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Album Information
Album Children Of Dune
Artist Brian Tyler
Year 2003
Genre Soundtrack

Request Buy # Track Listing Length Played
No Link 01 Summon The Worms
Brian Tyler
3:46 211
No Link 02 Dune Messiah
Brian Tyler
2:37 44
AmazoniTunes 03 Main Title (House Atreides)
Brian Tyler
1:34 80
No Link 04 The Revolution
Brian Tyler
1:58 32
No Link 05 Fear Is The Mind Killer
Brian Tyler
2:43 24
No Link 06 The Arrival Of Lady Jessica
Brian Tyler
3:04 46
No Link 07 Leto Atreides II
Brian Tyler
2:41 21
No Link 08 Inama Nushif (Montage)
Brian Tyler
3:48 214
No Link 09 War Begins
Brian Tyler
1:06 64
No Link 10 Battle Of Naraj
Brian Tyler
3:12 22
No Link 11 Rya Wolves
Brian Tyler
1:31 13
No Link 12 I Have Only Now
Brian Tyler
3:07 21
No Link 13 The Impossible Wager
Brian Tyler
2:57 30
No Link 14 Face Dancer
Brian Tyler
1:00 13
No Link 15 The Throne Of Alia
Brian Tyler
1:20 19
No Link 16 Trap The Worm
Brian Tyler
3:00 25
No Link 17 Salusus Secundus
Brian Tyler
1:00 7
No Link 18 The Jihad
Brian Tyler
1:59 81
No Link 19 The Ring Of Paul
Brian Tyler
3:47 37
No Link 20 Exiles
Brian Tyler
1:26 14
No Link 21 Sins Of The Mother
Brian Tyler
1:23 8
No Link 22 Irulan Is Regret
Brian Tyler
1:07 12
No Link 23 My Skin Is Not My Own
Brian Tyler
1:21 10
No Link 24 Reunited
Brian Tyler
2:24 18
No Link 25 The Golden Path
Brian Tyler
2:08 25
No Link 26 Child Emperor
Brian Tyler
1:16 10
No Link 27 Sign Of The Bene Gesserit
Brian Tyler
2:05 14
No Link 28 The Preacher At Arrakeen
Brian Tyler
2:29 14
No Link 29 The Desert Journey
Brian Tyler
1:33 13
No Link 30 The Ghola Duncan
Brian Tyler
1:34 12

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Reviewers Rating

2 reviews done for this album.

Simply a wonderful score
By: LadyInque
Date: 7 Jan 2009
This score was written for a Sci-Fi Channel miniseries, a sequel to Frank Herbert’s Dune on the same channel. The story is an epic tale of empires, conspiracies, and mysticism. Compared to the previous movie, Children of Dune is clearly the superior adaptation. The score by Brian Tyler was probably one of the best of that year and is deservedly popular. Since its release, the score refuses to fade away, making appearances in lots of movie trailers.

The album opens with “Summon the Worms,” which is a majestic, martial track. The melody of this track is reminiscent of the “Force” theme in John Williams’s Star Wars score, in that it is usually presented quietly and mournfully (“Dune Messiah” / “Binary Sunset”) but once is a while gets to kick butt (“Summon the Worms” / “Throne Room End Title.”) “The Jihad” is a similar track to “Summon the Worms,” but with less build-up and a gutsier, brassier statement of the theme. I prefer it, but only because I know both. The music for House Atreides is also a favorite of mine. The tracks which show this are “Main Title (House Atreides)” and “The Arrival of Lady Jessica.”

“Inama Nushif” is the one vocal track, and a favorite for many reasons. Not only does the track represent a pivotal scene in the movie, it is written in the fictional Fremen language. (At least, that’s what they say. I’ve read the book a dozen times and have no idea where Tyler’s getting any of it.) This music was also featured in the trailers and commercials for the movie to great effect. It’s haunting and lovely. “Farewell,” the track near the end of the album, gives an instrumental version of the song, which I recommend.

In addition to these, the remaining tracks tend more to the ethnic-sounding music for the Fremen, and slow, ponderous pieces that play when the rather dense plot unfolds.

Request: You can see from looking at the track listing what the really popular titles are. I recommend “Main Title (House Atreides),” “The Arrival of Lady Jessica,” “The Preacher at Arrakeen,” and “The Jihad.” If it’s the ethnic stuff you’re interested in, try “Trap the Worm.”
Avoid: None of the tracks on this album is awful. However, some of the short ones in the middle just aren’t as interesting.

6 of 6 found this review helpful

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Brian Tyler Nails It Again
By: Morg
Date: 14 Jun 2017
From the moment you first begin listening to Children of Dune, you are captivated by an abundance of sound and instruments that flow together, and leave you with a sense of wonder and astonishment.

Even if you have never seen the mini series, the way that Brian Tyler has arranged the selections for Children of Dune allows you to immerse yourself in the music, immediately able to visualize the scenes in your mind. From the awe inspiring sound of "Summon the Worms", to the regal sounding "Arrival of Lady Jessica", Mr. Tyler has mastered a command of sound befitting a screen adaptation of the phenomenal book series by Frank Herbert.

His use of vocal tracks such as "Inama Nushif (Montage)" creates a melodic sound that makes you want to join in and start singing along with the track. If you can't sing along with it, it is a very hummable tune as well.

And if you ever find yourself in need of an entrance theme that will really make you feel like royalty, the "Main Title (House Atreides)" is perfect.

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