leviathan12: I want to pet Gandalf the White's hair a little.

Andres: Laughing yum though

sportsfan800: mmm pizza Eek

leviathan12: And the burdening weight of too much pizza.

sportsfan800: ah the lotr extended marathon has commenced eh

Andres: Feeling the magic and sorrow, the darkness and the light Levi?

leviathan12: Still on Two Towers. Dead Marathon going slowly.

Andres: That must be it Wink

sportsfan800: Laughing thats a good story, lol Levi

leviathan12: Flamencastan.

Andres: Later Grisha (that Russian guy who plays so well) shows up and quotes that and says "Whoa! That never, ever happened to me. Where is this magical location where girls suddenly like flamenco? " Laughing

Andres: "When I looked up a girl on the far side of the parking lot said "That was one of the most beautiful things I ever heard". "

Andres: One says "I'm not good enough to play stuff like that in restaurants. I play in car parks. Once, sitting under an olive tree on a summer day in southern France I experienced the rare pleasure of getting through Barrio la Vina without any major b@lls ups.

sportsfan800: Laughing hey Andres

Andres: Sports-- guys on forum talking about what to play for restaurant gig

Andres: I mean sports Laughing

Andres: I hope she makes it. Hi Bru!

sportsfan800: night bru!

bruiser: night night *POUF*

bruiser: i'm miles from everybody...they won't wait for me probably Sad