25 Nov 20 - 00:31
Andres: oh well done Bru, knowledge to the rescue Cool

Andres: I see it, reading now.

Andres: Bru - a thing happened? Shall I read the log?

bruiser: or at least turn it down

bruiser: sorry you don't feel well Gert Sad

bruiser: i will probably turn it off

GERT: do you think you'll have a good while to sleep, bru? just keep your ringer on and put it under your pillow?

GERT: plus stress = boom

GERT: and of course behavior modification. i was doing well, then i wasn't

GERT: bru- to a monstrous extent

GERT: and i got a prescription for nexium, but it was going to cost ove $200, so the recommended sub was Prevacid, I think. We'll try it.

bruiser: reflux, Gert?

GERT: extract which I haven't found yet

bruiser: waiting for my eyes to readjust Dead

GERT: it's also what the physican's assistat recommended, along with papaya

GERT: A- I'm ure I've tried them alll, but I did pick up the Gaviscon tablets

bruiser: ugh, now i have a headache, probably from looking at the phone

bruiser: A do you know what happened?

bruiser: sorry, got distracted by an app

Andres: chewing gum helps too, and gaviscon as I keep mentioning Razz

Andres: I am now convinced the office coffee was literally trying to kill me Laughing

Andres: I am prone to acid reflux. I did Tagamet for a while and it was good, but I wanted to not have to use it so I started to be careful how much and what I ate. Most recently it came back BAD but I stopped ever drinking the office coffee and it went away.

Andres: Your PCP could prescribe something, or I think you can just get something like Tagamet over the counter now, I know we've talked about some of this before and I'm sure you've done research Smile

GERT: I'd guess that's a visit to a gastroenterologist. We'll see wht kinf of insurance I end up with here.

Andres: I hope you get that dealt with soon

GERT: im sure there is extensive scarring

GERT: this acid is outof control

GERT: Laughing I'm telling them no. My plan was to do this more gradually, but I went cold turkey last week.

Andres: body, shmoddy, it's them bacteria telling you what you want, because there're too many of 'em, makin' ya craaaaaaaaaaaaaaave the shoogs

GERT: or refined sugars, I guess