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This search has an only page.

Rating Albums from 1984 Year
      2010: The Year We Make Contact  1984
      Against All Odds  1984
      Beverly Hills Cop  1984
      Bounty, The  1984
      Breakin'  1984
      Cal  1984
      Children Of The Corn  1984
      Company Of Wolves, The  1984
      Conan The Destroyer  1984
      Cotton Club, The  1984
      Dreamscape  1984
      Electric Dreams  1984
      Fort Saganne  1984
      Friday The 13th Part 4: The Final Chapter  1984
      Ghostbusters  1984
      Grand Canyon, The Hidden Secrets  1984
      Gremlins  1 reviews done 1984
      Greystoke: The Legend Of Tarzan, Lord Of The Apes  1984
      Histoire d'O n.2  1984
      Ice Pirates, The  1984
      Iceman  1984
      Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom  1984
      Indiana Jones: The Soundtracks Collection  1984
      Karate Kid, The  1984
      Killing Fields, The  1984
      La 7eme Cible  1984
      Last Starfighter, The  1 reviews done 1984
      Legend (Clannad)  1984
      Listen To The City  1984
      Making The Grade  1984
      Natural, The  1984
      Nausicaa Of The Valley Of Wind  1984
      NeverEnding Story, The  1984
      Once Upon A Time In America  1984
      Red Dawn  1 reviews done 1984
      Risky Business  1984
      Romancing The Stone  1984
      Runaway  1984
      Sheena  1984
      Silent One, The  1984
      Silkwood  1984
      Splash  1984
      Star Trek III: The Search For Spock  1 reviews done 1984
      Starman  1984
      Supergirl  1984
      Terminator, The  1984
      Thief Of Hearts  1984
      Time Warp  1 reviews done 1984
      V, The Series  1984
      V: The Final Battle  1984
      Woman In Red, The  1984

This search has an only page.

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Albums: 6117     Songs: 117614

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