duc: morning

Pit3r: Morning all

Andres: Big grin *

Andres: hmmm

Gert: Yo

Obi-son: BRU!

sportsfan800: Dead

bruiser: but even that can't handle rain like that one night we had 62 water rescues

bruiser: ours have drainage but it sucks

bruiser: yum!

Andres: Enjoy Jade!

Jadedtitan: *leaves for greek food*

Jadedtitan: one must understand the the tucson streets have no drainage...so they always flood if it rains over 5 minutes...

Jadedtitan: Yes did get a bit of rain here today

sportsfan800: LaughingYes

leviathan12: *flex*

leviathan12: Brother!

leviathan12: I heard. As soon as i leave, the monsoon goes hulk hogan wild.

bruiser: hi sports, levi

Andres: Hi L and S