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:: SSTore :: - Explorers - Jerry Goldsmith
Album Information
Album Explorers
Artist Jerry Goldsmith
Year 1985
Genre Soundtrack
ASIN B005P448Z4

Request Buy # Track Listing Length Played
AmazoniTunes 01 Main Title (Unused Version With “wak’s Boogie”)
Jerry Goldsmith
0:54 5
AmazoniTunes 02 Main Title (Film Version)
Jerry Goldsmith
0:49 8
No Link 03 The First Dream
Jerry Goldsmith
1:01 6
No Link 04 Sticks And Stones
Jerry Goldsmith
2:25 4
No Link 05 Lori/Intervention
Jerry Goldsmith
0:52 4
Amazon 06 Home
Jerry Goldsmith
2:12 8
No Link 07 The Bubble
Jerry Goldsmith
1:49 4
No Link 08 "Sci-Fi" Flick/The Roof-Top
Jerry Goldsmith
2:06 11
No Link 09 Crazed Bubble Fuse Box
Jerry Goldsmith
2:47 7
Amazon 10 Free Ride
Jerry Goldsmith
3:46 40
No Link 11 Peek-A-Boo
Jerry Goldsmith
1:55 4
No Link 12 The Prospect
Jerry Goldsmith
1:43 4
No Link 13 The Construction
Jerry Goldsmith
2:37 66
No Link 14 The Thunder Road
Jerry Goldsmith
1:28 5
AmazoniTunes 15 First Flight
Jerry Goldsmith
3:06 75
No Link 16 No Air
Jerry Goldsmith
2:36 5
No Link 17 I Want To Live
Jerry Goldsmith
1:45 10
No Link 18 Time For Bed
Jerry Goldsmith
1:39 5
No Link 19 More Dreams/Dreams
Jerry Goldsmith
1:47 15
No Link 20 Let's Go
Jerry Goldsmith
1:49 11
No Link 21 Fast Getaway
Jerry Goldsmith
5:01 60
No Link 22 Wait Up
Jerry Goldsmith
1:00 5
No Link 23 The Spider
Jerry Goldsmith
0:59 5
No Link 24 Alien Love Call
Jerry Goldsmith
0:58 7
No Link 25 We Come In Peace
Jerry Goldsmith
2:07 6
No Link 26 She Likes Me
Jerry Goldsmith
2:41 9
No Link 27 Neek Chords
Jerry Goldsmith
0:20 4
No Link 28 Looks Real
Jerry Goldsmith
2:05 5
No Link 29 Space Pirates
Jerry Goldsmith
0:36 9
No Link 30 Gifts/Home Flight
Jerry Goldsmith
7:12 85

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Reviewers Rating

1 review done for this album.

Explore Goldsmith in space
By: MainTitles
Date: 17 Jan 2012
Written by Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the limited release


I can not deny that listening to this full package is making me miss Jerry Goldsmith more and more. I know that I always say this, but Explorers is not a classic score, and yet it carries all his trademarks, and so identifiable. By far his most remarkable trademark is his creative action / adventure / suspense music. A tone of music that hasn't been matched by any composer today. Just listen to the explosion during "Free Ride" (unleashing for the first time the construction melody). "The Construction" cue itself stays to this day a fantastic piece, and personally I don't mind it not opening the album like on the original release. In fact I find it cool to hear several mini versions of the theme before actually exploding with it in the 13th track.


Excellent Tracks:

- Free Ride
- The Construction
- Have a Nice Trip

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