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Category: Main ->

·  How do I find the technical FAQ for the Chat?
·  Why must I write in English?
·  Why can’t I say anything I want?
·  What about Freedom of Speech?
·  Why do I need to register to use the chat function?
·  What are the keyword links in chat?
·  Why do some names show up in colors?
·  What are smileys?
·  Can I use HTML?
·  What is a "PM"?
·  Why doesn’t the chat time match my time zone?
·  Why do Moderators keep posting announcements in chat?
·  Why do people refer to Google Ads?
·  What do the various notations at the top of the chat box mean?
·  Why doesn’t this site have more than one chat room or private chat rooms like Yahoo!?
·  Spoiler warnings? What's that?
·  Why is the chat so slow? Why not make it like an IRC chat?
·  Can I post links in chat?

·  How do I find the technical FAQ for the Chat?

Click the question mark (?) next to the smilies in the chat window.

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·  Why must I write in English?

We are aware that our members are from around the world and some do not use English as their first language. However, English is the only language allowed in chat. By keeping SST as an English only site it will maintain continuity while allowing Admins and Mods the ability to monitor the chat.

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·  Why can’t I say anything I want?

SST has chosen to be Family & Work Friendly. Therefore, all aspects of the site are to be acceptable to listeners of all ages and appropriate for strict work environments. The following are NOT allowed in the chat, forums or request messages: curse words, vulgar remarks, personal attacks, any sexual comments or references or conversation relating to illegal music (bootlegs, illegal downloading etc). If you are unsure about something, perhaps it is best not to post it at all. Admins or Mods will edit, censor or delete any comments deemed inappropriate. Repeated or blatant abuse could result in a ban from SST. If you have any questions or need clarification regarding this policy please contact a Moderator or Admin.

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·  What about Freedom of Speech?

This is a privately owned site. Freedom of Speech does not apply if it is outside the acceptable guidelines previously stated. If there is any confusion, please contact a Moderator or Admin before writing it or posting a link.

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·  Why do I need to register to use the chat function?

If you wish to request music, post to the forums, make use of the private messaging or participate in chat, you must be registered. This ensures accountability of our members.

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·  What are the keyword links in chat?

Keywords are specific words that show up as hyperlinks to specific URLs when used in chat. For example, writing #SST# will appear in chat as: SST. The words are not case-sensitive so it doesn't matter if you write #SST# or #sst#. All links will open in a new page since some of you might be using the undocked chat or @work. Here's the list of keywords:

-vip- = as VIP icon
#vip# =
#faq# =
#vipfaq# =
#imdb# =
#stc# =
#contribute# (Also: #contribution#) =
#google# =
#donate# (Also: #donation#) =
#amazon# =
#247# =
#80s# =
#afm# =
#dfm# =
#efm# =
#sst# =

#fb# ='s Facebook
#ms# ='s Myspace
#tt# ='s Twitter

#AF# = Announcements Forum
#GF# = General Forum
#IF# = Ideas Forum
#HF# = Help Forum
#RF# = Requests Forum
#ADF# = Added Forum
#MF# = Miscellaneous Forum
#CF# = Community Forum
#MT# = Meetings Forum
#SF# = Soundtracks Forum
#PF# = Playground Forum
#CPF# = Composers Forum
#EF# = Entertainment Forum
#STF# = Streaming Forum
#VF# = VIP Forum

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·  Why do some names show up in colors?

There are various levels of responsibility at SST and in chat these members are differentiated by using different colors for their usernames.

Ambassador: Ambassadors are retired Administrators or other members appointed by the Proprietor.
Visitor Mod: Visitor Mods are moderators on one or more of the other 24Seven.FM stations.
Composer: Composers are members who composed Movie/TV/Game scores.

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·  What are smileys?

Smileys, or emoticons, are small graphical images which can be used to express some feelings using a short code, (example: Smile means happy, Frown means sad.) Click the =) in chat for a table of available smileys. Try not to overuse smileys though, they can quickly render a post unreadable and a Moderator may decide to edit them out or remove the post altogether.

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·  Can I use HTML?

No, HTML is disabled in chat. However, selected BB commands can be used in chat. Click the ? in chat to get more information about ClearChat, and visit the Forum Code Tutorial as many commands work for both the Chat and Forums.

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·  What is a "PM"?

"PM" stands for Private Message. This is not a function of the Chat system. Please see the Forum FAQ for more information.

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·  Why doesn’t the chat time match my time zone?

The chat time is set at Eastern Time. This is where the server is located. This time cannot be changed.

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·  Why do Moderators keep posting announcements in chat?

Moderators often post announcements in chat to make members of the SST community aware of important information including site updates, contests, upcoming events or any other information deemed important to share with the community.

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·  Why do people refer to Google Ads?

SST uses Google to advertise on the site. These ads respond to words that are used on the site including words used in the forums, chat and request messages. This is one of the reasons why SST is a Family & Work Friendly site.

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·  What do the various notations at the top of the chat box mean?

Undock = a resizable window separate from the general site.
@W = same as Undock, just in a black & white format.
Log = a chat log for the previous 1000 lines.
=) = a list of available smileys for use in chat
? = ClearChat Help/FAQ

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·  Why doesn’t this site have more than one chat room or private chat rooms like Yahoo!?

SST decided not to add private chat rooms. If you want a private conversation with someone, please send a Private Message.

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·  Spoiler warnings? What's that?

Spoiler warnings are the blacked out words in the chat. If you're about to post something about a TV show, Movie, Book or something else where you might be "spoiling" the story for someone, please post a spoiler warning... ***SPOILER WARNING*** Use the BB tags [ spoiler ] [ /spoiler ] (without the spaces)

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·  Why is the chat so slow? Why not make it like an IRC chat?

A lot of members visit SST chat while at work. Therefore, the slower pace makes it easier to follow while doing something else. Also, many firewalls block IRC connections.

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·  Can I post links in chat?

Yes! Please try to keep content family and work friendly, but if you want to post a link that is a little risque' or possibly offensive to anyone please start your post with: **WARNING: Possibly Offensive Content**. This way other members will know it may not be suitable for work or whatever environment they are in. And they have a choice to click on it or not.

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