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Album Information
Album Crash
Artist Mark Isham, Bird York
Year 2005
Genre Soundtrack

Request Buy # Track Listing Length Played
iTunes 01 Crash
Mark Isham
3:21 64
iTunes 02 Go Forth My Son
Mark Isham
0:57 5
iTunes 03 Hands In Plain Sight
Mark Isham
3:48 16
iTunes 04 Safe Now
Mark Isham
1:04 8
iTunes 05 No Such Thing As Monsters
Mark Isham
3:59 27
iTunes 06 Find My Baby
Mark Isham
4:24 13
iTunes 07 Negligence
Mark Isham
2:56 8
iTunes 08 Flames
Mark Isham
7:59 193
iTunes 09 Siren
Mark Isham
4:41 15
iTunes 10 A Really Good Cloak
Mark Isham
3:29 81
iTunes 11 A Harsh Warning
Mark Isham
2:51 6
iTunes 12 Saint Christopher
Mark Isham
1:56 17
iTunes 13 Sense Of Touch
Mark Isham
6:44 174
AmazoniTunes 14 In The Deep
Bird York
5:56 190

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Reviewers Rating

2 reviews done for this album.

By: phireangel
Date: 27 Aug 2006
This album is really good, especially the end song "In the Deep".
Try it!

0 of 7 found this review helpful

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Crash: Uncredited Female Vocals
By: Blue
Date: 6 Nov 2009
On a shoestring budget, Mark Isham creatively incorporated female vocals from previously recorded music, as well as crafting original music from his own audio equipment, to produce a deeply emotional and atmospheric score for Crash.

According to the comments posted to the Soundtrack Info website ( by both fans and the artists themselves, there are 5 tracks containing uncredited female vocals:

'Safe Now', 'Negligence', and 'Saint Christopher' are sung beautifully by Catherine Grant, while 'Flames' and 'Sense Of Touch' incorporate a traditional Welsh tune called "Lisa Lan," recorded by Carol Ensley on the CD "Vocal Planet."

Per Carol Ensley, "Catherine Grant...did the Farsi (Persian) song and the Latin chant. She is a professional ethnic singer. Carol Ensley (that's me) did the other female vocals. I sang an old Welsh tune called Lisa Lan and Isham built his score around it." [quote found at:]

'Lisa Lan' is a traditional Welsh love song. Isham's decision to build this tune into the score was inspired and a show of brilliance. It is both beautiful and haunting and he manages to elicit the conflict of emotions that only death can produce - grief, love, pain, longing and hope. The first line of the song is "Bum yn dy garu lawer gwaith" or "I have loved you for a long time."

The track 'Flames' uses both Farsi and Latin lyrics and again is brilliantly written into the score by Isham.

Incidentally, both Grant (Seattle) and Ensley (Ocean Shores) make their homes in the beautiful state of Washington.

4 of 4 found this review helpful

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