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Album Information
Album Dante's Inferno
Artist Garry Schyman
Year 2010
Genre Game
Contributor Top Dollar PR

Request Buy # Track Listing Length Played
AmazoniTunes 01 Donasdogama Micma
Garry Schyman
1:47 15
AmazoniTunes 02 Storms Of Lust
Garry Schyman
1:56 4
AmazoniTunes 03 Excessum Alighiero
Garry Schyman
1:51 3
AmazoniTunes 04 Dante, Casarma Treloch
Garry Schyman
2:01 8
iTunes 05 Abyss Incendia
Garry Schyman
1:39 3
AmazoniTunes 06 Redemption
Garry Schyman
1:21 26
AmazoniTunes 07 Tower At The River Styx
Garry Schyman
2:18 6
AmazoniTunes 08 Beatrice Taken
Garry Schyman
2:18 4
AmazoniTunes 09 Arphe (The Descent)
Garry Schyman
2:12 4
AmazoniTunes 10 Jas Davos Cha Dante Va
Garry Schyman
2:06 3
AmazoniTunes 11 Whores Of Babylon
Garry Schyman
1:56 3
AmazoniTunes 12 Cerberus
Garry Schyman
2:03 10
AmazoniTunes 13 Dies Irae
Garry Schyman
0:32 5
AmazoniTunes 14 Greed Minions
Garry Schyman
2:05 2
AmazoniTunes 15 Adgt Vpaah Zong
Garry Schyman
2:14 2
AmazoniTunes 16 Barma Beigla Te Carma
Garry Schyman
2:04 3
AmazoniTunes 17 Hall Of Abraham
Garry Schyman
0:57 4
AmazoniTunes 18 Bella's Secret Revealed
Garry Schyman
1:20 3
AmazoniTunes 19 Minos
Garry Schyman
1:59 2
AmazoniTunes 20 Babalon Ors
Garry Schyman
2:10 2
AmazoniTunes 21 Phlegyas Marches To Dis
Garry Schyman
1:20 4
AmazoniTunes 22 The Second Circle
Garry Schyman
1:40 4
AmazoniTunes 23 The Queen Of Hell
Garry Schyman
2:28 6
No Link 24 Battle With Abraham
Garry Schyman
1:39 3
Amazon 25 Phlegyas Ravages Dis
Garry Schyman
1:47 2
Amazon 26 The Defeat Of Lucifer
Garry Schyman
1:33 3
Amazon 27 Donasdogama Micma Decepto
Garry Schyman
1:05 3

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Reviewers Rating

1 review done for this album.

Wonderfully Brutal & Original
By: ShadowOnTheSun
Date: 10 Mar 2010
Warning: This score is not for everyone. It takes some getting used to and an open mind.

This score is everything a score about hell should be. It's bold, shocking, and deliciously brutal. The low brass, timpani, bass drum, and toms put out a massive amount of sound and their patterns are relentless and driving. The high brass and woodwinds are often dissonant and sporadic. There are many passages with sliding tremolo string lines reminiscent of George Crumb's Black Angels
The defining aspect of the album is by far the choir. Much of the album utilizes a stirring shout/chant technique.

There are a few tracks you might want to check out if you are interested in the album.

3. Excessum Alighiero - Uses many of the interesting techniques mentioned above.

4. Dante Casarma Treloch - A perfect example of the shout chanting.

6. Redemption - A beautiful choral piece

Is it easy to listen to sometimes? No
Is it a brilliant display of modern orchestral writing? Yes
Does it fit the game and paint a great picture? Most definitely

In short, Garry Schyman's "Dante's Inferno" is aptly named because it is hellish in the best possible way. Approach it with an open mind.

3 of 3 found this review helpful

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