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#186 (1) [X]

Jadedtitan: hehe, z will have a crazy costume for halloween
leviathan12: Yay! Sessy costume! :O
Zgurl49: -laugh- I can just imagine the plane ride full of grim reepers :O
Ghostkeeper: -laugh- With a plane full of grim reapers, imagine how terrified the pilots would be.
leviathan12: "Captain... why is there no destination airport on our flight plan?" :O

#185 (0) [X]

PeteC: Hiya's!! HBD, Lmar!! I know it's true that everyone knows how much I hate you but we all know it's an act and I hope you have a great BD-Weekend!! Big grin
LMarrese: *takes screen shot of Pete's post*
LMarrese: Smilegrin
PeteC: Hi, Maddy, Jade, WLZ and Ave and everyone else and Cage, I wish you well, too and please never tell anyone that I said anything nice to Lmar or any wimmenz! Please!!
jbarta: Pete is obviously suffering from Caffeine withdraw.
NessySheep: *aves for the chat log* Cool
NessySheep: *saves
AvenueD: Nessy Yes
PeteC: My life.... Now, I am ruined. Rolling eyes
PeteC: She'll just pull the football up on me. I know it.
Johnny_Cage: No problem, Pete. I'll just keep telling everyone you're a jerk, if that's what you want. Laughing

#184 (5) [X]

bruiser: *knocks on levi's head; ghost lets her in; starts gleefully redecorating*
Dragonel: *passes bru a string of christmas lights*
Rukia: *is in the Willow section of levi's mind*
Ghostkeeper: plenty of room in here, if we just shove those synapses aside...
NovaKat: Party in levi's head! *hangs out*
bruiser: awesome, dragon *bangs nails in walls, hangs lights* pretty!
leviathan12: Hey!! Everybody out! -eek-

#183 (2) [X]

Istagi: I like calls from the UK. The Brittish are so polite, they even know how to handle dissapointment.
Istagi: for some reason on the boat ride over here they lost their "ability to handle dissapointment"
Istagi: someplace in the middle of the North Atlantic is a huge pile of "ability to handle dissapointment"
Istagi: I think that the Titanic hit that and not an iceburg and sank.

#182 (1) [X]

While the chat is talking about food:

06 Feb 10 - 16:27:36 > bruiser: have to check the yums...brb

06 Feb 10 - 16:28:52 > NessySheep: Big eek shush ! i'm not allowed to heat at 10:30 PM

06 Feb 10 - 16:29:13 > NessySheep: *eat

06 Feb 10 - 16:29:29 > Rukia: not allowed to heat? Laughing Laughing

06 Feb 10 - 16:29:37 > Nate: how does one heat?

#180 (1) [X]

Rukia: *giggles*
ClassCE: *googles*
Ak-Mal_Owner: *gaggles*
ShadowOnTheSun: *googles giggles*
Rukia: *googles gaggles while giggling*
NovaKat: *puts on goggles*
ClassCE: *googles gaggles while giggling goo gone*
Ak-Mal_Owner: giggle goggles?
Rukia: *googles gaggles of giggle goggles*
anonemuss: well i must giggle,goggle,google,gaggle,geggle,guggle my way away seeya later everyone

#179 (12) [X]

kellybug: My microwave doesn't like me. It heats the outside of stuff to roughly the temperature of a nuclear fusion reactor, but I think it actually somehow makes the insides of things colder...

#178 (3) [X]

BrewersGuy: jaded, I have a hard time pulling anything over her. she's likes to know everything that's going on. She's like a ..... machine
Jadedtitan: ok thats a little freaky nessy Big razz
Jadedtitan: lol, oh i see brew...
BrewersGuy: brb
NessySheep: Laughing i like it jade
NessySheep: brew is going to marry a machine ???
NessySheep: *wants to marry her Laptop*
NessySheep: Cool
BrewersGuy: pretty much, Nessy -rzz-
BrewersGuy: Razz
Andres: Laughing
Jadedtitan: Laughing arent you already sort of married to it nessy? Wink
Jadedtitan: hi andres!
NessySheep: Hi A n d r e s !
PseudoPsychicShawnSpencer: *prepares ceremony for Nessy and her Laptop*
NessySheep: Shy you think he loves me too jade ?
LMarrese: hi A
PseudoPsychicShawnSpencer: Hello A, do you want to be the preacher?
LMarrese: Eek jade... and i missed the wedding??
Jadedtitan: Big grin i think it was a hush hush ceremony lmarr Wink
Jadedtitan: Laughing he keeps working for you nessy, im sure he does
NessySheep: nah, no marriage yet ! we only know each other for not even 2 years Shy
LMarrese: Laughing
Jadedtitan: Wink hey, it may be love at first sight nessy
NessySheep: *blows a kiss at her computer* i love you too Shy
NessySheep: yes it was jade Embarrassed though we met online....
NessySheep: in a very nice online store... he was the computer of my dreams... Shy
Jadedtitan: Laughing online isnt a bad place to meet
PseudoPsychicShawnSpencer: This would make a great movie.
Zgurl49: For the first like 6 months of our relationship Zack and I would only talk online Smile
NessySheep: no, it isn't jade Smile
NessySheep: LaughingLaughingLaughing *silly nessy disappears to homework lurk*
NessySheep: Laughing but the only difference is, that you have a guy and i have a computer Zg Laughing
Jadedtitan: *and takes her love with her*
Zgurl49: just isn't a bad thing Wink

#177 (-1) [X]

Dragon, Nessy: When my kids were young they would blame Mr. & Mrs. Noah Body, or my other favorite : I don't know. I am so glad they are all in college and doing great!

#175 (3) [X]

Dragonel: Nessy - must be Nate's fault (everything is)
NessySheep: LaughingYes Big razz@Nate
BrewersGuy: *nute*
BrewersGuy: mute*
brainyguy9999: AAGGGHHHH!!! TOO BUSY!!!!
ClassCE: while (noOfBlameNate>0)
ClassCE: print Blame Nate
Dragonel: Class - you can simplify that to just "while (1)" Wink
ClassCE: or while (nateIsAlive) print Blame Nate
Dragonel: or just If (error_exists), blame(Nate) .... then if we lose Nate, we could just substitute someone else Smile
jbarta: If Nate = yes; then Print "Blame Nate" If Nate = no; then Print "Blame Nate"
jbarta: *relurk*
ClassCE: put that if in a while statement jbarta
NessySheep: ok, now you people are starting to scare me...
Zgurl49: *is confused*
Segellion: Excuse me? Are we still using Visual Basic? Like.. does the "print" method still exsist?
Maddy: Hi/bye jbarta!
Dragonel: Class - don't need the while if it's a permanent condition
jadedtitan: *hugs nessy* hello
Dragonel: hi/bye jb
ClassCE: Laughing
Segellion: addChild(blamenate);
Kajotex: blast it... i just know java :/
Segellion: Nessy's here??
LMarrese: hi jaded
Segellion: *tackles Nessy in a destructive.. yet fuzzy force*
NessySheep: hi jade *hugs* Smile
ClassCE: Laughing SEG!!
Kajotex: nowadays real men write System.out.println("Blame Nate"); Wink
NessySheep: hi seg Smile
Dragonel: Hi jade - sorry Nessy, geek humour

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