20 May 24 - 01:45
MorG: *tracks mud through the clean floors*

leviathan12: *sweeps and mops freshly steamrolled floors*

MorG: *steamrolls into the room*

gustabotronik: Cool

gustabotronik: good day SSTorsSmilegrin

MorG: morning all

MorG: I feel it man, I feell it

gustabotronik: Yes with a little sleepy

MorG: howdy shru! heya gusta

gustabotronik: Cool




MorG: morning kids

exocet: Mmmmmm......Kelly Chen! Yes

exocet: Mmmmmm......Jane Zhang! Yes

exocet: Ainít Ziyi Like Smokiní HOT?!?!?!?!? YesCoolYesCoolYesCoolSmilegrin © 2024

gustabotronik: Cool

MorG: LaughingLaughing

exocet: EmbarrassedUpsetHotcupWink

exocet: From my son.

exocet: Cool

exocet: Smile

exocet: Laughing

exocet: Smilegrin

exocet: Rolling eyes

MorG: yup. Did a sleep study on Wednesday, got the results today. I have moderate breathing issues while sleeping

Quicksilver: Sorry to hear that MorG

Quicksilver: Eek Sad

MorG: Oh boy oh boy! I get to join the CPAP club!