07 Mar 21 - 06:39
Morg: fair thee well Pez!

Pez5069: Night Morg!

Morg: me thinks me is going to bed after BTTF

Morg: AoSFC!!!!

Morg: tee-hee!

Pez5069: But it is a month Cool

Morg: well, 28 days actually, the short month messed my count up

Morg: LaughingYes thanks Big grin

Pez5069: Congrats Morg!

Pez5069: Don't alarm me soLaughing

Pez5069: He look what you have done, all vegetables are on the floor now.


Morg: *sneaks up behind Pez* BOO!

Pez5069: Enjoy Malo!

Malo-SK: I'm going to have lunchCool

Pez5069: YesLaughing

Malo-SK: not really? take a look at it, it's something differentCoolLaughingYes

Pez5069: I don't know the movie...

Malo-SK: i love this film and this scene Laughing

Pez5069: Hoodwinked Laughing

Pez5069: Laughing

Malo-SK: yw Pez, letīs dance fight!Laughing

Pez5069: Thx Malo!

Pez5069: Yw Malo! Smile

Malo-SK: thx Pez!!!Cool

Malo-SK: Laughing

Pez5069: Laughing

Pez5069: Morning 607!

Malo-SK: morning 607

Malo-SK: bye bye Morg, have a good night!