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Album Information
Album Mass Effect 2
Artist Jack Wall
Year 2010
Genre Game

Request Buy # Track Listing Length Played
AmazoniTunes 01 The Illusive Man
Jack Wall
2:24 50
AmazoniTunes 02 Humans Are Disappearing
Jack Wall
2:00 15
AmazoniTunes 03 The Attack
Jack Wall
5:14 38
AmazoniTunes 04 The Lazarus Project
Jack Wall
1:10 14
AmazoniTunes 05 A Rude Awakening
Jack Wall
1:40 8
AmazoniTunes 06 The Normandy Reborn
Jack Wall
2:07 54
AmazoniTunes 07 Miranda
Jack Wall
5:23 28
AmazoniTunes 08 Jacob
Jack Wall
6:02 14
AmazoniTunes 09 Freedom's Progress
Jack Wall
5:41 35
AmazoniTunes 10 Thane
Jack Wall
9:20 59
AmazoniTunes 11 Garrus
Jack Wall
6:05 18
AmazoniTunes 12 An Unknown Enemy
Jack Wall
2:42 10
AmazoniTunes 13 Samara
Jack Wall
8:53 65
AmazoniTunes 14 Grunt
Jack Wall
5:26 20
AmazoniTunes 15 Horizon
Jack Wall
2:57 14
AmazoniTunes 16 Tali
Jack Wall
5:58 48
AmazoniTunes 17 Mordin
Jack Wall
6:27 18
AmazoniTunes 18 The Normandy Attacked
Jack Wall
2:12 14
AmazoniTunes 19 Jack
Jack Wall
6:29 46
AmazoniTunes 20 Legion
Jack Wall
6:22 52
AmazoniTunes 21 Jump Drive
Jack Wall
2:17 23
AmazoniTunes 22 Crash Landing
Jack Wall
3:43 26
AmazoniTunes 23 The Collector Base
Jack Wall
3:53 29
AmazoniTunes 24 The End Run
Jack Wall
2:58 95
AmazoniTunes 25 Suicide Mission
Jack Wall
4:46 150
AmazoniTunes 26 New Worlds
Jack Wall
2:30 32
AmazoniTunes 27 Reflections
Jack Wall
1:20 16

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Reviewers Rating

2 reviews done for this album.

Great Music For A Great Game
By: fenrir616
Date: 29 Sep 2010
One of the best x box 360 titles, this epic space opera is the second part of the Mass Effect trilogy.

This is a character driven game, and of course every single member of the team has it´s own powerfull music theme, that is perfect to the traits of the specific character.

Every great story has to come accompanied with a great soundtrack in order to transmit the desired emotions and to build the tension required in the game climatic moments.

This soundtrack is a great standalone experience and to every single fan of this game that wishes to have a piece of the mass effect universe on his music library is a must have !

4 of 4 found this review helpful

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A wonderful soundtrack to one of the greatest games of all time
By: AngelynneShepard
Date: 25 Dec 2012
After composing the soundtrack for the first Mass Effect game,Jack Wall was chosen again by BioWare to take over the composition of the second game's soundtrack.

A very wise choice in my opinion.

The disc opens wonderfully with "The Illusive Man", a composition with a rather mysterious sound and an amazing violin accompanying the melody,dark and shady as the character himself. And then "The Humans are Dissapearing" is emitting emotions of determination to the player,that the mission you are tasked is not easy. "The Attack" throws you into the game's dynamic (a small part of the first game's track, "The Normandy" is also sampled in this track). "The Normandy Reborn" is just incredible, probably the most cheery track of the whole soundtrack.

The tracks with the names of the characters (Samara,Garrus,Miranda,Mordin,Jack,Legion,Tali,Jacob,Grunt and Thane) fit each character excellantly, it's like Jack Wall make a psycologic profile for each one and passed it into the music sheets.

There are also tracks named after places the player visits in game such as "Freedom's Progress", "Horizon" and "The Collector Base" which,if you play the game and hear the music again,you will instantly remember the places you have been.

The highlight of the soundrack is "Suicide Mission". Epic,dynamic,haunting with a characteristic melody, it undeniably becomes one of the best tracks written for videogame soundtrack. Even Jack Wall himself admited in an interview that this is his best composition.

"New Worlds" is a mix of "The Illusive Man" with the basis of the track on Mass Effect named "Uncharted Worlds". A refreshing melody,while using the game's Galaxy Map.

And finally, "Reflections" is Mass Effect 2's love theme. The piano is really touching and beautiful.

I recommend this soundtrack to every gamer. It is totally worth listentening.

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