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#167 (1) [X]

*after Lieserl showed a piece of art she drew of herself and some marine animals*
ardilla_loca: why the giant squid? symoblism?
Lieserl: its a humboldt squid
Lieserl: i like them
Lieserl: and a goblin shark. because i like them.
Zgurl49: Ok good! I saw the squid too but I wasn't sure if they were actually squid so I didn't want to say anything
Lieserl: -laughing-
ardilla_loca: lol I sincerely apologize for not being up on my cepholopology
Zgurl49: You know how a kid draws a giraffe but it looks like dog food? I didn't want to be the unimaginative adult

#166 (1) [X]

Just one for welcome a new member:

SiriusCreations: And I see a new member just arrived *smile*. Hello german-wings and welcome to SST
reinadarknova: that's true!! Welcome and have a lot of fun here, german-sings!!
reinadarknova: *lauging* sorry, german-wings

#165 (2) [X]

leviathan12: I think the interview took a turn for the worse when they asked me "What are you weaknesses?". I don't think "I eat babies and hunt kittens for sport" was quite the answer they were looking for...

#164 (4) [X]

FabMartha's Home Shopping Network brings you SSTer-themed products:

FabMartha: *smiles, looks into camera* Worried that you are paying too much for hotel rooms? I used to be, then I discovered Dutchbuys. I'll never pay full price for a room again!

FabMartha: *dons rubber gloves, stands over tub, smiles into camera* I used to have stubborn mildew stains, then I discovered Leviathan12. It works fast on mold and mildew, and leaves your tiles shiny!

FabMartha: And now, Levithan12 works on stubborn hair-clogs in drains too! Buy some today!

#163 (3) [X]

jadedtitan: Welcome to SST, Spammy. If you click on the request wait link, that will take you to somewhere to search.
j2brown: Under the Station Menu, select Playlist/Request to search.
j2brown: Or the Request Wait link, like JT said. I never knew that before. Guess I need to go back to Moderator school.
BuyerQueen: @j2, I just learned something too. Didn't know that was there. Thanks Jaded! *laughing*
jadedtitan: haha, happy to help out, j2. *big grin*
jadedtitan: ..and BQ *razz*
masked_platypus: j2 and BQ, you are such newbies! *rolling eyes* big razz*
j2brown: Well, in my day we didn't have all these new-fangled links on the site.
j2brown: And we had to walk up hill in the snow to request.
jadedtitan: haha, it was uphill both ways right, j2?
alchemist: Those were the days!
Chandler: augh, the kids of today... in my day we had to climb a frozen waterfall without any equipment to request.
masked_platypus: j2 - you're THAT old? *smilegrin*
jadedtitan: *eek* How does one climb a frozen waterfall?
j2brown: No, it was downhill on the way back, jaded, but you had to walk barefoot through glass while being chased by angry dogs.
j2brown: Very carefully, jaded, very carefully.
Chandler: jaded: like this:
j2brown: I miss the waterfall, but it was nicer than the volcano swimming.
j2brown: The guy in your picture is cheating, Chandler.
j2brown: He's using equipment, and there aren't any swarms of bees like JERIC had.
jadedtitan: umm well thank goodness we don’t have to do that now!
Chandler: yeh... but photography wasn't invented when we had to climb it with no equipment, so that was the closest I could get.
Chandler: ah, the good old days... when we had to work 27 hours a day.

#162 (0) [X]

Lieserl: I've developed a taste for nuts
Jim_A: lol
supercarol: I got to use a martial arts technique called a "nutcracker" at my test the other week. I'll let you use your imagination.
TwilightSoul: *looks at Jim* Can she say that?
Jim_A: *smiles*
Andres: TS you never heard of an almond before?
supercarol: *evil grin*

#161 (2) [X]

* 18 Jul 08 - 05:24 - Celebration in chat when the final track on the NUT list was about to be played!*

SiriusCreations: Hello BQ - and JT, Gal and others.
BuyerQueen: Good timing!
GalFin: I hope Sirius is not in some d@rn meeting right now...
jadedtitan: Oh yay! There he is
BuyerQueen: I'm literally shaking I'm so excited
GalFin: Here you are, Sirius!! *smile*
masked_platypus: *gets his champagne bottles*
jadedtitan: Does anyone remember when this all started? The NUT hunt? Wow, this sooo exciting!
BuyerQueen: I may be around when it plays, not sure, but the fact the list will be empty when he requests will be awesome! *crying* Tears of joy I assure you
GalFin: Station ID, and it's Bond!! SO suitable!
BuyerQueen: I'm sure Sirius does, jaded
masked_platypus: MFC!
GalFin: MFC!
SiriusCreations: MFC! If I request it now I will have my lunchbreak.
BuyerQueen: MFC!
jadedtitan: Seems like it was only a few months with over 1,000 soundtracks that were on the list...amazing
BuyerQueen: Go Sirius, go!
Cinder: Ok start now!!!
masked_platypus: This is so exciting! *laughing*
SiriusCreations: *calculating...
masked_platypus: Cinder - it's my bottle! *laughing*
montybank: Montybank Fan Club?! wow, I didn't know you cared...
BuyerQueen: *blows horn* *throws confetti*
GalFin: POP, POP! There go the champagne bottles!!
SiriusCreations: Monty *big grin*
BuyerQueen: My heart's going to stop!
SiriusCreations: Ok I going to request it now.
Cinder: One JUST for Sirius!!!
Drum roll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jadedtitan: *throws more confetti*
GalFin: Whew, Sirius, you were keeping us in such state of expectation..
BuyerQueen: Oh my, Cinder. YAY!
Cinder: He did it!!! #30!
jadedtitan: lol Cin!
BuyerQueen: *raises glass* To Sirius: May your NUT list never be that big again!
GalFin: *laughing *laughing*
jadedtitan: Here here!!
Cinder: Cheers!!! Glasses of something raised... here is to a great group of far way friends working together!! Hip hip hooooray!!!!
masked_platypus: *dances all around the chat*
BuyerQueen: Excuse me sir, don't forget to take it off the list.
GalFin: Yahoo!! Yay! Three cheers to Sirius, to SST and to the NUT crew!!
BuyerQueen: *smilegrin*
GalFin: *laughing* BQ!
BuyerQueen: Thank you Sirius, for everything!
SiriusCreations: Done!
jadedtitan: Well there it is - an empty NUT list!
GalFin: Unbelievable! We did it! We really did it!!! *laughing*
Cinder: lol @ BQ...naaaaa leave it for historical purposes and the day crew!!!
BuyerQueen: Until the update anyway.
BuyerQueen: Great job everyone! We have the best members of any on-line community!
GalFin: I'm grinning like silly here.
jadedtitan: SST certainly is the best!

#160 (0) [X]

*Sometimes it's the simple comments that count.*

Istagi: I once shot off a 4 inch morter shell in a porta-potty. It was the awesome.

#159 (2) [X]

Lieserl: one time we had a campfire going and were throwing things in it to see what would burn. someone threw a sealed water bottle in and like 5 minutes later it blew up. sparks flew in all directions, one of my cousins started doing stop drop and roll, and a spark went down my shirt and caught my bra on fire

the_lake_effect: Lies - the accidental feminist protester.

#158 (0) [X]

maddy: ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH! Stipid people!!

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