molossus: *from lurk* Thank you Pete for this Cosma! Nice piano track is always good on Sunday! Cool

AveD: oh boy, am I ever procrastinating! sheesh. to that project. *afk*

AveD: Yes Thx Pete. i love anything by Yared.

PeteC: *dog dreams*

PeteC: Smile

PeteC: I have to get the dog out into his morning adventure.

PeteC: Hope you liked the Yared!

PeteC: That's cool, Ave! Yes

AveD: that seems to be the norm for me.

AveD: I want to see the film, now, after hearing it.

AveD: *from lurk* -- this is a very nice score ^ Copperhead

AveD: *lurking starting now* enjoy your day here, all!

AveD: HMFC Cool

AveD: a fan from my teenage years Yes long long ago Wink

AveD: I have missed SST lately. (my first 24.7 station and first love --film music)

AveD: Smile thanks, guys!

PeteC: *waves to Ave* What Molo said.

molossus: *back to lurkhole*

molossus: Hi AveD! Good luck with your plans! Enjoy the music!

PeteC: Laughing