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David Newman Concert in Los Angeles

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Author Message
USA socr8s

Joined: Aug 05, 2004
Member#: 7603
Posts: 207
Location: Los Angeles

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 07, 2007 11:18 am   Post subject: David Newman Concert in Los Angeles Reply with quote

It already passed so don't get your hopes up. Just leaving my review here. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I wish more composers did this. It was a lot of fun and just getting to hear the music live is awesome.

This event was The Films of Paramount Pictures, showcasing 80 or so years of their films. Introducing each score was none other than Leonard Nemoy. Added treat as it wasn't listed when I bought the tickets. Unlike the John Williams concert where the giant screens showed mainly the orchestra and JW, for this they showed a montage (montage!) of whatever movie was being scored.

It started out with the Forrest Gump Suite with clips from around 142 Paramount movies, old and recent. Awesome. Very well edited together with some of the movies' most memorable lines.

Before visual effects, movies actually did everything the old fashioned way. Up next was a silent movie called Wings which won the first Best Picture Oscar. The music went nice with the footage. They showed the climactic dogfight which I was amazed at how they did things back then. Because it was a silent film, they used a repetition of drums to simulate the gun fire.

Then we had a nice piece from A Place in the Sun from Waxman.

Then it was Godfather 2 which was interesting because Rota used some cues from an older movie he scored and was excluded from being nominated for the first film. He won his only Oscar for the 2nd.

Then we had songs from Love Story and Indiana Jones before they played Summer Nights from Grease. Thankfully they put up signs saying it wasn't a sing-a-long. Then came intermission.

We come back to some guy repelling from the top of the bowl, light a fuse and sneak off stage. This of course started the Mission Impossible theme (the Lalo Schifrin version).

Then we had the obligatory Star Trek montage to the theme of First Contact.

Next was an awesome surprise as it wasn't on the playlist. TRANSFORMERS!! YES!!! Absolutely amazing work and I can't wait for the score to come out (Oct 9 followed by the dvd release on Oct 16). *Ahem*

Take Her to Sea Mr. Murdoch from Titanic was next. Very nice. One of Horners better pieces.

Then it was True Grit which was John Wayne's only Oscar, acting, not scoring.

Still have to see Chinatown, but that was next.

I'll usually say this in chat when it comes on but to have Leonard Nemoy say it was just way cooler. He comes out and says (more or less)... At a post-production meeting following a screening of the film, a studio executive, in reference to "Moon River," said, "Well, I think the first thing we can do is get rid of that stupid song." Audrey Hepburn stood up at the table and said, "Over my dead body!" The song stayed in the picture. It ended up winning the Oscar for Best Song.... and yup, Breakfast at Tiffany's won for Best Score too.

Then it was a song from Sunset Blvd.

Lastly was a song from Dreamgirls. Meh. Didn't care too much for the movie. LOL.

They did 1 encore with White Christmas. You'd understand if you were there. We watched the concert in like 90 degree heat which was totally unbearable. Ice melted before it reached your cup. This time they encouraged people to sing and had the words on the screen if you didn't know them.

The concert ends and we're making our way ever so slowly to the shuttles. We get there and we were the last ones on before they left. They only give you 20 min to make it back. You ever try pushing your way through hundreds of people with only 1 walkway? Not fun. We made it though. Except for the heat, it was a nice night. They need more of these.
France Alchemist
Vice Admiral (Moderator)
Vice Admiral (Moderator)

Joined: Dec 30, 2003
Member#: 4272
Posts: 1615
Location: Annecy

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 08, 2007 5:07 am   Post subject: Reply with quote

Nice report socr8s, as always! Thank you! Cool
"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe" - Blade Runner
USA Twopop VIP (subscribed member)
Rear Admiral (Ambassador)
Rear Admiral (Ambassador)

Joined: Jul 21, 2004
Member#: 7382
Posts: 2673
Location: Oregon

Twopop is offline View user's profile Send private message Send e-mail View Twopop's Favorites
PostPosted: Sat Sep 08, 2007 12:16 pm   Post subject: Reply with quote

Wonderful report, Socr. Thanks so much!!
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