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:: SSTore :: - Wolf's Rain - Yoko Kanno
Album Information
Album Wolf's Rain
Artist Yoko Kanno
Year 2003
Genre Anime
Contributor Saffron

Request Buy # Track Listing Length Played
No Link 02 Requiem
Yoko Kanno
3:03 31
No Link 04 Renga
Yoko Kanno
1:32 11
No Link 05 Pilgrim Snow
Yoko Kanno
2:23 17
No Link 06 Leaving On Red Hill
Yoko Kanno
2:59 48
No Link 07 Shiro
Yoko Kanno
2:05 22
No Link 09 Strangers
Yoko Kanno
5:04 27
No Link 10 Sleeping Wolves
Yoko Kanno
2:07 10
No Link 11 Tip Toe Waltz
Yoko Kanno
1:31 15
No Link 12 My Little Flower
Yoko Kanno
2:43 10
No Link 14 Valse De La Lune
Yoko Kanno
3:03 30
No Link 15 Hot Dog Wolf
Yoko Kanno
2:23 16
No Link 16 Silver River
Yoko Kanno
3:24 13
No Link 17 Sold Your Soul
Yoko Kanno
2:25 6
No Link 18 Visions Of A Flame
Yoko Kanno
1:34 6
No Link 19 Run, Wolf Warrior, Run
Yoko Kanno
5:55 44
No Link 20 Gravity
Yoko Kanno
3:23 89
No Link 21 Paradiso
Yoko Kanno
3:48 25

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Reviewers Rating

1 review done for this album.

Wolf's Rain - Cry for the Wolves
By: AdamR
Date: 26 Jun 2011
Composer Yoko Kanno provided the background music for the unusual but popular nonetheless, anime story about four wolves who take on the appearance of young humans to survive a sort of gloomy reality while searching for paradise. I remember watching the show, not totally grasping the point on the first go, but like the music I heard, both have grown on me, and I've a greater appreciation for both.

The main song, Stray by Steve Conte (absent on SST as of this writing!) is raspy, but provides the basic idea of the show--I'll do things my way, by myself if I must. Conte also provides vocals on another song, Could You Bite the Hand, often referring to the theme of dismay, disobedience, and dishonesty found in the show. Brazillian jazz vocalist, Joyce provides vocals on two pieces, only one of which is available to listen here, Run Wolf Warrior, a theme of searching for something, you know not necessarily what, but to continue through all roadblocks.

As for the background score, Kanno provides an eclectic mix of instrumentation. The firm piano theme of despair heard in Requiem sets the mood for the depressing tale, and repeats in Paradiso. A similar sad theme is heard in the string-based piece, Shiro. A spattering of unusual percussion instrumentation is present in Silver River, and Visions of a Flame, and while I cannot piece where exactly these were heard in the series, first time listeners will likely find these tracks unusual.

Overall, this is not a bad album, though if you've never watched the show, you might find some tracks rather odd and "out there". Its a unique sound, different, but not in a bad way.

--Adam R.

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