17 May 22 - 16:22
Istagi: Nazis

Istagi: Nazi's, dinosaurs, and steampunk.

Grenadier: Yellowstone: 1932 will star Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren.

SIN55: Smilegrin

sanityIssues: LaughingThanks SIN, that brought a much needed smile

SIN55: Your ray would always have issues

sanityIssues: I would use sanity and insanity rays...

SIN55: The moon Nazis are beaming their Nazi-ray at random people slowly but surely, converting them to Nazis. The only way to counter is with Jewish space lasers.

SIN55: Ah yes.

MorG: with dinosaurs

MorG: No no, it's moon nazi's

Quicksilver: Laughing

SIN55: Do you think.... Do you think China has earthquake guns and is aiming them at the world??

SIN55: starting to be real apparent Mother Earth does not want to be tamed, and she clearly reminds us that anything we build should be deemed "temporary"

Grenadier: thx

Quicksilver: Nice pick, Gren

Quicksilver: Also true.

Istagi: Well lava fountains or an explosive eruption on the grounds of the facility would be bad bad.

Quicksilver: only if it doesn't all move together Big grin

Grenadier: Well yeah, but if the ground the plant is built on starts moving, seems like that could be an issue.

Quicksilver: I mean, that is where you would want to put a geothermal plant - where the lava is close to the surface.

Grenadier: Umm, that sounds like it has catastrophic potential, Istagi. If that plant goes down, does half the country lose power?

Grenadier: Better than keeping the money and not sending you the shirt, I guess.

Istagi: Uplift in Iceland seems to be right under their big Geothermal plant.

Istagi: The company I used to order a new Jacobite shirt from just refunded my money without explanation.

MorG: yeah, things are starting to pick up again in Iceland it seems, quake activity has been going crazy the last several weeks

Grenadier: I hadn't realized it was still quite active.

Grenadier: Never mind, found it.

Grenadier: Wow. How long has this round of eruptions been going on?

MorG: If anyone is interested in checking out the Mt. Etna eruption, https://www.skylinewebcams.com/en/webcam/italia/sicilia/catania/vulcano-etna-versante-nord.html