18 Feb 19 - 18:41
bruiser: Win 7 didn't do this why don't i just install that instead Mad

bruiser: Laughing omg https://twitter.com/gabbytropea/status/1097347872901738497

Will: if all else fails, a clean reinstall (without bloatware) is usually a worthwhile bet, if you don't wanna do that, then fair enough

Will: might be worth giving a shot if you haven't already

Will: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJvoZlusYGA

exocet: Awrays remember to breathe....in thru nose, out thru mouth.....in.....out

bruiser: aaaand it did nothing

bruiser: i just uninstalled some junk; let me try another reboot brb

bruiser: i did reboot

Cantus67: Laughing

Istagi: time to head home.

Istagi: Put my paw inside his house, pulled him out and killed his spouse

Istagi: Mamaaaaaa, just killed a mouse.

Cantus67: That's for you, exo!

Cantus67: *singing* "I can Ziyi clearliyi now the rain is gone"