Sockenfussel: my daughter joined a chamber music atelier there. learning how to play viola in a small group.

olaziolek: hi socken! *hugs* have fun you two Big grin

masked_platypus: Give some from me tooSmile

Cal: But what are you doing in Delft of all places?

masked_platypus: Hello sock *hugs*

Cal: oh then you should be fine!

Sockenfussel: will do bir.

Sockenfussel: he.'s not coming

BiRhar: Laughing Cal!

Sockenfussel: Smile yes. she said she could walk.

BiRhar: awesome, Socken! Give her a big hug from me, please!!

Cal: GF is nice, it is Dutchbat you have to worry about Big razz

Cal: Let see how she walks :-)

Cal: You are in Delft?

Sockenfussel: Will meet girlfriend in some minutes. so excited.

Sockenfussel: hi there from Delft.

radiowolf: hi BiRhar

BiRhar: hi radiowolf

BiRhar: @mol: are you here?

radiowolf: hello masked_platypus