19 Aug 18 - 05:34
Morg: morning Marcus! Happy SST-versary!

Morg: back

Morg: afk

Morg: HymnFC!

Morg: must be Sunday LOL

Morg: ack!

NessySheep: 15 minutes of church bells Dead

Morg: it feels like a Top 100 kind of a night LOL

Gerrit: Smile

Morg: morning Gerrit! Happy SST-versary!

Morg: yes, my mamma plays one hell of a mean tuba LOL

Morg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZvWvfCSZ8M

jim_A: yermamma

Morg: *walks behind Floyd playing a tuba with every step*

Morg: *whispers* waddle waddle waddle waddle