warn me if there are any pending girl only group hugs. And I'll stay well out of it
Lieserl: hey glenno!
Hi Lies! *gets out guy/girl list. Uhhm are you guy or girl?
Victor: my boyfriend, glenno,
Uh well that clears that up -smile-
Victor: clears up what, glenno?
Glenno: Oh -laughs- that you're a guy.
Glenno: Oops, I mean that Lies is a guy -embarassed-
Victor: yup, i am a guy
Lieserl: i'm of the female persuasion, Glenno
Glenno: -dead- You know, I'm going to leave now.
Zgurl49: don't leave glenno!
 Lieserl: -laugh- why, glenno, do you only talk to girls?
 Glenno: No no no... I mean I don't mind. I get on quite well with them, but I'll talk to guys too.
Lieserl: -laugh- okaaay
sportsfan800: these wimmenz can be a handful glenno
05 Jan 11 - 17:22:19 > Glenno: You know this really was not suppose to expode in my face. -embarassed- -sad-
Zgurl49: -sad- Poor...guy? lol darn SST sexes confuzzles another one
NessySheep: ... what have i done?
Zgurl49: Glenno! - are you male or female?
Glenno: Male.
Zgurl49: *marks down M next to glenno*
SuperCarol: We're kicking the boys out of the chat?
sportsfan800: *throws toy spider into chat*
Glenno: Well Sports it's better than hard nerf mallet.
05 Jan 11 - 17:25:30 > sportsfan800: -laugh- Glenno
05 Jan 11 - 17:25:26 > SuperCarol: *whacks Glenno with nerf mallet just because she was reminded it existed*
05 Jan 11 - 17:23:11 > Glenno: *looks at SuperCarol* Right now... a very pale male
05 Jan 11 - 17:27:18 > SuperCarol: *whistles innocently as she hides mallet behind her back*
05 Jan 11 - 17:27:51 > Glenno: -smilegrin- Are you making a list too Zgurl
05 Jan 11 - 17:30:56 > Zgurl49: glenno - oh man I've had to make one with all the peeps on here and non gender specific
Glenno: Zgurl. I'm glad someone else has gone through what I'm going trough
Victor: I'm also good in confusing chatters, especially new ones
05 Jan 11 - 17:38:02 > Glenno: Yeah -mad- I got that.
05 Jan 11 - 17:38:53 > Glenno: Wow first time I used mad! Must write down date 6/Jan/20ELEVEN
05 Jan 11 - 17:50:31 > Glenno: Anywhoo. I really must go (I'll keep the station tuned in however) and do some other writing.
05 Jan 11 - 17:51:21 > Glenno: *looks for Cinder
05 Jan 11 - 17:52:00 > Glenno: She's the safest person to hug ... she doesn't hide a mallet behind her back
05 Jan 11 - 17:52:11 > Glenno: *quickly puts on helmet
05 Jan 11 -  > Glenno: Go on Carol get it outta ya system

(after a few more more minutes of aimless chat)

Glenno: What I'm still here???
SuperCarol: *chucks Glenno out of the chat and threatens him with nerf mallet*
Glenno: MEEP MEEP! *leave trail of dust behind. All the wiser that Carol will be flattened by ten ton weight above her.
sportsfan800: ha! Carol is still picking on Glenno
Glenno: *voice wafts back on the air "It's the start of a beautiful friendship, Sports."

#201 (0) [X]


04 Jan 11
18:51:35 - 19:16:49

DarthClinton: Cinder sorry about missing the d in your name.
Cinder: I have been called much worse!!!! Just last week, I got called Stinky!!
elleisa: well i can't smell you cinder
Cinder: that is good.. I used the new soap from Christmas. Phew.. glad it is working.
sherriffife: glad we dont have cybersmelling yet, or do we . ..
Cinder: But smellAvision t.v. might be fun ... sometimes!
SuperCarol: I'm actually allergic to a lot of scents. Can't even walk through the perfume section of department stores without getting a splitting headache
Glenno: * Changes SuperCarol to the guy column
SuperCarol: *whacks Glenno with Nerf Mallet*

(and later)

Nate: I see jaded still has spelling issues, good to see that hasn't changed
Jadedtitan: im eating and typing = bad multitasker
Glenno: *puts Jaded into the guy column, too
eLmEr856: -laugh-
Jadedtitan: im a girl

#200 (0) [X]


04 Jan 11,
17:52:46 - 18:32:01

NessySheep: * group hugs zg & vic*
Sir_Rideout: *joins in on the group hug* 8)

Glenno: Group hug somewhere? Is there room for me?
NessySheep: only for "girls" -razz- -smilegrin-
Glenno: Oh! You see it's those darn usernames . I don't have a clue who's guy and who's gal
Glenno: I started a list. Gals - Cinder, elleisa, bruiser (her name really threw me). M_M (so did MISTER Mouse), ViolaLover, Gert, Noshoes and NovaKat
NessySheep: - laugh - ... zg and me are girls
Glenno: Guys PeteC, Sports, JC, Alchemist ...
NessySheep: ... glenno is a guy ?
Cinder: Glenna would be a girl.
supercarol: I'm a girl!
Redjack: Hi everyone. I just want to confirm that I am a guy

Glenno: So..ah Victor, you're a girl? and Nessysheep...?
Redjack: Victor is a guy
Redjack: Nessysheep is a ewe
Cinder: She is a baby ewe!!
Glenno: Right.... well you see he was invovled in the group hug wasn't he? That why I thought it was safe to be included.
Glenno: I'm discombobulated ...  
Glenno: well and truely

(about 20 minutes later)

Glenno: Hi again elmer
Glenno: Now ah... are you guy or girl?
Glenno: I'm making a list. For my own safety.
Glenno: I tried to enter in on an all girl group hug -eek- didn't go down well
elmer856: haha! Glenno, I am a man, but I'm open to hugs! :)
elleisa: where am i on your list glenno?
Glenno: Dare I say it Ell.
Glenno: I don't have a column for extra terrestrial

#199 (0) [X]

Istagi: Nic Cage is kilda like Mc Donalds. you can go any Mc Donalds in the country and get exactly the same food. if you go to the Nic Cage movie you know what you are gonna get.....

#198 (0) [X]

Jim_A: This is John Cleese speaking. Jim would like you to know, for the record, that he is lodging a complaint that no one is cooperating with his Trek train.
Jim_A: Cleese here, again. Jim is now evidencing a strange twitch, as a direct result of no one cooperating with his Trek train.
Redjack_Ryan: Christopher Walken here. I just came BY. To pass along word from Redjack RYAN. That making. A TRAIN is much Easier.
Redjack_Ryan: When the QUEUE is near 1hr
Redjack_Ryan: Frankenstein never scared me
Redjack_Ryan: Marsupials do
Redjack_Ryan: 'cause they're fast!
Redjack_Ryan: *Christopher Walken leaves the room*

#197 (0) [X]

elmer856: JBARTA!!!!!! HAPPY B-DAY!!!
jbarta: Big eek
Johnny_Cage: *makes a wish*
jbarta: Embarrassed
jbarta: Daaaaawwwwww Thanx Elmer...Shy
NessySheep: HAPPY BIRTHDAY JB !!! Cheers!
SIN55: Cheers!
elmer856: Cheers!
jbarta: Nessy!
jbarta: *opens nessy's gift* Awwwe... A nice wool Sweater! Ewe shouldn't have!
jbarta: Wink
SIN55: I got you a label maker!
jbarta: *hands Sin "the bucket"*
SIN55: ...
jbarta: Sweet! now I can go labeling people!
SIN55: jbarta, I know actors love to be labeled, I'd start there!
jbarta: LaughingI need a typewriter for them... the love to be type-cast
Istagi: OOOO what lable do I get? "Mostly Harmless?"
jbarta: *prints up a special "Patient, Kind and understanding" Label for Istagi*
NessySheep: what's my lable ?
SIN55: *Made in heaven* Nessy
SIN55: Wink
jbarta: *prints up "Air Dry Only" label for Nessy*
SIN55: *gets cocktail thrown in face*
jbarta: LaughingSin...
NessySheep: Shy sin
NessySheep: Laughing jb Big razz
jbarta: *prints up "Pepe Le Pew" label for Sin*
jbarta: Laughing
BrewersGuy: Should I ask to find out what my label is?
Istagi: I OBJECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jbarta: hmm...
elmer856: Brew, you are "too cool for school"
Istagi: you can't lable me that!
NessySheep: brew - "mooooon-atic"
SIN55: Laughing
jbarta: *prints up "Warning, Objectionable Content label for Istagi*
Istagi: LOve the cowbell in this
BrewersGuy: Cool I knew it
Istagi: there we go jbarta, that fits me
Istagi: YOu can put it on my tail
SIN55: see I knew the label maker was a good idea!
jbarta: Laughingwill do
Istagi: Put it right under the, "do not hold in hand, place on hard level surface, light fuse and get away" warning sticker
NessySheep: *writes "wash with similar colours" label for istagi*
Istagi: can you add "towel dry" please

#196 (0) [X]

bruiser: nova levi has a story to tell you
NovaKat: Ooh! Story time! *leaps to storytime rug, looks this way and that for levi*
leviathan12: *takes seat by fireplace* Hi nova!
leviathan12: Ok, so, I was at work ( ) today, and I was out doing an interview...
NovaKat: *nod nods, listening*
Gert: ooh, new levi story *sits on couch arm*
leviathan12: And the house we went to, the guy had a kitten about a month old. It was peeking it's head around the door next to his foot looking at us all skeptical...
NovaKat: *gets wide-eyed*
sportsfan800: nova
leviathan12: After a minute it apparently decided that we were nice hoomans. So it mustered up it's courage, scampered out onto the porch a few feet in front of us, looked up, made a concentrating face, and went "MEEEEWWWWWWWW!"
leviathan12: Then it went back inside and continued looking at us from behind the guy's foot.
SweetMadness: Levi, oh my goodness, that is the most adorable thing ever.
Andres: kitten
NovaKat: *squees* awwwww!
leviathan12: We were both like .... *blink.. blink.. *
bruiser: love it!
bruiser: itty bitty guard kitty committee
Gert: aww, baby kitty
SweetMadness: bruiser,
Andres: dat's cheenyus Boo
leviathan12: I was thinking, "Did... did we just get denied entrance by a kitty?"
Gert: *wants a baby kitty *
Gert: haha
NovaKat: Exactly. It was probably trying to show you even though it was cute and friendly, it had a tough kitty side
Andres: well it wasn't hissing, so I'm not sure the meeyow should be read as a challenge?
bruiser: it say "Imma mess yoo up!"
Andres: by what, oofing on his shoe?

#195 (0) [X]

bruiser: oop, dryer, brb
NovaKat: I imagine bru's dryer as some sort of sentient machine that awakens on the weekends and begins roaming about her house bumper car style Big razz
kellybug: Laughing Eating piles of clothes and bluh'ing them out as it goes.
NovaKat: Laughing yes!
Jim_A: LaughingNova
bruiser: Laughing the washer shimmies sometimes Nova
bruiser: if only it would....then i wouldn't ahve to do anything, just throw the clothes in a pile for it
Jim_A: a dryer that eats clothes, Iiiiii Like It !
Jim_A: course that doesn't work unless his brother is a washing machine

#194 (0) [X]

bruiser: Rukia levi and i were talking about you last weekend

Rukia: oh? were gators somehow involved in the conversation

bruiser: several times when we drove by marshes...but no, we shared bacon and thought of you

Rukia: aww it's great that when people eat pork they think of me

NovaKat: nothing quite gives fond memories of friends like bacon.

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