30 Sep 22 - 11:38
j2brown: Greetings MorG, SIN55.

MorG: morning your SINfulness

SIN55: Hello Smile

MorG: who in collaboration with Respeecher, a Ukraine-based startup, to use AI to recreate his voice for future Vader projects

MorG: Big eek James Earl Jones has finally retired from voicing Vader, and has signed his voice rights to Lucasfilm

bruiser: "It's gone. It's done."

bruiser: FOR FRODO

bruiser: The Mouth of Sauron! https://i.imgur.com/BrdlJcT.jpg

j2brown: Greetings bruiser.

olaziolek: ohayo bru Hotcupchi *clink*

bruiser: hi/bye Baghira, hi j2, Finn, chiHotcup*clink*, Loc, martino, Mercy, anyone i missed

bruiser: Dead

j2brown: Greetings Finnster.

Finnster: CYA Baghira. Have a good one

Baghira: okay everyone. long WE is about to start! bye and enjoy yours Smile

Finnster: JAZZ FC!

Finnster: Oooooh ... this is NICE! Great pic martino.

Finnster: SAM in a metal mood this morning

Finnster: \m/

olaziolek: ohayo j2

j2brown: Greetings olaziolek.

Locutus76: MKFC

Baghira: Beer

olaziolek: NED! Martini

Locutus76: NED! Martini Beer LeftBeer

Baghira: and winter season is coming. boat out of water for the next months Big grin

Locutus76: yes, quite Smile

Baghira: sadly its a bit far for you^^

Locutus76: sounds good bagh

Baghira: already the third year i offer it and this year for the first time someone came back two weeks later to attend sailing school (with me as teacher)