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:: SSTore :: - The Dark Knight - Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard
Album Information
Album The Dark Knight
Artist Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard
Year 2008
Genre Soundtrack
Contributor Warner Bros. Records

Request Buy # Track Listing Length Played
Amazon 01 Why So Serious?
Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard
9:13 224
Amazon 02 I'm Not A Hero
Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard
6:32 202
Amazon 03 Harvey Two-Face
Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard
6:14 174
Amazon 04 Aggressive Expansion
Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard
4:29 127
Amazon 05 Always A Catch
Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard
1:37 54
Amazon 06 Blood On My Hands
Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard
2:14 48
Amazon 07 A Little Push
Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard
2:37 60
No Link 08 Like A Dog Chasing Cars
Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard
5:00 234
Amazon 09 I Am The Batman
Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard
1:54 84
Amazon 10 And I Thought My Jokes Were Bad
Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard
2:26 104
Amazon 11 Agent Of Chaos
Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard
6:52 171
Amazon 12 Introduce A Little Anarchy
Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard
3:40 129
Amazon 13 Watch The World Burn
Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard
3:45 89
No Link 14 A Dark Knight
Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard
16:10 273

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Reviewers Rating

1 review done for this album.

If you liked the previous score, here’s more of it
By: LadyInque
Date: 11 Jun 2009
In my review for the score for Batman Begins, I described it as containing three elements: emotional strings, action thumping, and sound effects. This score does more of the same, and while it develops some of the themes from the previous outing nicely, it also plays up some of the things I have come to hate about Zimmer’s recent scores: the emphasis on electronics and the long tracks, arranged in suites rather than sounding more like they did in the film. At least they’ve abandoned the Latin track titles, which were in aid of nothing.

A prime example is the opening cut, “Why So Serious?” This track is pure sound effects. For the Joker, Zimmer created a sound that is basically a two-tone whine. It’s nail-bitingly effective in the movie. On the album, it’s noise. And it goes on for 9 minutes. This theme is better served in other tracks, where it appears, creates good tension, then gets out of the way.

On the action front, the minor-third ostinato and electronic thumping are still there to be had. The best of this music from this album would be “Like a Dog Chasing Cars,” where the music actually manages to sound hopeful and muscular at the same time.

For all my griping, I absolutely love “Harvey Two-Face.” The best parts of the track come toward the end. First we have a glorious, full-bodied reprise of the Bruce and Rachel theme, heard in “Corynorhinus” on Batman Begins, which quickly seques us into majestic horns. The emphasis on horns, playing in a major key at that, is so rare it makes you sit up and take notice. It’s wonderful, and it doesn’t appear in the film. Go figure.

No doubt many people are going to disagree with my review. I know context is important to me when it comes to scores, and I’m one of the few Batgeeks out there that didn’t love this movie, so perhaps I forfeit some street cred for that. I think there are some brilliant moments in this score, but aside from those, it’s more of the same.

Request: “Harvey Two-Face” and “Like a Dog Chasing Cars” constitute, in my opinion, the only 11 minutes of this score anyone needs.
Avoid: “Why So Serious?”

8 of 9 found this review helpful

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