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:: SSTore :: - Goldfinger - John Barry, Anthony Newley, Leslie Bricusse
Album Information
Album Goldfinger
Artist John Barry, Anthony Newley, Leslie Bricusse
Year 1964
Genre Soundtrack

Request Buy # Track Listing Length Played
AmazoniTunes 01 Main Title: Goldfinger (Shirley Bassey)
John Barry, Anthony Newley, Leslie Bricusse
2:49 230
AmazoniTunes 02 Into Miami
John Barry
0:58 24
AmazoniTunes 03 Alpine Drive/Auric's Factory
John Barry
4:29 72
AmazoniTunes 04 Oddjob's Pressing Engagement
John Barry
3:09 74
No Link 05 Gunbarrel/Night Mission
John Barry
2:32 31
AmazoniTunes 06 Teasing The Korean
John Barry
2:18 4
AmazoniTunes 07 Gassing The Gangsters
John Barry
1:06 4
AmazoniTunes 08 Goldfinger (Instrumental)
John Barry
2:11 27
AmazoniTunes 09 Dawn Raid On Fort Knox
John Barry
5:49 61
Amazon 10 The Arrival Of The Bomb/Count Down
John Barry
3:30 20
AmazoniTunes 11 The Death Of Goldfinger/End Titles
John Barry
2:36 35
AmazoniTunes 12 Golden Girl
John Barry
2:12 11
AmazoniTunes 13 Death Of Tilley
John Barry
2:06 5
AmazoniTunes 14 The Laser Beam
John Barry
2:55 8
AmazoniTunes 15 Pussy Galore's Flying Circus
John Barry
2:49 27

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Reviewers Rating

1 review done for this album.

A review by James Southall found on
By: Angel
Date: 4 Jul 2010
Everyone knows the main title song. Shirley Bassey was born to sing it, and from the portentous opening bars it was always destined to be a classic. Lyrically it may be laughable, but much like parts of the film that never seems to particularly matter. Barry takes the tune from it and uses it throughout the score to bind it all together, sometimes in the most disguised fashion, sometimes in the counterpoint in a suspense track, sometimes for full brass for an action sequence ( the wonderful "Oddjob's Pressing Engagement").

Much like his other entries in the series, it may be those action pieces which everyone talks about but the bulk of the score is suspense. With the shrill trumpet trills, the xylophone, elongated harp passages, of course this is no ordinary suspense music - it's Barry / Bond suspense music, and it just doesn't come much better. So stylish, done with such panache - listening to the anonymous noodling which dominates similar passages in the modern Bond films makes you realise just how important Barry was to the series' early success.

When it does come, the action music is phenomenal. "Dawn Raid on Fort Knox" is one of those iconic pieces which somehow escapes from being non-thematic underscore and takes on a life of its own, generating recognition even from non-film score freaks. Exciting, intense - it's everything a piece of James Bond music should sound like. The highlight of the album.

As part of the release of remastered and occasionally expanded Bond discs in 2003, EMI put this out with the extra tracks (including the terrific action/suspense piece "The Laser Beam", from the film's most famous sequence, and the florid opening to "Pussy Galore's Flying Circus", both of which are highlights of the score as a whole so it's great to have them on CD) which had only ever been available on vinyl before, but sadly it suffers from the same indescribably stupid album production that ruins the other expanded versions, because the extra tracks are just stuck at the end of the disc after the end title, so you have to reprogram it into a more sensible order to enjoy the score. Still, that's a minor price to pay for such an indelible, unforgettable film score. The ultimate Bond movie got the ultimate Bond score.

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