Darth-Bobba: I think you just made that up..show me documentation please

AveD: that the TMR...the Mancini rule.

AveD: Mancini must always be in a queue.

Darth-Bobba: whats the mancini rule?

Darth-Bobba: http://img.pandawhale.com/77839-internet-fight-gif-herp-derp-jXLg.gif

CaptainKidd: Hi Mads

AveD: my rule..which I fail to follow. sheesh!

AveD: glad you know the Mancini rule....

LilRed87: Thanks ave

Dutchbat: @ Swordfish, your Minitheme is still going

AveD: nice Mancini, Lil

Dutchbat: Always good to have a good discussion sometimes

volwrath: sorry caps

AveD: vol, are you ok? lol


AveD: couple of a our Brit friends clanking their teacups, is all. Smilegrin

volwrath: *runs around chatroom* AH! AHHHH!!!! AAAAHHHHH!!!!!

Dutchbat: About British I suppose?

AveD: bye sloth, no worries with that. take care

Dutchbat: Cool