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#236 (3) [X]

January 06, 2011
The Legend of Zelda: The Adventures of Kat and Kelly

NovaKat: I can has Triforce
leviathan12: No you cannot has Triforce! You, AS LINK, must earn Triforce!
NovaKat: Fine! *pouts a little, goes on quest with small shield and sword, brings kelly along*
sportsfan800: *waves bye to Nova & Kelly on their quest*
kellybug: *glows, flies around like Navi*
kellybug: Hey! Listen!
NovaKat: -laughing- kelly
leviathan12: Gah! -dead- Whoever programmed the game so swords and arrows wouldn't hurt Navi should be shot! With arrows!
leviathan12: Hush, navi! I can figure it out on my own! Leave me alone! Rarrrgh!
NovaKat: Let me know when you spot a Triforce, kelly. They're Dorito shaped and come in the flavors of nacho cheese, cool ranch, and the fabled zesty taco
kellybug: *flies over to wooden sign in middle of field* It says "Triforce --> "
NovaKat: *stares at sign* Convenient. It's not like there's a dungeon or boss fight to get past or anything *ventures along*
kellybug: Why is this road leading to a dungeony cave type place?
NovaKat: because the developers can't be bothered with details like that. -eek- An unhappy face or skull would've sufficed
NovaKat: *emerges victorious with a Triforce* Next time I'm finding more hearts first -dead-
kellybug: Oh, you already went in. *dusts off kitty, gives a red potion*
Gert: Ooh, I like your train idea, sports. Let's keep with the Nova and Kelly Save Hyrule theme!
NovaKat: *drinks potion, hearts refill* Thanks, kelly :)
NovaKat: *ventures to next location somewhere in the mountains*
kellybug: We have to save Hyrule too?
kellybug: *whistles for Epona*
NovaKat: *looks at quest sheet* Yeah. That's not on the list :P
Gert: I guess not, Kelly. What location do you guys think you could handle?
Gert: I think you guys can take Hyrule. So your first move is to get on a horse?
kellybug: It seemed like a good first move.
leviathan12: Epona isn't JUST a horse.
NovaKat: Lowers travel time, and it's fun. Though we still can't beat the fastest runner guy
leviathan12: Do you know how big Hyrule is? Link would never make it without epona.
Gert: Cool, cool. I just need fuel for this train.
NovaKat: *wakes up the sages with the Master Pokey Stick*
sportsfan800: -eek-
leviathan12: Careful with that thing! It can poke through time.
NovaKat: Really? :O *pokes cooked Hot Pocket back and forth through time*
Jim_A: the Zeldaology is entrancing
Jim_A: like a lava lamp
Gert: Alright, intrepid adventurers! What are you doing, now?
NovaKat: Woke up the sages in the temples, chased the chickens, I guess now it's time for storming the tower
NovaKat: What do you think, kelly?
kellybug: I think the tower comes later. It has a big number 5 over the door. :|
NovaKat: Oh yeah. More hearts!
kellybug: How about *looks at map* the Land of Seconddungeonandmorehearts?
NovaKat: hmm *hops on Epona* Looks promising and convenient. It's not like we'll be sent on a long quest or anything on the way *ventures forth*
kellybug: So we probably shouldn't talk to the man on the side of the road who looks like he's looking for something?
Gert: Maybe he wants to sell you a life-restoring pie?
Jim_A: ask him if he has any M&M Cookies !
NovaKat: *looks up at kelly after talking to the searching man* You're right...we shouldn't have :| He needs ingredients for life-restoring pie...
Gert: -laughing-! New side-quest!
kellybug: :| Did he happen to say where we could find them?
NovaKat: *mumbles slightly, points to the 4 distant corners of the map* Here, here, here and somewhere underground here -dead-
kellybug: Oh... Are you sure that isn't the ugly bad guy in disguise using us to gather evil things that he can't? :|
Redjack: I have to go to bed, but dang I want to stay and see how the story turns out!
NovaKat: *looks back at pie guy rubbing his hands together in a sinister manner, glancing about furtively* I don't think so, kelly -eek-
leviathan12: *prances by in Tingle tights* I found this in a forest due north of here. You can have it. *hands to Nova, prances off*
kellybug: -confused- Eww :| Thank you, Levi.
NovaKat: -eek- Thank you kind weirdo! *examines* Convenient. It'll teleport all the pie ingredients to us which we can then give to Obviously-Not-Evil-Pie-Guy
maddog: -laughing- nova
Jim_A: I'm worried about what he intends to do with that pie.
Gert: Doesn't matter, Jim. You can't get any further in the main storyline without finishing this dude's quest.
kellybug: *flies around Nova's head* Hey! Listen! Don't give it to him until you make him give you a heart as part of the deal.
NovaKat: Wise kelly is right! *makes Evil Pie Guy give him a heart first, EPG makes the pie and, as name suggests, doesn't share it, the two go along hungry and annoyed* :|
kellybug: Hmph.
NovaKat: *gives kelly some Lon Lon milk to make up for it as they travel*
kellybug: Thank you. *picks deku nuts*
NovaKat: *They approach Land of Seconddungeonandmorehearts, emerges victorious with more Triforce and hearts* -dead-
kellybug: Oh good! *puts an X on map over Land of Seconddungeonandmorehearts*
Jim_A: I bet you that pie is filled with M&M Cookies
maddog: Were stolen by a chicken -laughing-
Jim_A: -eek- My cookies were stolen by a chicken !?
maddog: -laughing- I was referring to the queue Jim
Jim_A: oh *releases world chicken population from captivity*
NovaKat: Okay, now we can storm the tower, me thinks
kellybug: I agree. *draws picture of tower, shows to Epona*
noshoes039: -laughing- I like Friday night story time.
NovaKat: *Epona nods and gains a determined look in her eye. The three of them speed off toward the Dark Tower of Infinite Doom, dodging chickens on the way for bonus style points*
sportsfan800: *Zelda theme plays as the quest continues*
kellybug: *looks around* Where is the music coming from? :|
NovaKat: *looks up, sees Tinglevi hovering in his red hot air balloon, holding a boom box, points up* There! -eek-
leviathan12: :D I help where I can. *floats away*
kellybug: *flies up to massive black gate surrounding Dark Tower of Infinite Doom, rings bell*
NovaKat: *Disgruntled Boss Dude answers the door, complains about all the trouble kelly and Nova been causing across the land, harshing his evil groove he had going. Challenges us to epic game of Rock Paper Scissors*
Gert: Grumpydorf?
NovaKat: -laughing- Good name
maddog: -laughing-
kellybug: *flies around, notices tower, wall, furniture, decorations, rocking chair, plates, glasses, and even Grumpydorf's shoes are made of stone.*
kellybug: *flies back to Nova, whispers in ear* I bet he picks rock.
NovaKat: *nods sagely to kelly, rubs chin* Very well, Grumpydorf. I accept your challenge! *throws down Paper, but wait! Grumpydorf chooses Scissors! Nova goes down -dead- Grumpydorf cackles triumphantly, but who should appear just then...? Not-So-Evil-Pie Guy!*
kellybug: Aww :(
NovaKat: *Not-So-Evil-Pie-Guy feeds him a slice, and guess what? Nova's life is restored -eek- * Very clever, Grumpydorf! Throwing us off with Rock. *Pokes him with the Master Pokey Stick and Grumpydorf is slain!*
kellybug: -eek-
kellybug: *picks a large, pointy key out of NSEPG's pocket*
NovaKat: Ooh! What's that you found? :O
kellybug: It's a key, I think. It's very pointy. We should probably look for a pointy door.
NovaKat: *spots just the right kind of door in the back of the rock-themed room, uses the key. Within the unlocked room the final Triforce is found just as they had set out to do all along!* Yay! :D
kellybug: Yaay!
NovaKat: *Darkness banished, the two ride off to the horizon upon Epona with the Triforce, more hearts and yummy pie. Chickens and villagers rejoice*
kellybug: So, did we save Hyrule? And is Princess Zelda involved, or is she okay?
kellybug: Oh, I guess we're done :D
* * * Some time passes and some clarification is found * * *
Gert: Hey, what happens after you beat the boss, nova/kelly?
NovaKat: To answer your question, Gert. We found the final third triforce and rode off toward the sunset
kellybug: We still never found out where Zelda was during the quest.
NovaKat: Oh, right. hmm...*look around*
Gert: Maybe you should ask Evil Pie Man
maddog: Kelly - Zelda was stealing Jim's cookies
leviathan12: Double-twist ending? -eek- Zelda was the evil pie man!
NovaKat: :O You're right, levi! It's her second alternate identity along with Sheik
kellybug: Oh no. I like Zelda. She can't be evil.
NovaKat: Remember, in the end, she wasn't evil :)
NovaKat: It was all an act to throw off Grumpydorf
kellybug: Oh. I see. I think. Yaay!
Gert: So... in the end you just saved Hyrule, but Zelda was not in trouble, and in fact was just making off with Jim's cookies?
NovaKat: No. Hyrule was in trouble. We didn't know it as our job was to primarily get the Triforce, but the two tasks were interconnected. Zelda was in hiding, and stealing cookies from Jim was something to do on the side while waiting for kelly and me to save the day.
Gert: So she was sitting around, bored at Grumpydorf's place, waiting for you guys to come give her a ride back to the castle? Then in the meantime she Sheiked up and stole jim's cookies?
NovaKat: -yes- She did have the key after all ;)
Redjack: -dead- I'm still here and not in bed


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