22 Oct 17 - 09:57
NickDemus: yep

Morg: well, tomorrow for you Big razz

Morg: thanks! I'll be back tonight Smile

NickDemus: Sleep well, then. Smile

NickDemus: Smile

Morg: so, my train is complete, as I am leaving in about a half an hour or less, depending on when my relief arrives

Morg: LOL

NickDemus: He's Kirk. He'll just shrug it off.

NickDemus: *g*

Morg: morning Dallas!

Morg: *points to the SST Swear Jar* that will be $1 USD in the jar please

Morg: Hey! Language!

NickDemus: He's still a bastard, but he's much less mean to fans than he was decades ago.

NickDemus: guess.

NickDemus: I appreciate how he has come around to recognise what Trek really means for a lot of people. He had to learn that, but he did. His documentary, CAPTAINS, where he had talks with the other captains, got him into thinking. Patrick Steward fucked his mind, I