Jim_A: Goodnight, Jennifer.

bruiser: night night *POUF*

Jim_A: sing me off, Bob. "Sure thing, Jim. Thannnnks for the memories .. da-dum, de dum-de-dum, la-lade-la-de-da.

sportsfan800: ..

sportsfan800: night Jim, A, Bru, levi

Jim_A: Yeah, I better hit the sack-rack-hay, myself.

Jim_A: night !

Jim_A: It's gonna be a hot summer, Sports. It's after midnight and it's still 78 degrees.

sportsfan800: night all!

Jim_A: and Polo shirts are acceptible attire at either event. *sticks chin in air*

sportsfan800: Laughing

Jim_A: one you play on a horse, and one you don't. Same difference.

bruiser: cricket and polo are not the same thing at all Laughing

Jim_A: https://youtu.be/u4_ApvtdSzg

Jim_A: *does the Curly Shuffle*

Jim_A: Otherwise known as Polo. Lovely game sported by the British.

sportsfan800: *cricket*

bruiser: Yes

Jim_A: Cabal is the basis for Nightbreed. I thought that would be an interesting read.

bruiser: met him once; he's very nice