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:: Add Your Link :: - SST Selection, The: Vol. 2 - Randin Graves
Album Information
Album SST Selection, The: Vol. 2
Artist Randin Graves
Year 2009 - 2012
Genre Soundtrack
Contributor Randin Graves

Request Buy # Track Listing Length Played
No Link 01 A Little Didgeridoo For Y'all
Randin Graves
0:36 25
No Link 02 Pulp Boy: Main Title
Randin Graves
3:01 12
No Link 03 Worlds Of The Crystal Moon: The Grayham Overture
Randin Graves
5:37 12
No Link 04 The White Dragon Trailer: Full Score
Randin Graves
3:19 10
No Link 05 Code 4, Security Officer On Duty: New Sheriff In Town
Randin Graves
2:12 7
No Link 06 Love Sick: Full Score
Randin Graves
4:29 6
No Link 07 They Put A Man On The Earth: Main Title
Randin Graves
1:18 4
No Link 08 They Put A Man On The Earth: Room Full Of Stars
Randin Graves
0:58 5
No Link 09 Numerica: Main Titles
Randin Graves
1:16 3
No Link 10 Churhi: Getting Closer
Randin Graves
0:54 6
No Link 11 Sameena Likes Me: Excerpts
Randin Graves
2:25 3
No Link 12 Steve From Accounting Vs. The Shadow Dwellers: The Secretarial Pool
Randin Graves
1:46 3
No Link 13 Steve From Accounting Vs. The Shadow Dwellers: Chant Of The Shadow Dwellers
Randin Graves
1:19 2
No Link 14 Steve From Accounting Vs. The Shadow Dwellers: Seize Him!
Randin Graves
0:39 5
No Link 15 Steve From Accounting Vs. The Shadow Dwellers: Celestina To The Rescue
Randin Graves
4:08 7
No Link 16 Steve From Accounting Vs. The Shadow Dwellers: Conclusion & The Accounting March
Randin Graves
1:43 4
No Link 17 The Book Club: Fight!
Randin Graves
1:25 5
No Link 18 Assault: Action Excerpts
Randin Graves
1:31 3
No Link 19 Hellespont: Make It Fast This Time
Randin Graves
1:42 4
No Link 20 Reue: End Title
Randin Graves
1:42 5
No Link 21 X96 End Titles
Randin Graves
0:40 4
No Link 22 Children Of The Stars: Finding The Land-Pomp & Circumstance
Randin Graves
1:36 9
No Link 23 Children Of The Stars: We're Not Ready
Randin Graves
2:53 15
No Link 24 Children Of The Stars: End Title
Randin Graves
1:17 13
No Link 25 Prisoner 501: Main Titles
Randin Graves
1:05 7
No Link 26 Prisoner 501: Open Field
Randin Graves
1:47 2
No Link 27 Offing Adolph: Excerpts
Randin Graves
1:38 5
No Link 28 Rockin' Reverend: The Righteous Reverend's Inquisition
Randin Graves
2:09 3
No Link 29 Rockin' Reverend: The Wrath Of The Rich & Righteous - Rockin' Reverend
Randin Graves
1:41 6
No Link 30 Rockin' Reverend: Rockin Reverend's Revelatory Rant
Randin Graves
5:16 7

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Reviewers Rating

1 review done for this album.

Explaining Myself :)
By: RandinGraves
Date: 23 Jun 2013
This totally excessive collection is from shorts, trailers, feature scores that won't get albums, etc. I don't expect a lot of plays, but what the heck, it's here for you all to browse through. There's everything from orchestral metal to tango, ambient to Marvin Gaye impersonation.

1 is just a little didjeridu solo as some people on here were interested that I play the unique instrument

2 a theme I did for a movie that unfortunately has been abandoned. It's a tongue-in-cheek theme for a guy who thinks he deserves a 1980s orchestral score for his life, but who really doesn't. The movie was to open with this, then the music would be stripped down until he earns the theme by the end of the film.

3 was commissioned by the author of the Worlds of the Crystal Moon sci-fi/fantasy book series. I was asked for Lord of the Rings meets Metallica & Linkin Park.

4 a mix of traditional Chinese and modern orchestral action for an animated trailer

5 Spaghetti western spoof for a comedy short

6 Baroque-folk-punk rock-wedding music from a great comedy short by Kevin Lacy

7, 8 & 9 Dreamy electronica from drama shorts by the same guy as above -

10 Bollywood romance from a short from Pakistani-American director Ubaid Seth

11 Quirky comedy from Ubaid Seth

12-16 A short by the Gibbs Brothers that I describe as Office Space meets the Temple of Doom gave me a chance to do John Williams-esque music including a Temple of Doom style chant featuring myself and two sopranos. trailer featuring the chant

17 Some fun action music from another Gibbs Bros short

18 From a student action short from New Zealand

19 Orchestral metal action music from a Brad Johnson short, featuring my best metal yell towards the end

20 Orchestral metal that concluded James Cawley's WWII film Reue

21 More orchestral metal from another Cawley short

22-24 Some quirky new age music from a fun documentary on a UFO/reincarnation/self-help cult. 24 is a pretty fun track.

25&26 from a drama short from Jamaica. 25 is the dramatic opening with orchestra & percussion, 26 is a moment of triumph with a bit more electronics in the mix.

27 from a hilarious Killship comedy short. I was asked for sci-fi action meets When the Levee Breaks.

28-30 from the Scot Michael Walker dramedy feature about a trash talking agnostic preacher

31 A jazzy little number from a cute Gene Nagata comedy short

32 Folky romance theme from a documentary about Jim Fosgate, inventor of the modern car stereo, the home theater and Dolby ProLogic II

33&34 Some nice dreamy and minimalist-influenced music from a Paul Larsen documentary about finding the role of spirituality in the modern day

35 from a 48-hour film competition short, where in about 20 hours I did a very intricate score combining classic silent film music with modern horror

36 a 1970s exploitation style score. This was fun!

37 Fun mobster rock from the directorial debut of Shane Brolly, best known as Kraven from the Underworld films

38&39 A tango and a Marvin Gaye spoof from a short film about cannibals in love

40 A little bluesy instrumental from a short about a hitman

41&42 I got to score and provide the voice of a psychotic children's show dinosaur for an Aussie horror short

43 A fun bouncy little number for a short of my own

44 Dreamy love theme for a short starring John Fiore from the Sopranos

45 Bittersweet ambience from a Kevin Lacy AFI sci-fi drama short to close out the album

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