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:: Add Your Link :: - Invincible (2010) - Two Steps From Hell
Album Information
Album Invincible (2010)
Artist Two Steps From Hell
Year 2010
Genre Trailer Music

Request Buy # Track Listing Length Played
Amazon 01 Freedom Fighters
Two Steps From Hell
2:29 148
Amazon 02 Heart Of Courage
Two Steps From Hell
1:57 179
Amazon 03 Master Of Shadows
Two Steps From Hell
3:03 82
Amazon 04 Moving Mountains
Two Steps From Hell
3:01 80
Amazon 05 Am I Not Human?
Two Steps From Hell
2:57 26
Amazon 06 Enigmatic Soul
Two Steps From Hell
2:51 54
Amazon 07 Fire Nation
Two Steps From Hell
2:59 22
Amazon 08 Black Blade
Two Steps From Hell
3:04 64
Amazon 09 Super Strength
Two Steps From Hell
1:56 27
Amazon 10 Invincible
Two Steps From Hell
2:50 115
Amazon 11 False King
Two Steps From Hell
2:14 47
Amazon 12 Hypnotica
Two Steps From Hell
2:06 29
Amazon 13 Fill My Heart
Two Steps From Hell
2:23 84
Amazon 14 Protectors Of The Earth
Two Steps From Hell
2:49 117
Amazon 15 Velocitron
Two Steps From Hell
2:32 17
Amazon 16 Undying Love
Two Steps From Hell
2:52 136
Amazon 17 1000 Ships Of The Underworld
Two Steps From Hell
1:38 25
Amazon 18 Tristan
Two Steps From Hell
2:32 25
Amazon 19 Breath Of Ran Gor
Two Steps From Hell
1:59 18
Amazon 20 Infinite Legends
Two Steps From Hell
2:01 29
Amazon 21 To Glory
Two Steps From Hell
4:35 139
Amazon 22 After The Fall
Two Steps From Hell
2:25 53

Hint: Hover over buttons and album/artist name next to the cover for more info.

Reviewers Rating

2 reviews done for this album.

A Rare Gem
By: Ghostkeeper
Date: 15 Jun 2010
Two Steps From Hell is a company that sells licenses for trailer music. They have done the music for trailers of movies like 2012, Angels & Demons, Pirates of the Caribbean and the Dark Knight as well as Up, Twilight and Sweeny Todd. Normally they don't sell their music. This is, as far as I understood, not an album for a movie or game but a collection of their most popular works, and we're really lucky that it has become available to the public!
I just had to get it (only $8 on Amazon!). Epic orchestral music lovers, gather around. These are the greatest of the greatest in their genre. The sound quality has been enhanced digitally; I don't recommend listening to this album with bass boost filters.

Invincible features twenty-two tracks of fast-paced epic trailer music. Most tracks are relatively short (they had to fit the trailers), but they offer a wide variety within the genre. Recurring motifs across multiple tracks are hard to find, but they do exist (compare Undying Love with To Glory for example). With the great strings, deep drum rythms and large mixed choir, this album worked its way to my favorites easily.
To highlight some tracks is a lot to ask! I would highlight all of them eventually. One very special track though, and I'm sure a lot of you have already found that, is Heart of Courage. That track just gives me goose bumps. Also rather interesting is Hypnotica; it makes me think of Hans Zimmer or Klaus Badelt somehow.

I would ask you to enjoy this album, but I don't think you can prevent enjoying Invincible.

14 of 14 found this review helpful

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A fantastic album
By: Doctor_Who
Date: 5 Sep 2010
For a number of years Two Steps From Hell have been writing fantastic music for mainly film trailers - although some of their music has been used for tv trailers such as the 3D Doctor Who series 5 trailer. However as with other trailer music companies, they have not previously released their music in an album. But as fans of the music increased while releasing their music on websites such as youtube, they decided they might as well release an album of their best music which is available to buy on Amazon.

The music is simply fantastic and keeps your adrenaline pumping. What a wonderful album. Thank you 'Two Steps From Hell'!

2 of 4 found this review helpful

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