18 Jan 17 - 05:13
Cal: I tried that Diablo 1 thing in Diablo 3. It does not have save points

DieTeeFee: *hands cal the leg*

DieTeeFee: my pleasure

Thrandaya: Hi ola! From now i can be here on every wednesday...booyaa!

Cal: thx Fee :-)

DieTeeFee: one day i must see this movie Big grin

DieTeeFee: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/ff/61/ca/ff61ca6f9cb14ac2b91aba8dedaa4713.jpg

Cal: \o/

DieTeeFee: Cool

olaziolek: there's a q fox in here. stealing my chicken req!

olaziolek: hi thrandaya! LTNS!

Thrandaya: i want one too!

olaziolek: and i have a 'ni no kuni' OST as a gift from martino Big grin *waves*

olaziolek: FVFC!

olaziolek: they said at the interview that it's possible after a year but now i'm not so sure about it Rolling eyes