sportsfan800: Cool oh yeah

bruiser: make that drunk Valkyrie Laughing

bruiser: VALKYRIE!!

sportsfan800: Mmm had a m&m blizzard the other day

Gert: *old-lady shuffles back to terrible term papers*

bruiser: HELA

sportsfan800: Any other color for m&ms is wrong

Gert: Picture

leviathan12: They're hot for the moment for sure.

Gert: Ok I guess the bag has brown ones.

bruiser: Odin 😭

Gert: Maybe it's the lighting.

bruiser: purple!?

Andres: oh lord the cleaning people will be here in an hour

sportsfan800: Nashville predators look unstoppable Levi Yes

Gert: But you know what? We need dark brown and light brown m&ms back. The purple ones are a poor substitution.

Gert: Oops

sportsfan800: Lol hey Levi

Gert: But you live in a far bigger city.

bruiser: Laughing sports