26 Apr 17 - 11:48
Grenadier: LEGO Star Wars seems to be an exception, since that is coming from TT Games.

Grenadier: The major stuff is licensed to EA. Other publishers can do casual games and mobile platform games, but EA has the big AAA console and PC stuff.

SIN55: yeah I don't know what the future holds for SW games, beyond Battlefront

Grenadier: Also, things like the pinball tables on Pinball FX2.

Grenadier: So like, we see things like the remasters of Grim Fandango and Full Throttle. Someone at LucasArts is licensing that out.

Cal: Yes Bioware is allowed to make Star Wars games

Jadedtitan: oooh ok, ty gren Smile

Grenadier: LucasArts was basically shut down by Disney. They exist, but only as a licensing office.

Grenadier: So in the sense that EA has the license, yes.

Grenadier: Bioware is owned by EA.

Jadedtitan: arts*

Jadedtitan: i think they absorbed lucas asrts ...

Jadedtitan: not sure if disney would now have game rights ...?

Jadedtitan: does bioware still hold the rights to do a star wars game beyond their keeping up TOR?

SIN55: Mass Effect is kind of the spiritual successor to KOTOR