12 Dec 17 - 07:18
Cal: I check if I can see it on my bank account

Cal: no idea

Cal: oef...

olaziolek: when did you send it?

Cal: *keeps his fingers crossed*

olaziolek: i'll go and ask

Cal: It is a amazon.jp box, not hard to miss

mysza: YES!

olaziolek: *mcgonagall

olaziolek: is this prof. mcgonnagal?

olaziolek: awwww mysza!

Cal: oh wow...

olaziolek: yes

mysza: look at this adorable mouse: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fr7pw9o3rm74u88/from%20Fee.jpg?dl=0

Cal: Is it a standard postal point where you go Ola? Maybe you should ask if they have a package?