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:: Add Your Link :: - Rich Man, Poor Man - Alex North
Album Information
Album Rich Man, Poor Man
Artist Alex North
Year 1976
Genre Soundtrack
Contributor AveD

Request Buy # Track Listing Length Played
No Link 01 Main Title, Rich Man, Poor Man
Alex North
1:33 4
No Link 02 Julie
Alex North
2:58 3
iTunes 03 Rudy
Alex North
1:34 16
No Link 04 Julie's First Affair
Alex North
2:23 2
No Link 05 Axel And Tom
Alex North
4:27 17
No Link 06 Tom And Clothide
Alex North
2:46 2
No Link 07 Rudy And Ginny
Alex North
3:35 1
No Link 08 Julie And Rudy
Alex North
3:16 3
No Link 09 Rudy And Tom
Alex North
2:41 4
No Link 10 Tom's Deperation
Alex North
2:56 2
No Link 11 Julie's Remorse
Alex North
2:44 2
No Link 12 Tom, Dwyer And Falconetti
Alex North
2:22 1
No Link 13 Denouement
Alex North
3:19 2
AmazoniTunes 14 End Title, End Cast
Alex North
1:32 2

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Reviewers Rating

1 review done for this album.

Rich Man, Poor Man
By: AveD
Date: 19 Dec 2012
I couldn't possibly write as good a review as this score needs because I'm a huge AN so I am biased. Most don't get his particular genius & I don't quite understand it either. I only know I love his work. Below are the liner notes off the album describing each track. Thanks for reading. - AveD

RICH MAN, POOR MAN liner notes written by Alex North:

From my very first film score for A Streetcar Named Desire and through subsequent heavy assignments as Spartacus, Cleopatra, The Agony and the Ecstasy, & Death of a Salesman, I have never faced a challenge quite so unique as the commission to compose the music background for the 12 hour television version of Irwin Shaw's inspired novel, Rich Man, Poor Man. Roughly the equivalent in length to 6 two hour feature films, the treatment of the score called for a virtual musical anthology spanning 20 years in the lives of the Jordache family.
As in Salesman, my modus operandi was to resort to the leitmotif, a term stemming from Wagner's later operas, in which basic themes were used to represent the personalities of the roles acted upon the stage.
In listening to this recording you will hear themes which are identifiable with the important characters -- very often these themes are varied and modified to reflect the interpersonal relationships and dramatic conflicts of the characters.
Aside from these brief descriptive commentaries in the program, I hope most sincerely that the music will speak for itself. - Alex North

Axel, as the hard-working German emigre striving to fulfill "the American dream" for his wife and two sons, is reflected in this slightly flavored Americana theme.
A thematic portrait of a lovely adolescent girl, her desires and sensual curiosity. As stated here, the music is both naive and times richly textured.
Rudy, as the Rich Man, with an insatiable hunger for success and the rewards of achievement, musically expressed by a rather sophisticated waltz.
Rejection and disappointment in Rudy's puritanical behavior, July founds momentary satisfaction as she is wooed and seduced by the wealthy Boylan. A bittersweet melody underscores this experience.
A tortured treatment of the German folk tune which is identified with Axel provides sharp contrast to Tom's bluesy, virile, and jazz-oriented "carnal" music.
The thematic treatment here is intended to convey the tender, compassionate side of Tom in his first love encounter with Clothilde, an opposite to the music used for his more earthy moments.
A light somewhat elusive piece meant to underscore Rudy's zealous opportunism as he has a quasi-flirtation rendezvous with the daughter of his boss.
Having endured the flirtations of her unhappy marriage to Walter, Julie finds a moment of contentment and the rekindling of her youthful crush on Rudy, who she meets after a lapse of many years.
Tom, unable to locate his father Axel to repay the "bail-out" money ha advanced, insists on giving it to a reluctant Rudy -- a partial reprise of Rudy's and Tom's musical motifs.
Rejected and restless after Teresa leaves him and takes their son, Wesley, Tom has a lustful escapade with the wife of a gangster-backed big-time boxer, Joey, who seeks revenge. Joey is beaten to a pulp and Tom escapes to sea as a longshoreman to avoid retaliation. The music here is heavy, forceful and dramatic.
Ignored and at a low ebb, Julie has a bitter experience with Falconetti and returns to Rudy. The music in this sequence mirrors her guilt and refers in retrospect to former romantic moments they shared.
Bullied by Falconetti aboard ship who implies an abnormal relationship between Tom and his friend, Dwyer, Tom gives him a thorough beating. Again, the scene is underscored in vivid tones and strong orchestral colors.
Rudy's humiliation after his defeat, his angry assault on one of the protesting students, a brief reflection of his romantic past, Falconetti's revenge in the stabbing on Tom and Rudy's farewell to Tom at his bedside just before his death --all of these forces are expressed in this statement by the full orchestra.
Tom's ashes are thrown to the sea, which he loved so much, as his beloved Clothilde, son Wesley, friend and partner Dwyer, Rudy and Julie sorrowfully look on. I hope the music recreates this touching and final scene of the story.

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