olaziolek: hi again vic! *hugs*

Cinder: Oh hi there Ola!

Victor: hi ola *hugs*

olaziolek: hi there cin!

ceidon: chi!

olaziolek: ceidon! chi

bruiser: i agree ceidon

ceidon: day needs to hurryu p

ceidon: ugh

bruiser: Laughing what the heck is this

bruiser: i'll get to watch that one.

bruiser: that's the day before I leave on vacation. i'll have to get caught up when i get back so no spoilers!

Cinder: Where will you be?

Cinder: Phew... good think I checked. Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. SEASON PREMIERE TUE SEPT 23 9|8c

Cinder: I put it on your page.. hang on for exact date.. about the 11th I think.. brb

fox: Thanks Zephram Smile

Victor: thx, bruiser Crying

bruiser: Cin tell me again, when does SHIELD start?

bruiser: *shares tissue with Vic*

Victor: amazingly beautiful one, planktos