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:: SSTore :: - Battlestar Galactica: Season 2 - Bear McCreary
Album Information
Album Battlestar Galactica: Season 2
Artist Bear McCreary
Year 2006
Genre Soundtrack

Request Buy # Track Listing Length Played
iTunes 01 Colonial Anthem
Bear McCreary
4:03 275
iTunes 02 Baltar's Dream
Bear McCreary
2:41 51
No Link 03 Escape From The Farm
Bear McCreary
3:07 52
iTunes 04 A Promise To Return
Bear McCreary
3:00 145
iTunes 05 Allegro
Bear McCreary
4:56 218
iTunes 06 Martial Law
Bear McCreary
1:49 34
iTunes 07 Standing In The Mud
Bear McCreary
1:44 39
iTunes 08 Pegasus
Bear McCreary
2:44 187
iTunes 09 Lords Of Kobol
Bear McCreary
2:48 67
iTunes 10 Something Dark Is Coming
Bear McCreary
8:48 266
iTunes 11 Scar
Bear McCreary
2:24 46
iTunes 12 Epiphanies
Bear McCreary
2:40 38
iTunes 13 Roslin & Adama
Bear McCreary
2:45 158
iTunes 14 Gina Escapes
Bear McCreary
1:58 37
iTunes 15 Dark Unions
Bear McCreary
2:51 34
iTunes 16 The Cylon Prisoner
Bear McCreary
3:49 45
iTunes 17 Prelude To War
Bear McCreary
8:21 281
iTunes 18 Reuniting The Fleet
Bear McCreary
2:49 168
iTunes 19 Roslin Confesses
Bear McCreary
2:02 34
iTunes 20 One Year Later
Bear McCreary
1:40 39
iTunes 21 Worthy Of Survival
Bear McCreary
3:32 56
AmazoniTunes 22 Main Title
Bear McCreary
0:43 57
iTunes 23 Black Market
Bear McCreary
5:46 169

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Reviewers Rating

1 review done for this album.

Good, but on the whole less than the sum of its tracks
By: LadyInque
Date: 8 Jan 2009
To be honest, TV soundtracks are seldom my favorites. There is simply too much music, even in a single season, for a single album to be satisfying the same way a film album can be. That may be because it’s harder for me to put the music in context, which is something that greatly affects my enjoyment of it. The show itself is one I watch and like, but not one I love passionately enough to rewatch. I guess I can say the same about the score. It’s a popular album, and it’s a good one. I listen to it; I just don’t know that I love it.

There is plenty of Bear McCreary’s trademark sound to be heard here. Much of this involves the eclectic use of ethnic instruments like the duduk and taiko drums. It’s interesting, but since these instruments have gained popularity since scores like Zimmer’s Gladiator, they seem to have lost some of their effect. And then there’s the ever-present female vocal in an exotic language, which you can listen to on tracks like “Lords of Kobol.” This track sounds like something Azam Ali would record. If you like that kind of thing, then have at it. After “Inama Nushif” on Children of Dune, this type of thing doesn’t impress me as easily.

Overall, I guess my main complaint about the album is that is sounds a little homogenous to me, despite the strong use of themes and theme instruments. Taiko drums mean space battle for “Scar” and “Prelude to War.” Eerie strings mean something mystical in “Baltar’s Dream.” Hard rocking electric guitars on “Black Market.” The rest of the tracks simply don’t stand out to me.

I do have some favorites, mostly among the quieter tracks. “Reuniting the Fleet” is a lovely performance of the Celtic-flavored theme for Adama and his son. “Roslin and Adama” is slow and sad, and for some reason has always made a deep impression on me. And I love, love, love “Something Dark is Coming.” I couldn’t tell you why, because it’s not the kind of thing I should like. It’s long — strike one. It’s doesn’t really develop, but remains mellow throughout — strike two. And yet, it makes me feel good to listen to. Go figure.

Request: “Roslin and Adama” “Something Dark is Coming” “Reuniting the Fleet”

4 of 4 found this review helpful

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