02 Jun 23 - 10:59
Dragonel: g'morning all Happy Friday *dragonhugs*

Dragonel: CoolCoolCoolCoolCoolCoolCool Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CoolCoolCoolCoolCool

j2brown: Greetings Elms

LMarrese: Hey Elms

Elms: Good morning LMarrese, j2brown, sanityIssues, MercyDarkrose, Grenadier, Baghira (who already left), and any others lurking...

LMarrese: hey sanity and j2

j2brown: Greetings Granadier, LMarrese.

sanityIssues: Morning LMarrese.

LMarrese: Happy Friday!

MercyDarkrose: Hi Baghira, sanity, and anyone else I may have missed

sanityIssues: My thanks tohuwabohu for the upcoming Da Vinci request.

sanityIssues: Morning Grenadier, MercyDarkrose, j2brown and others I have missed.

Grenadier: @Marcus: MG skipped the punny track titles on Rogue One.

Grenadier: morning all

Baghira: WE has arrived for me. leaving now. bye everyone and enjoy yours as i will mine!

Baghira: hi mercy

MercyDarkrose: HI j2

j2brown: Greetings MercyDarkrose.

MercyDarkrose: Happy Friday all!

GusGus1388: greetings j2!

Baghira: hi sanity and j2

j2brown: Happy Friday sanityIssues, Baghira, GusGus1388, MarcusHalberstram, and anybody else lurking about!

j2brown: Greetings, everybody!

sanityIssues: Morning Baghira, GusGus et al.

Baghira: Big grin if its the same like yesterday your request will be thrown from top to bottom and back to top. its a bit random ordering

GusGus1388: Im not complaining . im good with it'

GusGus1388: Hi Baghira

Baghira: and of course hi Gus Smile

Baghira: happened yesterday all over

Baghira: SAM is a bit drunk lately