09 Dec 21 - 05:01
Albi: Careless

olaziolek: i can't just go there and ask: why?

olaziolek: and how am i supposed to argue with them when they have the authority here Rolling eyesRolling eyes

olaziolek: yesterday i got the paper from the building permit office: you have to move the entire tank 2m from the border of your lot

olaziolek: like the building i'm working on now. it has a septic tank. the law says: the manhole cover of the tank must be at least 2m from the border of your lot. i designed it this way

MorG: hi! Got home safely. Is now 2am. A, very tired. Sleeping

607: Hi Morg!

MorG: and let me say it again, louder for those in the back Rolling eyesRolling eyes

MorG: Rolling eyes

Albi: Rolling eyes

olaziolek: sometimes i read the paper with my coworker saying "you have to change this and this in your building to meet the zoning code" and we wonder "what does it have to do with our project. this code does not relate to our type of building" Rolling eyes

Albi: ola - that sounds prettyy bad...

607: ola: if they aren't about things to be kept private, take a picture and make fun of it online to cope Smilegrin

olaziolek: so i get info that does not match the address of my lot or a type of building i'm designing

Albi: *wants serious paper*

olaziolek: oh please, i get serious papers from local administrations all over the country that they copied from some previous papers and forgot to change details

Albi: been there done that so many times Yes

607: I've also embarrassed myself a few times already, it is very easy to overlook things (for example something not working because someone misspelled a variable... Rolling eyes)

607: And yeah, right Laughing

607: Thanks Albi Big grin

Albi: sometimes code makes me feel worse, sometimes better Smilegrin

Albi: hope you feel better either way, 607 Smile

607: I'll use the time off to recover and to finish grading their previous assignment, so I can at least be of help to them Wink

607: Eh, I can help students coding in almost any state, I think Smilegrin Thanks though!

olaziolek: besides, you may not be much of help for them in your state. it'll only make you feel worse

olaziolek: staying at home when you don't feel well also keeps your students safe

olaziolek: ohayo 607

Malo-SK: morning 607!

Albi: hi 607! you have to help yourself first before you can help others, don't feel bad about taking care of yourself Smile

607: I find it tough to accept that I can't help my students finish their assignment, though Sad