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Album Information
Album Paprika
Artist Susumu Hirasawa
Year 2007
Genre Anime
Contributor AkuAku

Request Buy # Track Listing Length Played
AmazoniTunes 01 Parade
Susumu Hirasawa
5:39 179
AmazoniTunes 02 Mediational Field
Susumu Hirasawa
4:53 128
AmazoniTunes 03 The Blind Spot In A Corridor
Susumu Hirasawa
1:54 24
AmazoniTunes 04 Welcome To The Circus
Susumu Hirasawa
0:53 42
AmazoniTunes 05 Tree In The Dark
Susumu Hirasawa
1:20 23
AmazoniTunes 06 Escapee
Susumu Hirasawa
3:07 37
AmazoniTunes 07 Lounge
Susumu Hirasawa
1:58 34
AmazoniTunes 08 The Shadow
Susumu Hirasawa
3:14 32
AmazoniTunes 09 A Drop Filled With Memories
Susumu Hirasawa
4:34 102
AmazoniTunes 10 Chaser
Susumu Hirasawa
2:57 66
AmazoniTunes 11 Prediction
Susumu Hirasawa
1:40 27
AmazoniTunes 12 Parade (Instrumental)
Susumu Hirasawa
5:42 133
No Link 13 The Girl In Byakkoya - White Tiger Field
Susumu Hirasawa
4:44 167

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Reviewers Rating

1 review done for this album.

A one man band
By: ladylark
Date: 21 Mar 2009
It's rare when a composer actually plays on a soundtrack they compose. It is even rarer when the composer is a one-man-band and all of the music heard on the album is performed by him.

This is the case of Susumu Hirasawa.

The music for the album, Paprika, was composed, produced, and performed entirely by Hirasawa. Even the vocals heard on the tracks "Parade" and "The Girl in Byakkoya - White Tiger Field" were performed by Hirasawa. Only the female vocals were performed by someone else.

Paprika is a film about what separates dream from reality. Like most Satoshi Kon films, it is a bit (read: A lot) of a mind bender. The music reflects that.

There are two stand out melodies from the sound track:

The first is the most completely in "Parade" and "Parade (instrumental)." This theme is used to indicate the intruder's dreams and it is actually a parade full of dolls and toys in the film. Very creepy because like the Jaws music you know when you hear it, the Parade is a coming.

The second melody is from the song "The Girl in Byakkoya - White Tiger Field." Various versions of this song are heard in "Meditational Field" and "A Drop Filled with Memories". It is also sampled in other tracks on the soundtrack. The melody is the theme of the heroine, Paprika.

I highly recommend this soundtrack to any who likes electronica or eclectic music. But if you prefer pure orchestrations like from Williams or Zimmer, I would stay away. It is definitely an acquired taste.

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