24 Sep 20 - 00:19
Pez5069: *

Pez5069: See you!

Pez5069: Thx you too!

Morg: Ciao Pez

Andres: have good day Pez!

Pez5069: Sorry, I have to leave. Bye all!

Morg: LaughingLaughing

Pez5069: Laughing

Andres: It's bad enough having one person saying "Eh?? Eh?" all the time but if both people are doing it it's no good Happy No

Morg: and a cause I can get behind

Morg: well, that's entirely different

Morg: oooohhhhh

Pez5069: That's not the reason, I go to the elderlys home and help them there.

Morg: Music makes one more productive!

Morg: I think companies that block streaming music from work are terrible people

Pez5069: @Morg, I can't listen at work Sad

Morg: Indeed. And I tend to get what I demand LOL

Andres: If you pm the phone number Morg will call them and request that you be allowed to stay home

Morg: but you will be back when you get to work yes?

Pez5069: @Andres Laughing

Pez5069: Sorry can't hear your DC train

Pez5069: I have to go to work in about 10 minutes, so no request from me

Morg: uh huh. Listen to Andres, he knows me well LOL

Andres: Hiii Pez

Morg: Hiya Pez!!!!!!

Andres: (...and Pluto.)

Pez5069: Morning Andres!

Andres: Yeah, and also Morg is a full-on moderator so you can trust what he says (about SST)

Pez5069: Good morning Morg!

Morg: Hi there dannylee! Welcome to SST ! Feel free to ask any questions you may have here in the chat box or in the Help Forum . Please, enjoy your visit, and thanks for choosing SST!