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:: Add Your Link :: - Batman Returns - Danny Elfman, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Rick James, Alonzo Miller
Album Information
Album Batman Returns
Artist Danny Elfman, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Rick James, Alonzo Miller
Year 1992
Genre Soundtrack

Request Buy # Track Listing Length Played
No Link 01 Birth Of A Penguin - Main Title
Danny Elfman
5:36 74
No Link 02 Penguin Spides
Danny Elfman
1:07 4
No Link 03 Shadow Of Doom - Clown Attack - Introducing The Bat
Danny Elfman
5:00 16
No Link 04 Intro - The Zoo - The Lair
Danny Elfman
2:20 5
No Link 05 Caught In The Act - Uh-Oh Max
Danny Elfman
1:57 3
No Link 06 Kitty Party - Selina Transforms
Danny Elfman
5:29 20
No Link 07 Penguin's Grand Deed
Danny Elfman
1:49 2
No Link 08 The List Begins
Danny Elfman
0:45 3
AmazoniTunes 09 The Cemetery
Danny Elfman
2:54 6
No Link 10 Catwoman Saves Joan - The New Woman
Danny Elfman
2:01 12
No Link 11 Penguin's Surprise
Danny Elfman
1:42 3
No Link 12 Bad, Bad Dog - Batman Vs. Circus - Selina's Shopping Spree
Danny Elfman
5:40 4
No Link 13 Cat Chase
Danny Elfman
2:11 5
No Link 14 Candidate Cobblepot
Danny Elfman
0:57 2
No Link 15 The Plan - Kidnapping
Danny Elfman
2:30 3
No Link 16 Sore Spots - Batman's Closet
Danny Elfman
3:21 6
No Link 17 The Plot Unfolds
Danny Elfman
1:14 3
No Link 18 Rooftop Encounters
Danny Elfman
4:47 4
No Link 19 Batman's Wild Ride
Danny Elfman
4:17 8
AmazoniTunes 20 Fall From Grace
Danny Elfman
4:15 8
No Link 21 Revealed - Party Crasher
Danny Elfman
3:14 2
No Link 01 Umbrella Source - The Children's Hour - War
Danny Elfman
7:51 17
iTunes 02 Final Confrontation - Finale
Danny Elfman
9:13 38
No Link 03 A Shadow Of Doubt - End Credits
Danny Elfman
6:14 17
Amazon 04 Face To Face
Danny Elfman, Siouxsie & The Banshees
4:15 54
No Link 05 The Zoo (Alternate)
Danny Elfman
0:58 2
No Link 06 The List Begins (Alternate)
Danny Elfman
0:45 2
No Link 07 Cat Chase (Alternate Ending)
Danny Elfman
2:12 4
No Link 08 Rooftop Encounters (Original)
Danny Elfman
4:48 3
AmazoniTunes 09 Fall From Grace (Alternate Ending)
Danny Elfman
4:16 6

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Reviewers Rating

1 review done for this album.

Merry Christmas, Batman!
By: LadyInque
Date: 21 Dec 2010
I feel like I should begin with a disclaimer. Almost every time I listen to Elfman’s score for Batman Returns, I hear the themes and textures from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Even though Nightmare was written later, I was familiar with that score first. Both films are about damaged, gothic-themed characters, and both take place at Christmas. For example, there’s a 4-note melody that permeates the Batman score and is exactly the same as the first 4 notes of “Jack’s Lament.” “Wild Ride” sounds like “Christmas Montage.” It sounds to me like Elfman was working out his ideas with the Batman score before committing to Nightmare, so I feel a little disappointed when I hear the similar themes, though I know that isn’t quite fair. (I suppose you could also say that Nightmare was a rehash of Batman Returns.)

The Elfman Batman theme we know and love from is back on this album, though it makes far less an impression than it did with the previous score. This may have something to do with Batman himself being a character on the margins of the story, while the two villains, Penguin and Catwoman, take over center stage. For example, the album begins with “Birth of a Penguin,” the score for the opening of the movie. “Birth of a Penguin II” is really the Main Title, and that’s where the Batman theme makes its appearance.

I think the best parts of this score are the themes and tracks that were written for Catwoman. They’re slinky, dangerous and off-kilter, like the character. “Sore Spots” and “Finale II” are examples of the romantic writing for Catwoman and Batman. As you can imagine, they’re not happy pieces, but I think they have emotional beauty.

The vocal track at the end was co-written by Elfman and performed by Siouxsie and the Banshees. It echoes the dramatic themes in the movie, but not the musical ones. I want to like it, but it leaves me lukewarm.

Request: “Cemetery,” “Batman vs. the Circus,” “Cat Suite,” “End Credits”

4 of 4 found this review helpful

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