23 Feb 20 - 00:25
Morg: Laughing

Andres: Would be fun to know how the thought process went. Did they collect clear expressions first, figure out an order, them come up with the dialogue, or did they start with the dialogue, or did the two develop in tandem

Gert: Laughing thats been my favorite gif since ever. probably not long after the film came out...

Morg: Laughing

Andres: although in another mood I might have said the same about the shovels Laughing

Andres: gif

Gert: what, the gif or the shovel racket?

Andres: that's tolerably close to cheenyus

Gert: shovels... maybe someone clever hoarded them and is going to sell them at 4x the price when the march storm hits

Gert: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/57/c9/c9/57c9c98fcade75a43232c14d4de54649.gif

Istagi: I needed a new shovel and ice melt. they are very hard to find.

Istagi: Today was a strange day, all the stores have decided that it is spring time.

Gert: Laughing nice istagi. i chuckle every time i pass those

Andres: interesting game

Istagi: Gert you see what I found today?