03 Jul 20 - 15:20
Andres: Laughing

SIN55: Laughing

Bryophyte: Speak for yourself, A. I am looking forward to a new washing machine lol

Bryophyte: Ahh, too bad SIN.

SIN55: *sigh* sadly you're right Andres, but don't think you're alone. As long as Canada is touching the US, we're in danger

SIN55: Bryo, nope. Next long weekend is Sept. 7th, Labour Day

Andres: SIN - it's worse than that. All any of us really have to look forward to is the widespread release of a vaccine Laughing Wink

SIN55: hmm, what's in August? *checks*

Bryophyte: Does Quebec get the August long weekend?

Andres: Nah didn't you know dates have gravity LS Razz Wink

SIN55: I'm sad Quebec and Canada holidays are already passed Sad What have I got to look forward to?! Labour Day?

Last_starfighter: nice, selfmade extended long weekend! I thought 7/4 would give u guys the monday off instead.

Andres: LS - day off Cool

Dragonel: CoolCoolCoolCool Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo YesYesYesYes CoolCoolCoolCoolCoolCool

SIN55: yep Andres, and SAM is working overtime today

Last_starfighter: Hey there A, yer kinda early today eh

Andres: Hiya Bryo and SIN Big grin

Andres: A surprising number of people don't have today off in the US, including some state workers. Post Office is working, although it is a Fed holiday.

SIN55: howdy A

SIN55: just a bunch of Canucks here Big razz

Bryophyte: Hi Andres

Andres: Heyyyyyy semi-normal Fridayers

Last_starfighter: w/simplified commands to do moves

Last_starfighter: Laughing it's so awkward a controller, Capcom had to release a dumbed down version of Street Fighter for the GC

SIN55: yeah GC controller is definitely better, but still not very comfortable

Last_starfighter: whack as in Happy No

Last_starfighter: @Sin, i own a Gamecube (gift from friends), i felt it's controller was an improvement from N64...N64 was a whack controller

Last_starfighter: @Dragon, i'd kill time alot looking for an arcade to play while waiting for mom grocery shopping back in the day

Dragonel: *Waves to absent Gert*

Last_starfighter: hey Gert Laughing