09 Apr 20 - 07:12
Locutus76: PPFC!

Locutus76: VFC!

Locutus76: dank je albi :-)

Albi: bye vic!

Victor: *

Victor: ok, off again. bye people

Albi: smakelijk, loc!

Victor: enjoy, bye loc

Locutus76: bbl

Locutus76: lunch time

Locutus76: np Smile

Victor: ah thx, wasn't sure about that

Locutus76: *relieved Smile

Victor: thx, loc. also releaved that so past actions weren't dangerous/risky

Locutus76: that's good news indeed, vic... happy for you!

Victor: well, that's right, but most patients have at least some fever and dry cough. i only had single coughs from time to time

Albi: *wildly

Albi: vic - I don't think you can draw that conclusion, corona symptoms vary wildy from person to person, but I'm glad you turned out to be right Smile

Victor: hi treki, thx

treki: hey Vic glad to hearYes

Victor: so i was right that my cold-symptoms are far too mild for it

Victor: hi albi, thx Smile

Albi: hi vic - that's great news Yes

Victor: not staying that long, but just wanted to let you all know that my corona-test was negative Smile

Victor: wonderful pic, dtf, although when you have seen the movie, it's also kind of sad

Victor: hi loc and trigger

Trigger: hi Vic

Locutus76: a minor error doesn't make you brainless, mysza Smile

Locutus76: hey vic!

Victor: hi there