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:: Add Your Link :: - Cowboy Bebop: Blue - Seatbelts, Yoko Kanno
Album Information
Album Cowboy Bebop: Blue
Artist Seatbelts, Yoko Kanno
Year 1999
Genre Anime
Contributor Ladylark

Request Buy # Track Listing Length Played
No Link 01 Blue
Seatbelts, Yoko Kanno
4:59 195
No Link 02 Words That We Couldn't Say
Seatbelts, Yoko Kanno
3:26 47
No Link 03 Autumn In Ganymede
Seatbelts, Yoko Kanno
3:52 83
No Link 04 Mushroom Hunting
Seatbelts, Yoko Kanno
3:18 34
No Link 05 Go Go Cactus Man
Seatbelts, Yoko Kanno
2:36 98
No Link 06 Chicken Bone
Seatbelts, Yoko Kanno
4:53 64
No Link 07 The Real Man
Seatbelts, Yoko Kanno
4:00 16
No Link 08 N.Y. Rush
Seatbelts, Yoko Kanno
5:03 55
No Link 09 Adieu
Seatbelts, Yoko Kanno
5:37 38
No Link 10 Call Me Call Me
Seatbelts, Yoko Kanno
4:41 190
No Link 11 Ave Maria
Seatbelts, Yoko Kanno
5:45 84
No Link 12 Stella By Moor
Seatbelts, Yoko Kanno
1:06 17
No Link 13 Flying Teapot
Seatbelts, Yoko Kanno
3:30 25
No Link 14 Wo Qui Non Coin
Seatbelts, Yoko Kanno
3:37 18
No Link 15 Road To The West
Seatbelts, Yoko Kanno
2:49 28
No Link 16 Farewell Blues
Seatbelts, Yoko Kanno
5:10 74
No Link 17 See You Space Cowboy
Seatbelts, Yoko Kanno
5:53 105

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Reviewers Rating

1 review done for this album.

A diverse album for anime that defies definition
By: ladylark
Date: 3 Dec 2007
This is one of the best albums that Ms. Kanno has put out in recent memory. It does what any good soundtrack should do and captures the essence of the series that it is from. This, from an anime that prides itself on not fitting into a genre but instead creating its own. Cowboy Bebop: Blue does exactly that.

The Tracks:

1. Blue - A throaty female vocalist sings a bluesy ballad while an ethereal soprano sings counterpoint. Pure Kanno and my favorite track on the CD.

2. Words That We Couldn't Say - a folksy ballad by a male singer it evokes memories of a relationship dying.

3. Autumn in Ganymede - a pure Jazz song that would fit in at any Jazz Festival around the world

4. Mushroom Hunting - a jazz, funk, soul song with a bossanova beat.

5. Go Go Cactus Man - reminiscent of the old Western this track would fit in with Rawhide and Giu La Testa smoothly.

6. Chicken Bone - A light electronic club song that is all about having fun

7. The Real Man - Dissonant chase music best describes this track - do not play it unless you want to wake up.

8. N.Y. Rush - Another pure Jazz track

9. Adieu - A woman and a piano. That is it. A little ballad about saying goodbye, you can almost picture Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart here.

10. Call Me, Call Me - my second favorite song on the album. Another folksy ballad this time with orchestral backing. This track can make me cry.

11. Ave Maria - a redux of the classic Schubert sung by a Baritone. Just lovely.

12. Stella by the Moor - a little music box lullaby

13. Flying Teapot - Where Adieu was sad this one is a light song that is all about having fun.

14. Wo Qui Non Coin - a silly little song sung by the voice actress of one of the quirkiest characters in anime.

15. Road to the West - a jazz solo in space is what bests describes this track.

16. Farewell Blues - a muted trumpet and a piano this is the kind of music you would expect to hear in a high class bar.

17. See Ya Space Cowboy - This a redux of the anime's ending song. It is again sung by the throaty songstress and is the only track on the album in Japanese.

All in all, this is a really diverse soundtrack. It is not one of those that you can judge based on one track - it really shows a wide range of talent and creativity and I guarantee you will not be bored by it.

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