26 Jun 17 - 11:48
NessySheep: does the kiddo have his own lego yet?

Bryophyte: Crying Picturing buying the lego set and having kiddo break the LEM... best not.

NessySheep: i'll try again when i'm more awaken... maybe i'll find a more elegant solution

Bryophyte: So you knit the top first and then pick up for the bottom? Yeah, lots of ends to weave in. :/ Thought they would hide inside when stuffed.

NessySheep: i tried to see how others did it at ravelry

NessySheep: thats a very ugly solution... but of course an option

Finnster: Make lots of little knots ... ???

NessySheep: lol i was expecting way more interest in that too

NessySheep: bryo - no just the basic knitting has a T shape and the stitches and the end and beginning are black. and i really don't know what to do with the yarn inbetween Sad

Albi: Nessy - 13 is actually less than 25% of the people, kind of disappointing if you ask me Wink

Bryophyte: I haven't tried it yet, Nessy, but even looking at it blows my mind, lol

Bryophyte: Hi Jim, Smile

Victor: hi jim, thx, you too

Albi: Bryo - I thought the other way around Smilegrin

Albi: hi / bye jim_a, same to you Smile