17 Aug 17 - 15:32
Dragonel: No ista that was just the moisturising lotion I had used

istagi: You can take a bite of Dragon, it is fruit flavored.

bruiser: also i'm starving

bruiser: Dead can't test them because the sun refuses to come out

AlwaysRunning: ok.. time to find my grilled cheese!

istagi: Not going to be there and not take photos Smile

istagi: Yes Bru

Dragonel: CoolCoolCool Whoooooooooooooooooooooo YesYesYesYes CoolCoolCoolCool

AlwaysRunning: I figure I'll leave the photos to others.. I'm just gonna have a picnic Big grin

bruiser: now to hack the other half for my Kodak

bruiser: okay, hacking one pair of eclipse glasses--phone camera filter constructed.

bruiser: i want to come visit and you take me there

bruiser: isgati--is Tokabe the Native eatery?

bruiser: we ahd this one truck that made hipster tacos. I laughed but they were fooking delicious

jk2silly: Laughing I'm Naked! OMG!