16 Sep 21 - 17:14
Istagi: Bye SIN

NessySheep: bye sin

Segellion: Have a good one Sin

SIN55: alright take care y'all. Time for moi to skedaddle


exocet: “Sir, the possibility of successfully navigating an asteroid field is approximately 3,720 to 1.”

Segellion: They need the same level of modularity with the theme sections, that they do for filtering. I agree.

SIN55: Shame because the rest of the features are very interesting

SIN55: Being unable to filter by product tag is a huge dealbreaker for our store

SIN55: I'm now toying with that free Dawn OS2.0 theme. Some things are pretty neat, but other things are a total step backwards for my purposes

Segellion: Glad it worked out in the end! I do enjoy doing stuff like that.

SIN55: Dang now I feel really bad

SIN55: Laughing

Segellion: But yeah app services auto-update

Segellion: That's my life though.

SIN55: oh dang, so you're saying it just worked itself out after you spent so much time working on it?

Segellion: I was trying to override what the app was doing.

Segellion: It could have been a bug with the app. It seemed really stupid like that.

SIN55: I swear man, check it out, it seems to work

Segellion: I still have the tab opened with hopes to work on it on my downtime.

Segellion: Wat

SIN55: Thanks a lot for that! I don't know how you did it but it works

SIN55: that wouldn*t

SIN55: that artist list that would link to the French pages

SIN55: Hey btw, you never told me you got that page to work properly last month or whatever!

SIN55: thanks man

SIN55: Absolutely, 40'000 people speak Inuktitut in Canada, would be cool to represent them properly

Segellion: I'm going to put a suggestion in to Shopify core though, because I believe it would be something would be neat to support.

SIN55: That's a plan B

SIN55: but the "it" really bugs me