masked_platypus: Good morning SST

sportsfan800: also out, night all

dragon_Angel_05: Night, Mojo.

sportsfan800: night mojo

MojoPin: that's gonna do it for me. 'night, SSTers! *

dragon_Angel_05: Okay, thanks.

MojoPin: Thor? sure thing, dA, give me just a mo to search it up Smile

dragon_Angel_05: Request "Science And Magic" from Thor, Mojo.

sportsfan800: im ok thanks mojo

sportsfan800: night A

NovaKat: no, but thank you

MojoPin: ...or Nova, dA, or any other lurkers?

NovaKat: Goodnight, Andres!

Andres: beeee well all Smile *

MojoPin: sports, you want any tracks or heading to bed soon?

MojoPin: good night, A

Andres: He'd had it up with a high buy it now and no one bought it Yes

Andres: g'night! *

MojoPin: didn't he pull it once before that as well? didn't meet a reserve or something?

Andres: clocks! and