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:: Add Your Link :: - Lost: The Final Season - Michael Giacchino
Album Information
Album Lost: The Final Season
Artist Michael Giacchino
Year 2010
Genre Soundtrack

Request Buy # Track Listing Length Played
AmazoniTunes 01 A Sunken Feeling
Michael Giacchino
1:33 6
AmazoniTunes 02 Heavy Metal Crew
Michael Giacchino
1:00 10
No Link 03 Doing Jacob’s Work
Michael Giacchino
1:56 7
AmazoniTunes 04 Smokey And The Bandits
Michael Giacchino
4:55 8
AmazoniTunes 05 Lax
Michael Giacchino
4:06 20
AmazoniTunes 06 Temple And Spring
Michael Giacchino
1:51 14
AmazoniTunes 07 Locke At It This Way
Michael Giacchino
1:36 6
AmazoniTunes 08 Richard The Floored
Michael Giacchino
1:53 6
AmazoniTunes 09 Coffin Calamity
Michael Giacchino
3:45 12
AmazoniTunes 10 Lie Thou There
Michael Giacchino
2:29 6
AmazoniTunes 11 Trouble Is My First Name
Michael Giacchino
1:49 7
AmazoniTunes 12 Death Springs Eternal
Michael Giacchino
6:22 14
AmazoniTunes 13 The Rockets' Red Glare
Michael Giacchino
3:32 10
AmazoniTunes 14 Temple And Taxi
Michael Giacchino
3:36 8
AmazoniTunes 15 My Orca
Michael Giacchino
0:39 6
AmazoniTunes 16 Helen Of Joy
Michael Giacchino
1:59 8
AmazoniTunes 17 Jacob's Ladders
Michael Giacchino
3:25 7
AmazoniTunes 18 The Substitute
Michael Giacchino
4:44 15
AmazoniTunes 19 Peculiar Parenting
Michael Giacchino
2:52 11
AmazoniTunes 20 Door Jammer
Michael Giacchino
0:42 5
AmazoniTunes 21 The Lighthouse
Michael Giacchino
3:32 8
AmazoniTunes 22 Sundown
Michael Giacchino
7:35 13
AmazoniTunes 23 Catch A Falling Star
Michael Giacchino
1:44 10
AmazoniTunes 24 Linus And Alpertinent
Michael Giacchino
2:26 8
AmazoniTunes 25 Karma Has No Price
Michael Giacchino
4:10 10
AmazoniTunes 01 Recon
Michael Giacchino
3:21 6
AmazoniTunes 02 Crazy Town
Michael Giacchino
2:00 8
AmazoniTunes 03 None The Richard
Michael Giacchino
1:18 10
AmazoniTunes 04 Love In A Time Of Pneumonia
Michael Giacchino
1:32 7
AmazoniTunes 05 The Fall Of Man
Michael Giacchino
2:57 10

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Reviewers Rating

1 review done for this album.

Best Score of the Series
By: rachelbp
Date: 9 Sep 2011
The final season of LOST is quite possibly the best score of the series. Needless to say, Michael Giacchino is absolutely brilliant and the score is the highlight of the season - the pure emotion that bleeds from every note gives us new dimensions to the story as we watch it unfold. The characters become hallow if it weren't for the score. The show would become empty.

Some songs worth noting are Richard’s theme in None the Richard, Mother’s theme in None The Nurse, and Jacob’s theme in Jacob’s Advocate. Also the final song of the series (which is also in the “Last Episodes” track list) Moving on – where the show literally ends with a black screen and the final 3 seconds of music … that’s how powerful this soundtrack is in the series. It ends the show.

Heavy Metal Crew
Doing Jacob’s Work
Trouble Is My First Name
Temple and Taxi
The Substitute
Love In A Time Of Pneumonia
Dead Man Talking
The Fall Of Man
Worst car wash
Hugo Reyes Of Light (reminiscent of a LOTR track)
The Hole Shabang
Karma Has No Price

Locke at it this way
Standing Offer
Tesla Tester
Reunion and Reneging
Temple and Spring
Lie Thou There
Coffin Calamity
My Orca
Door Jammer
Sayid After Dentist
Shepharding Sun

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