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:: SSTore :: - Dances With Wolves - John Barry, Peter Buffett
Album Information
Album Dances With Wolves
Artist John Barry, Peter Buffett
Year 1990
Genre Soundtrack
Contributor molossus

Request Buy # Track Listing Length Played
No Link 01 Main Title / Looks Like A Suicide / Second Suicide Attempt
John Barry
7:38 21
No Link 02 Charge
John Barry
1:04 4
No Link 03 Ride To Fort Hays
John Barry
2:08 5
No Link 04 Journey To Fort Sedgewick / Shooting Star / Arrival At Fort Sedgewick
John Barry
4:57 16
No Link 05 Ghosts
John Barry
0:55 5
No Link 06 Timmons Leaves
John Barry
2:23 7
No Link 07 Stranger In The Night
John Barry
0:51 4
No Link 08 Dead Deer In The River
John Barry
0:53 4
No Link 09 Smoke Signal / The Death Of Timmons
John Barry
3:54 8
No Link 10 Two Socks – The Wolf Theme
John Barry
1:36 8
No Link 11 You There
John Barry
1:02 4
No Link 12 Preparations
John Barry
1:23 4
No Link 13 Bump On The Head
John Barry
0:44 3
No Link 14 Sioux Steal Cisco
John Barry
0:58 4
No Link 15 Spit And Polish
John Barry
1:13 4
No Link 16 The Village
John Barry
1:18 5
No Link 17 She’s Hurt
John Barry
1:07 4
No Link 18 Let Him Go / Kicking Bird Visits / Coffee Cups
John Barry
1:37 5
No Link 19 Stands With A Fist Remembers
John Barry
2:14 5
No Link 20 Another Visit / Kicking Bird’s Gift
John Barry
2:48 8
No Link 21 "Dunbar, " Not "Dumb Bear"
John Barry
1:28 4
No Link 22 Journey To The Buffalo Killing Ground
John Barry
3:48 6
No Link 23 Spotting The Herd
John Barry
1:52 4
No Link 24 The Buffalo Hunt / Smiles A Lot Is Saved
John Barry
5:11 18
No Link 25 Return From The Hunt / Never So Lonely
John Barry
2:14 5
No Link 26 Fire Dance
Peter Buffett
1:41 13
No Link 27 Two Socks At Play
John Barry
2:02 6
No Link 28 I Like To Make The Talk / Falling In Love
John Barry
3:06 13
No Link 29 I Love Her
John Barry
1:59 4
No Link 30 Hand-Fed Jerky
John Barry
1:11 3

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Reviewers Rating

1 review done for this album.

A review by James Southall found on
By: Angel
Date: 4 Jul 2010
Sometimes Barry will base an entire score around just one theme, rarely deviating from presenting one variation of that theme after another, and it's an approach that can work wonders. For Dances with Wolves, however, he came up with at least a dozen distinct themes, and what makes the score so impressive is that each of them is quite brilliant. Barry famously said that just because Out of Africa is set there, it doesn't mean the score needed to be African in nature, and it's a lesson which many of his peers could have done with learning over the years: film music doesn't usually need to simply tell the viewer what they can already see, the best film music takes a step back and offers a deeper look at what the film and its characters are actually about. Dances with Wolves is a classic example: who would ever have thought that Barry's latter day romantic style would have been appropriate for a western - but it's so appropriate, it's as if he were born to score the film.

Just as all of the film is told through the eyes of Lieutenant John Dunbar, so is all of the score. Every note of the music is emphasising Dunbar's own state of mind, from his wonder at the landscape to his horror at violence and his delight when romance arrives for him. The main theme which everyone knows is "The John Dunbar Theme", heard on countless compilation albums and at countless concerts; it's really a very simple piece, but features one of Barry's effortless melodic hooks and is virtually impossible to dislike. It receives several variations over the course of the album, including a heartbreakingly beautiful (and desperately sad) arrangement in "Journey to the Buffalo Killing Ground". Its most uptempo arrangement - and also the closest the score comes to sounding like a classic western in the Bernstein mould - is "The Buffalo Hunt", presented in two versions here, both Barry's original (preferred) one and the rearrangement heard in the film.

Of the other themes, the most delightful is the journey music of "Journey to Fort Sedgewick" (greatly expanded on this album compared with previous releases), perfectly capturing the spectacular beauty of the landscape. There is also the playful beauty of "Two Socks The Wolf", a particularly thin and light piece centered around a lovely flute solo; the long-lined romance of the love theme; thrilling, heroic action theme of "Rescue of Dances with Wolves"; and raw, powerful no-holds-barred action of "Pawnee Attack".

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