DieTeeFee: *steals fav*

Cal: Threesome with Trish?

DieTeeFee: nice track magda...

malibcia: haha

DieTeeFee: planning on reading more of the novels before that... maybe i can curb my incredible hate towards yennefer Big grin

DieTeeFee: i have made a resolution, that when i replay TW3., i'm gonna give yennefer a chance...

Morg: *

Morg: *plays Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Worms W.M.D., Mortal Kombat XL, Tekken 7 (pre-ordered, arrives tomorrow), and SW Battlefront II (pre-ordered, arrives on 17 November)

DieTeeFee: but there is no dispute that 3 is definitly the best

DieTeeFee: i have loved all 3 games Big grin

DieTeeFee: if it ever gets to the point where the cd is actually payable, i'm planning to donate it to SST

malibcia: ut I love 3rd one!

malibcia: I did not like wither 2 that much...

DieTeeFee: i really enjoy the FFXV soundtrack...

DieTeeFee: thanks already gone Loc

DieTeeFee: when i actually have a free weekend to play

DieTeeFee: i really wanna get into Horizon again some time soon...

DieTeeFee: atm i'm replaying The Witcher 2 (hopefully to finally do the other path this time)

Trigger: what games do you play Fee?

Morg: It looks fun. Maybe a bit more complicated than I would like, but still looks fun