19 Aug 19 - 02:27
Morg: morning Ola! Happy 18th SSTversary!

Locutus76: that sounds like really bad news

Locutus76: ohayo ola

olaziolek: the office kettle is broken Crying

olaziolek: tadaima

Locutus76: and i was right (of course)

Locutus76: and a few notes played near the end made me think of Revolutionary Road

Morg: Laughing

Loderunner: Razz

Locutus76: no i watched Tolkien

Locutus76: Laughing

Loderunner: Laughing

Loderunner: did you listen to indiana jones or star wars, Loc?

Loderunner: SST is an adult now

Locutus76: i had another personal soundtrack victory this weekend... managed to identify a composer just by the score