18 Jan 20 - 13:45
Andres: Once got a call from a guy who said he was being emotionally abused -- by his furniture Laughing

Andres: I work in a law office so I hear a lot of stories about people getting injured.

MikeyMaps: And, Hi Andres

MikeyMaps: Yep. Keeps me busy sometimes lol

Andres: and hi all you others

Andres: Hey Mikey, what a job you have

bruiser: Dead

MikeyMaps: Hi

popmuzik: Hello errrbody

MikeyMaps: lol.... true.Laughing very rare it to be calm..... i do mean RARE!

Istagi: Does it ever NOT be crazy in LA?

607: Ah!

MikeyMaps: yep. after some craziness here, the tracks that i hear from SST give me a moment of peace

Istagi: Yea that is a constant on job.

MikeyMaps: 24/7 .. 365 days a year... never stops lol