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Add: Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale by Ricky Ho | foreign film (2011)

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Netherlands KarumA

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 18, 2012 6:39 am   Post subject: Add: Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale by Ricky Ho | foreign film (2011) Reply with quote

Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale - Ricky Ho

Track List:

CD 1
01. 出草 Our Hunting Ground
02. 太陽旗 Invasion of the Rising Sun
03. 追殺 The Chase
04. 如太陽般的出擊 Assault of the Sun
05. 失去的獵場 Without a Hunting Field
06. 復仇 Nemesis of Old
07. 血染婚禮 Crimson Wedding
08. 命運之河 River of Fate
09. 真正的人 A Father's Spirit
10. 拿回屬於我們的 Take Back What's Ours
11. 賽德克‧巴萊之子 Sons of Seediq Bale
12. 莫那的光榮 Mouna's Dance of the Golden Ray
13. 仇恨消失 The Night Massacre
14. 勇士 Warriors
15. 生命之歌 The Requiem March

CD 2
01. 賽德克‧巴萊 The Soul of Seediq Bale
02. 勇氣的印記 Mark of Courage
03. 突襲 The Ambush
04. 相遇彩虹橋 Till We Meet At Rainbows 
05. 未知之橋 Bridge of Peril
06. 陷阱 Entrapment
07. 傳說 Tales of Creation
08. 驕傲啟程 Beautiful Departures
09. 最後戰役 The Last Uprising
10. 最後一刻 Till the Last Breath
11. 血&花 Bloodshed & Blossom
12. 賽德克‧巴萊之看見彩虹 The Rainbow Promise

foreign film

Official: Seediq Bale the movie
Wiki: Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale
Buy at YESASIA: Seediq Bale Original Soundtrack (OST) CD ...

I saw this film last year and what stuck most to me was the music. I am not sure if it has an English soundtrack release or if there will ever be one. Perhaps it will end up like Red Cliff with half its tracks missing or released 3-4 years after the movie had already been released in other countries.
This film however is def worth it to be added imo.
I couldn't find any amazon links either, so forgive me for only having a yesasia link.

Would've liked to add samples, but could only find youtube tracks which are too long.

The trailer has some music which would work I guess. Otherwise please look it up on youtube to judge for yourself. Songs contain not only orchestra songs but also singing that fits the tribe culture.
link to trailer

If I get the chance I will make some samples myself from the posted music on youtube to make it easier.
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