Bryophyte: Hi Dragon and SIN. And good day to all.

olaziolek: hi dragonel!

olaziolek: cal, i'm not into cute blond boys anymore Laughing

Victor: hi dragonel

olaziolek: i do like erwin but more as a cool guy. FC not FGC. maybe S2 will bring me some changes Cool

Cal: Armin

Dragonel: Good morning all

Cal: Cute Big razz

Dragonel: Somone call for Dragons? Wink

olaziolek: you mean armin, cal? or erwin?

Bryophyte: Laughing I'm glad he showed up. It made me commit to AoT

Cal: Not even the cute blond boy?

olaziolek: i don't think i have any fangirling spot in the AoT *sigh*

olaziolek: Laughing bryo. i understand

Cal: I played it competitively when I was a young creting

Victor: hi sin

Bryophyte: I haven't yet, ola. I just got seriously introduced to him yesterday, but it's true love. Smile

SIN55: ohai all Smile

SIN55: ping pong is awesome. I play every day during my office lunch hour

olaziolek: bryo! *waves* have you seen the levi OVA 'no regrets'? it finally made me like himLaughing