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:: SSTore :: - Logan's Run - Jerry Goldsmith
Album Information
Album Logan's Run
Artist Jerry Goldsmith
Year 1976
Genre Soundtrack

Request Buy # Track Listing Length Played
No Link 01 The Dome - The City - Nursery
Jerry Goldsmith
3:04 28
No Link 02 Flameout
Jerry Goldsmith
3:23 10
No Link 03 Fatal Games
Jerry Goldsmith
2:25 13
No Link 04 On The Circuit
Jerry Goldsmith
3:48 4
No Link 05 The Assignment - Lost Years
Jerry Goldsmith
5:59 17
No Link 06 She'll Do It - Let Me Help
Jerry Goldsmith
2:42 5
No Link 07 Crazy Ideas
Jerry Goldsmith
2:38 6
No Link 08 A Little Muscle
Jerry Goldsmith
2:22 10
No Link 09 Terminated In Cathedral
Jerry Goldsmith
1:28 4
No Link 10 Intensive Care
Jerry Goldsmith
2:59 8
No Link 11 Love Shop
Jerry Goldsmith
3:43 7
No Link 12 They're Watching - Doc Is Dead
Jerry Goldsmith
2:45 6
No Link 13 The Key - Box
Jerry Goldsmith
4:21 18
No Link 14 Ice Sculpture
Jerry Goldsmith
3:35 14
No Link 15 The Sun
Jerry Goldsmith
2:15 21
No Link 16 The Monument
Jerry Goldsmith
8:11 17
No Link 17 The Truth
Jerry Goldsmith
2:04 6
No Link 18 You're Renewed
Jerry Goldsmith
2:58 5
No Link 19 The Journey Back - The Beach
Jerry Goldsmith
1:36 4
No Link 20 Return To The City - Apprehensions
Jerry Goldsmith
2:30 7
No Link 21 The Interrogation
Jerry Goldsmith
3:58 8
No Link 22 End Of The City
Jerry Goldsmith
2:23 7
No Link 23 Love Theme From "Logan's Run"
Jerry Goldsmith
2:25 14

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Reviewers Rating

1 review done for this album.

A personal favorite.
By: FireHorsePrime
Date: 25 Jan 2015
Before Star Wars, before Star Trek the Motion Picture, in 1976 there was a fat ten year old suburban brat who was spinning this soundtrack on his father's console stereo system in the basement of their midwestern home, and loving every minute of it. That fat kid was me, and Logan's Run, which I acquired for it's weird synthetic timbres, would be my initiation into a world of Goldsmith's music that I cherish to this day. On the surface it's not entirely one of Jerry's most memorable scores but his signature blend of synth and orchestra are in top form.

The story follows a futuristic cop named Logan 5 who is a law enforcer in a technologically advanced domed city, who gleefully exterminates "Runners", life loving criminals who do not follow their destiny to "renew", which is basically a suicide path set out by the rule makers of this enclosed utopia. As a result he runs into a rebel named Jessica who is helping runners find a path to escape called "Sanctuary", and before he knows what's going on the powers that rule everyone's lives force him to investigate where these runners are off to. The ones that make it outside the city of course.

Suspicious of their activities, Logan's blood thirsty BFF "Francis" follows them both on their adventure, which is ripe with odd encounters with the cities lost boys, treacherous perils with a laser happy plastic surgeon, and all underscored by the maestro in traditional Goldsmith fashion.

Most of the good stuff is heard in queues such as "Flameout" a Danse Macabre that follows the self immolation of the city's thirty somethings. "Love Shop" is another weird and wonderful ear wig with synthetic phrases that have little form but plenty of erotic substance. "Intensive Care" (now combined with "A Little Muscle" on the FSM re-release) is an excellent action cue that builds the suspense of the laser scene, and Jerry's love theme is quite romantic, although a little bit more like elevator music in the final track.

As mentioned I wanted this album for it's synth work, but after all these years my favorite track is the glorious orchestral piece "The Sun", in which Jessica and Logan see our star for the first time outside of the city.

The legacy of Goldsmith is well established and certainly nothing new to me, as his ability to create music that lasts within and without the film is a true testament to his abilities, and I still find myself enjoying this score almost 40 years after I got my pudgy hands on it. As time went on I learned more and more of how vital Goldsmith was to film music long before Logan's Run, and it's been a grand adventure discovering his work which was so prolific, I'm still hearing new favorites ten years after his passing.

If you love Jerry and you've never heard Logan's Run, I think it's time to renew.

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