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Forum Code Tutorial

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 29, 2006 11:50 am   Post subject: Forum Code Tutorial Reply with quote

This is meant to be a helpful guide to those struggling with quoting, posting links, posting pictures, and spoilers. For help with other issues, visit the Forum FAQ and the BBCode Guide.


The best way to quote somebody is to use the in the upper right of their post.

However, to help you understand how all that stuff in the post works, here's how to do it manually:

Surround your text with QUOTE tags as indicated:

[QUOTE]hello all[/QUOTE]

which displays like this:

hello all

To attribute this quote to something, you can simply add an equal sign and any text in quotation marks immediately after the word QUOTE:

[QUOTE="hamburger"]hello all[/QUOTE]

which displays like this:

hamburger wrote:
hello all

To quote somebody quoting somebody else:

Tommy's first post[/QUOTE]
Billy's first reply[/QUOTE]
Tommy's first reply[/QUOTE]
Billy's second reply[/QUOTE]
>>> Tommy's latest reply would go here <<<

which displays like this:

Billy wrote:
Tommy wrote:
Billy wrote:
Tommy wrote:

Tommy's first post

Billy's first reply

Tommy's first reply

Billy's second reply

>>> Tommy's latest reply would go here <<<


If you type a URL beginning with http or www into you post it should appear as a link automatically.


shows up as




Surround your full link with the URL tags as indicated:


which displays like this:

Sometimes links are super long and make the page too wide for normal viewing:

Just move the first closing bracket to after the end of the link and add an equal sign in front of the link.
Then put a name for your link between the URL tags:

[URL=] >> SST << [/URL]

which displays like this:

>> SST <<


If you're linking to something on Amazon, please be sure to include the partner code. Anything you order from following a link with the partner code in it will allow 24seven to get some of the proceeds.

The keys to amazon links is the Amazon Standard Identification Number or ASIN, and the Associate ID for 24fmll-20

To link to an Amazon page from SST you could use the following code:


where ASIN-VALUE-HERE is the ASIN for the product.

For example, to link to John Williams' Star Wars: Episode IV score (with the ASIN of B0002YCVIS, which you can easily see in the address bar of your browser when you're on an amazon product page) you'd use:


which displays like this:


Save your picture to a hosting service where they will give you a full link to the picture beginning with http and ending with the file name.


To make this appear as an image in your posts, you must add the IMG tags:


which displays like this:


You can also make your pictures a click-able link:

Take your image code here:


And insert it here as indicated:


Then you get this code:


which displays like this:



Thanks to Chandler you can now embed YouTube videos


Displays like this:


To hide text so that others must highlight it to read it, use the spoiler tag.

Surround your hidden text with the spoiler tags:

[spoiler]Hidden Text[/spoiler]

that will show up like this:

Hidden Text


You can create simple tables by using the following syntax (borrowed from HTML)

[tr][th]Cell Header[th]Cell Header[/tr]
[tr][td]Row 1 Cell 1[td]Row 1 Cell 2[/tr]
[tr][td]Row 2 Cell 1[td]Row 2 Cell 2[/tr]
[tr][td]Row 3 Cell 1[td]Row 3 Cell 2[/tr]

will produce

Cell HeaderCell Header
Row 1 Cell 1Row 1 Cell 2
Row 2 Cell 1Row 2 Cell 2
Row 3 Cell 1Row 3 Cell 2

- each table starts with [ table ] and ends with [ /table ]
- for each row, you need to start with a [ tr ] and end with a [ /tr ]
- [ th ] permits to create a header cell
- [ td ] creates a normal cell but you can optionally use
- [ tdl ], [ tdr ], [ tdc ] to indicate that the content of a cell will be aligned by the left, the right or the center.

Other helpful information

The BBCode Guide is here.

The Forum FAQ is here.


Originally coded by Sparky from Ann Coulter's discussion forum


I'll be locking this thread. Please forward any suggestions to j2brown via PM or email.
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