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#177 (-1) [X]

Dragon, Nessy: When my kids were young they would blame Mr. & Mrs. Noah Body, or my other favorite : I don't know. I am so glad they are all in college and doing great!

#175 (3) [X]

Dragonel: Nessy - must be Nate's fault (everything is)
NessySheep: LaughingYes Big razz@Nate
BrewersGuy: *nute*
BrewersGuy: mute*
brainyguy9999: AAGGGHHHH!!! TOO BUSY!!!!
ClassCE: while (noOfBlameNate>0)
ClassCE: print Blame Nate
Dragonel: Class - you can simplify that to just "while (1)" Wink
ClassCE: or while (nateIsAlive) print Blame Nate
Dragonel: or just If (error_exists), blame(Nate) .... then if we lose Nate, we could just substitute someone else Smile
jbarta: If Nate = yes; then Print "Blame Nate" If Nate = no; then Print "Blame Nate"
jbarta: *relurk*
ClassCE: put that if in a while statement jbarta
NessySheep: ok, now you people are starting to scare me...
Zgurl49: *is confused*
Segellion: Excuse me? Are we still using Visual Basic? Like.. does the "print" method still exsist?
Maddy: Hi/bye jbarta!
Dragonel: Class - don't need the while if it's a permanent condition
jadedtitan: *hugs nessy* hello
Dragonel: hi/bye jb
ClassCE: Laughing
Segellion: addChild(blamenate);
Kajotex: blast it... i just know java :/
Segellion: Nessy's here??
LMarrese: hi jaded
Segellion: *tackles Nessy in a destructive.. yet fuzzy force*
NessySheep: hi jade *hugs* Smile
ClassCE: Laughing SEG!!
Kajotex: nowadays real men write System.out.println("Blame Nate"); Wink
NessySheep: hi seg Smile
Dragonel: Hi jade - sorry Nessy, geek humour

#173 (0) [X]

Capt_Rochard: *crackle* Tower SST, this is flight 14227 requesting clearance for landing. Over.
Dragonel: Flight 14227 - please recite your 74 digit access code and prepare your credit card for activation
Lennie2020: Flight 14227--runway is cleared for landing...
Capt_Rochard: Uh, roger that tower, access code is as follows: 646848631.053415.1sdfg5.df18531085384f348t8h4t8348643438b468t1dr834vr68r4183th4rt38h4b83s4b. Over
Capt_Rochard: Roger that tower, proceeding to land on runway 14Left..... descending on glide path.....
Dragonel: shhhh Lennie, play this right and we can get a nice large donation out of the Capt
masked_platypus: Capt_Rochard- now, sing it!
Lennie2020: proceed with landing instructions for Flight 14227, Dragonel
Dragonel: Capt - just need you to swipe your credit card here - you'll have to do a low-level pass across the runway, then lean out of your window at the correct time
Capt_Rochard: Altitude 50feet..... 30 fett.... 15 feet..... 5.... and *tires squeal* Applying brakes.....
Capt_Rochard: Uh, sorry abnout that tower, got caught in a sudden downdraft upon CC approach...
Capt_Rochard: you'll have to catch me at the gate
Dragonel:*sends out the truck to chain up the plane until all fees are paid*
Dragonel: Sure Capt, just come visit the tower with your credit card anytime you want to leave
Capt_Rochard: *pulls up to gate 1a* .... *hopps out and heads for the bar* ....
-ChrisL-: joins Capt at the bar, and buys him a beer....tx for the flight cappy
Capt_Rochard: *takes a big swig* Anytime...
Capt_Rochard: Dragonell - I have that card for you! *hands over ChrisL card
Capt_Rochard: *hands over ChrisL's card*
-ChrisL-: Races Capt to plane* Uhh...Tower, how do I start this thing?*
Capt_Rochard: Good luck! Drops keys in to the "drunk tank" with the other keys.....
-ChrisL-: and to think I bought you a beer!
ChrisL-: now I'm stuck in DULOC *Shrek - DULOC song now plays
Lennie2020: laughing
-ChrisL-: Lennie....this is all your handed control to Dragon!
Lennie2020: I did not hand control over to Dragonel
Capt_Rochard: Wait!? DULOC?! Craaaap.... I'm supposed to be in Timbucktu!.... *starts digging through the keys*...
Dragonel: *swipes Chrisl several times* - sorry Capt, your card's not going through
-ChrisL-: I wonder what THIS button does!
Dragonel: *starts winding the giant rubber band on the takeoff system*
-ChrisL-: Uh oH>>>>>Tower you got some instructions here?
Dragonel: Tower to Flight 14227 - just don't touch that Power button ....... I repeat Don't Touch the ..... oh, too late
Capt_Rochard: *watches as ChrisL hits the eject button* ... oooh... so that's what that button does... cool. *sips beer*
-ChrisL-: *hits head on the way out* OUCH!@
Capt_Rochard: Dragonell -- try turning the card around... you've gopt it backwards.. the strips goes to the LEFT....
Dragonel: Well of course the stripe goes to the left ..... *pauses, looks at letters on the backs of her mittens* ..... Oh, THAT left.
Dragonel: *turns card around & swipes it perfectly*, Let's see, landing fee $16 ,....
Dragonel: beers $254
Dragonel: unauthorised attempted takeoff by unauthorised pilot .... priceless *Home Improvement TV Theme plays*

#172 (1) [X]

ClassCE: *throws nerf ball at Rukia*
Rukia: *catches nerf ball and throws it back*
leviathan12: *nerf ball bounces off head even though he's sitting on complete opposite side of room*
jadedtitan: why is your head always in the way levi?
Rukia: *Laughing*
Rukia: lol hey my aims not that bad!
leviathan12: *stands behind jade to avoid further flying objects*
Redjack_Ryan: *THUD (from lurk)*
ClassCE: Rukia you throw like a girl!
Redjack_Ryan: Who threw that!
jadedtitan: lol, im not that big levi, i wont deflect much
jadedtitan: how did it hit Redjack too?
ClassCE: *hey RR I'm open*
Redjack_Ryan: *Throws ball at CE, and somehow it flies at Rukia*
Rukia: *dodges ball effortlessly*
ClassCE: *what happened to our ball?*
jadedtitan: *finds it in the corner covered in...*
jadedtitan: you really want it back class?
ClassCE: *um...*
ClassCE: *what is it covered in?*
jadedtitan: Careless i don’t know...who knows what is on this floor
Rukia: *cleans up.... whatever' on the SST floor*
jadedtitan: here Rukia *hands her the hose* thats quicker Big grin
Rukia: thanks Smile *hoses down chat*
Cinder: thanks Rukia.. you do great work...
ClassCE: *Rukia make sure the ball is clean*
jadedtitan: i think it was leftover nuclear wast, ammo dust, random space fragments...
Rukia: will do! *disinfects ball*
ClassCE: *I guess we can throw that ball away then...*
Rukia: but i already disinfected it Sad
Cinder: I think that is the best idea Class... they are cheap enough
ClassCE: *goes to buy a better nerf ball*
ClassCE: *considers to but nerf guns for all SST members*
Rukia: *looks at the floor and sees it sparkle and shine*
ClassCE: *brings truck around with nerf guns for members*
Rukia: *picks up 2 nerf guns* Cool
jadedtitan: ...this could get deadly -eek-
Cinder: WOW I don' think I have ever seen so many in one pile!!!!Upset
Rukia: *shoots at ryan while he listens to Sahara*
jadedtitan: *ducks behind bar*
ClassCE: fires rounds at Rukia
jadedtitan: *shoots off in the direction of class*
Rukia: *ducks behind SST couch and fires back*
ClassCE: Are you not entertained?
ClassCE: gets shotted and fires at jaded
LMarrese: *put on camouflage and sneaks into chat*
LMarrese: *sits behind couch with Rukia*
Rukia: *shoots at class*
ClassCE: *man down man down*
jadedtitan: *ducks back behind bar...quick shot up and fires back at class*
LMarrese: *puts hand up from behind couch and waves at jaded*
ClassCE: *respawns*
Rukia: *peeks over couch looking for targets*
ClassCE: *runs behind truck*
ClassCE: gets a two new weapons and runs toward lmar and Rukia: firing like hell*
Rukia: *gets hit* Dead
ClassCE: ducks behind a rock reloading and watching for enemy
LMarrese: *crawls under couch*
jadedtitan: *sneakily gets up and fires back at class*
LMarrese: *notices all the SST dust bunnies under the couch*
Rukia: *respawns*
Rukia: *joins jade in shooting at class*
jadedtitan: *launches barrage at class* you cannot win!
ClassCE: fires a shot at jaded from behind
jadedtitan: *gives up and drinks a smoothy behind the bar*
Rukia: looks like its just me and you class
ClassCE: *fires my last one at jaded*
LMarrese: *scurries across the floor to join jaded behind the bar* so, what's on tap?
ClassCE: *picks up jaded's weapon
jadedtitan: heh, well what’s your pleasure? Big grin I’m sure we've got it
Rukia: *fires at class* mwahahahaha!
jadedtitan: *snatches weapon* no no no
ClassCE: *goes to the truck and makes fort for defense*
ClassCE: *sets up nerf machine gun*
Rukia: Big eek
Rukia: *sets up nerf bazooka to knock down fort*
ClassCE: *looks around for ammo*
Rukia: *fires nerf bazooka at unprepared class*
ClassCE: *medic!*
Rukia: in nerf battle no one can hear you scream Upset
LMarrese: get'em Rukia
ClassCE: mediccccccccc
ClassCE: *5 HP left*
jadedtitan: one listenes to class' cry for help..
Rukia: *shows no mercy to class and fires away*
Rukia: now, for the finishing blow....
ClassCE: noooooooooo!
ClassCE: *crys out for help*
Rukia: *lobs an uber nerf ball to finish class off*
Rukia: *Game over*
ClassCE: *
jadedtitan: yay Rukia!
Rukia: Rukia wins
Cinder: Tosssssing hats into the air... cheerssss Rukia!!!!!
Rukia: Flawless victory Laughing
ClassCE: *hears the music playing and finds a last ounce of energy to reach for his gun a fire his last shot*
Rukia: *dodges effortlessly and finishes class of for good this time*
ClassCE: *and thus ClassCE was defeated*
ClassCE: *takes off virtual helmet and congratulating Rukia for the fine battle*
Rukia: *shakes hands with class* well played! Smile
ClassCE: takes out nerf gun and hits Rukia in the head with a dart -laughing-
Rukia: yeah where's your sense of honor?
ClassCE: i lost it when I died in the SST virtual realty.
ClassCE: its too realistic
Rukia: only noobs can't tell the difference between SST and virtual reality SST

#171 (0) [X]

Rukia: happy eating nessy
NessySheep: well, i hope the foot is happy too...laters
Rukia: Laughing Foot! Laughing
NessySheep: food Big razz strange language Big razz
NessySheep: *
Rukia: *gasps for air*
NessySheep: *steals Rukias air and runs out*
NessySheep: Cool*
Rukia: hurry up nessy your foot is getting cold LaughingRazz
Victor: warm foot smells ugh

#170 (0) [X]

Lieserl: i like passing out stupid froofy nicknames to people. like Twinkletoes or Dazzler or Sparkles or Petunia
Zgurl49: ooh nice lies!
Zgurl49: I use sunshine alot
Lieserl: or Sweetcakes
Natedogg_23: I thought I told you never to call me Petunia in public
Redjack_Ryan: At the mine I used to work at, they called me "Lego" over the CB when I was driving one of the trucks
Arya: -laughs-
Arya: *Will now call Nate 'Tuney'*
Arya: My baseball nickname was Rattler...that's probably as weird as they get with me
Lieserl: i shall call nate cheekybuns
tbttfox: Nobody in college knew my first name ... they all called me Fox
Arya: -laughs-
Zgurl49: I call him Naters
Natedogg_23: LOL, you all need help....good thing I'm normal
Redjack_Ryan: Piggy McWombat?
Natedogg_23: alright, home time, laters all
Arya: Bye Tuney
Lieserl: use the boost to chase!
Zgurl49: *snort-laughs* Normal?
Lieserl: byebye cheekycheekybuns
Zgurl49: Nighty Night Naters!!
Redjack_Ryan: Goodnight Underscore Twentythree

#169 (2) [X]

(While the Cheers theme song is playing)

Zgurl49: Aww SST is like the bar in Cheers
Zgurl49: Except I don't know anyones real name
Lieserl: it's a magical bar
Natedogg_23: you know my name since it is in my handle -razz-
ThreeVee: Is it a magical limbo bar? SST limbo...
Redjack_Ryan: Your name is Dogg?
Natedogg_23: actually I simply go by _23

#168 (1) [X]

PseudoPsychicShawnSpencer: I want to bleach out the end of my hair completely
Redjack_Ryan: Why not bleach all your hair, so you'd resemble certain Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy characters
PseudoPsychicShawnSpencer: Because I only want my bottom half
PseudoPsychicShawnSpencer: And then when I dye it red the bottom will be brighter
Lieserl: whose bottom are we dying?

#167 (2) [X]

*after Lieserl showed a piece of art she drew of herself and some marine animals*
ardilla_loca: why the giant squid? symoblism?
Lieserl: its a humboldt squid
Lieserl: i like them
Lieserl: and a goblin shark. because i like them.
Zgurl49: Ok good! I saw the squid too but I wasn't sure if they were actually squid so I didn't want to say anything
Lieserl: -laughing-
ardilla_loca: lol I sincerely apologize for not being up on my cepholopology
Zgurl49: You know how a kid draws a giraffe but it looks like dog food? I didn't want to be the unimaginative adult

#166 (1) [X]

Just one for welcome a new member:

SiriusCreations: And I see a new member just arrived *smile*. Hello german-wings and welcome to SST
reinadarknova: that's true!! Welcome and have a lot of fun here, german-sings!!
reinadarknova: *lauging* sorry, german-wings

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