Andres: dang, I missed the chance to say hi to Pete

Jadedtitan: hey rukia

Rukia: Hi nova *scritch*

Rukia: Hi jade

NovaKat: Hi Rukia

NovaKat: That's always important, Bye Pete!

Jadedtitan: be well pete

Rukia: Hi/bye Pete

Rukia: Hello SST Cool

PeteC: ♥*

PeteC: I hope to see you, soon, again. *waves*

PeteC: ...but I have to go, now. Dinner-time.

PeteC: I am alive. Smilegrin

PeteC: SO much as happened but I just wanted to say hi. Smile

PeteC: A lot of water under the bridge.

NovaKat: must be a busy pete

Jadedtitan: how are you?!

PeteC: Jade Smile

Jadedtitan: hi pete!

PeteC: Hope you have been well.