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:: Add Your Link :: - Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets - Alexandre Desplat
Album Information
Album Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets
Artist Alexandre Desplat
Year 2017
Genre Soundtrack
Contributor GalFin

Request Buy # Track Listing Length Played
iTunes 01 Pearls On Mul
Alexandre Desplat
7:37 6
iTunes 02 Reading The Memo
Alexandre Desplat
1:23 4
iTunes 03 Big Market
Alexandre Desplat
2:06 7
iTunes 04 Flight Above The Big Market
Alexandre Desplat
2:44 9
iTunes 05 Showtime
Alexandre Desplat
2:38 5
iTunes 06 Valerian In Trouble
Alexandre Desplat
1:38 3
iTunes 07 Bus Attack
Alexandre Desplat
3:09 3
iTunes 08 Arriving On Alpha
Alexandre Desplat
2:06 4
iTunes 09 Pearls Attack
Alexandre Desplat
4:05 3
iTunes 10 Valerian's Armor
Alexandre Desplat
2:09 4
iTunes 11 Spaceship Chase
Alexandre Desplat
3:34 5
iTunes 12 Submarine
Alexandre Desplat
3:01 4
iTunes 13 Medusa
Alexandre Desplat
2:00 3
iTunes 14 Shoot
Alexandre Desplat
1:36 3
iTunes 15 Fishing For Butterflies
Alexandre Desplat
1:58 4
iTunes 16 Le Souper Du Roi
Alexandre Desplat
2:00 4
iTunes 17 Boulanbator Combat
Alexandre Desplat
3:02 4
iTunes 18 Bubble
Alexandre Desplat
2:32 3
iTunes 19 Pearl's World
Alexandre Desplat
6:24 6
iTunes 20 The City Of 1000 Planets
Alexandre Desplat
3:50 5
iTunes 21 I Am A Soldier
Alexandre Desplat
2:04 3
iTunes 22 Pearls Power
Alexandre Desplat
1:50 4
iTunes 23 Final Combat
Alexandre Desplat
7:08 5

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Reviewers Rating

1 review done for this album.

a shame
By: anya
Date: 10 Oct 2017
First of all, I was disappointed to learn that the score will not be composed by Eric Serra, because I enjoy his work on all Luc Besson's movies. But well, let's give a chance to Alexandre Desplat.

The movie opens with the song "Space oddity" by David Bowie and it's perfect, so, I had nothing to complain about. But then, comes the title VALERIAN, taking all the screen, to reveal an adventure movie... And here comes Desplat's music : it's dull. As it was the very first notes from his composition for the movie, and because it was surely Valerian's theme, I wanted to remember it, to pay attention, but it was dull, it has nothing iconic, nothing powerful, I forget it right away. I was saying to myself "That's it?! That's the theme?!"
So, for all the score, the tracks are not memorable, sometimes there're even awfull (*spoilers* when the Pearls' planet is destroyed and the bad guy doesn't care, the music sounds like composed by some random dude: "veryyyy saaad because the good guys are dying" and then "eviiiil because the bad guy is baaaad"... yeah that's the impression it gave me... awfull!)

I didn't like the movie in itself but it's been proven many times a movie can be very bad and the music can be amazing (JNHFC ;) ) and for sure, Alexandre Desplat did not manage to give a soul to Valerian.
It makes me regret even more Eric Serra, his music would have been, for sure, unique.

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