19 Feb 18 - 08:58
olaziolek: wah two more rounds to go and our team is currently second *shakes with anticipation*

olaziolek: and it looks good so far

olaziolek: only this time we are within the top teams

olaziolek: yes cal, similar feelings Laughing

Cal: https://photos.app.goo.gl/473v0dkDazV9RU553

olaziolek: time to watch some ski jumping. probably our last chance for a medal

Ankh: thanks Albi Smile

maddy: *here either!

maddy: Those posts to people who weren't here should not have been there. I wasn't!

maddy: Welcome back, Cal! http://tinyurl.com/457ybpr

olaziolek: BMC, what have you done

olaziolek: no

olaziolek: glasgow love theme \o/

olaziolek: sophie!

Cal: and as expected I took over the whole conversation with my bad English Big grin