07 Dec 19 - 15:25
bruiser: totally, someone who entertains a lot would love it

Andres: ye GAD the living room is like a hotel lobby! That place was built for parties!

Andres: That is a real MC Escher doorway, something not right with the countertops Laughing

bruiser: it's actually a nice house, but somebody really likes turquoise https://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/53408-Via-Pisa_La-Quinta_CA_92253_M25927-14470#photo0

bruiser: Laughing the Door to Narnia!!! https://ap.rdcpix.com/6a35697dc6d4fbe41214e567369236f3l-m1208848228xd-w1020_h770_q80.jpg

Andres: Yikes, also what room is that?? Two closets, one with fridge, and kind of large for anything but a living room? One room cottage?

bruiser: old house lol https://ap.rdcpix.com/54ec833c33f265262f6bae8ea08984b4l-m2116996529xd-w1020_h770_q80.jpg

Andres: remastering of the original PotApes scores is interesting, the original JG sounds richer, with some textures more apparent and some sound reshaped, tempting

Andres: and I wasn't aware there was an expanded release of the original Dr. Doolittle

Andres: Haven't heard Towering Inferno in ages, kind of televisiony but with JWs signature layers and interesting secondary ideas

Andres: good luck, don't forget to have fun!

Andres: They included the Maureen McGovern song "Morning After" this time which is nice

Jadedtitan: well i am going to go brave the mall ...back later i suppose!

Jadedtitan: oh heh i see

Andres: I looked through the whole list of limited editions at lalaland, am sampling through the disaster album right now. So love the Poseidon Adventure opening title Dead