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:: Add Your Link :: - Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan - James Horner, Craig Huxley
Album Information
Album Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan
Artist James Horner, Craig Huxley
Year 1982
Genre Soundtrack

Request Buy # Track Listing Length Played
AmazoniTunes 01 Main Title
James Horner
3:05 156
No Link 02 Surprise On Ceti Alpha V
James Horner
0:43 18
No Link 03 Khan's Pets
James Horner
4:17 25
No Link 04 The Eels Of Ceti Alpha V/Kirk In Space Shuttle
James Horner
3:51 23
No Link 05 Enterprise Clears Moorings
James Horner
3:32 165
No Link 06 Chekov Lies
James Horner
0:39 17
No Link 07 Spock
James Horner
1:09 18
No Link 08 Kirk Takes Command/He Tasks Me
James Horner
2:06 31
No Link 09 Genesis Project
Craig Huxley
3:09 64
No Link 10 Surprise Attack
James Horner
5:06 156
No Link 11 Kirk's Explosive Reply
James Horner
4:00 147
No Link 12 Inside Regula I
James Horner
1:35 12
No Link 13 Brainwashed
James Horner
1:23 15
No Link 14 Captain Terrell's Death
James Horner
1:57 20
No Link 15 Buried Alive
James Horner
0:55 19
No Link 16 The Genesis Cave
James Horner
1:08 23
No Link 17 Battle In The Mutara Nebula
James Horner
8:06 186
No Link 18 Enterprise Attacks Reliant
James Horner
1:28 62
No Link 19 Genesis Countdown
James Horner
6:32 167
No Link 20 Spock (Dies)
James Horner
1:52 61
No Link 21 Amazing Grace
James Horner
1:25 78
No Link 22 Epilogue/End Title
James Horner
8:39 181
No Link 23 Epilogue (Alternate)/End Title
James Horner
7:28 168

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Reviewers Rating

1 review done for this album.

The ultimate Star Trek II ST!
By: tinkerbelle
Date: 4 Sep 2009
Thanks JERIC – for adding this FSM release that has new tracks added in complete and chronological order.

This score made Horner known in Hollywood and it shows his mastership in composing and arranging. He is able to turn the gorgeous view of the enterprise into a fitting musical piece (track 5).
Horner created one of the Enterprise’s most beautiful themes – it starts with the fanfare from the TV-series which evolves into music that expresses the beauty of the spaceship and optimism of space travel with notes.
A very distinctive counter theme is the dark, with rhythmic beats accompanied melody of the “Reliant”, captured by Khan’s men. Whenever the spaceships battle in the movie, the music evolves from these two main themes.
Track 20 - Spock dies – melts all emotions together in a wonderful piece of music – as Mr. Spock would say: ”Fascinating”.

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