23 Apr 18 - 01:40
mysza: morning everyone Smile

Morg: night night A

Andres: g'morning Morg! g'night all! Big grin *

Morg: Top of the morning SST!

Gert: Laughing

Andres: The big one, the little one is a freak show--octave key IN the mouthpiece?? c'monnnn ... just put a piccolo in there and let it rest Wink

Gert: both instruments do?

Andres: Laughing that just makes me laugh

Gert: http://www.classicfm.com/discover-music/instruments/saxophone/features/subcontrabass-saxophone-soprillo-jazz/

Andres: Laughing or however it went

Andres: 'night aryuk

bruiser: night Ruk

Rukia: *

Rukia: *waves*

Rukia: Time for me to go. night sst