bruiser: *has no clue how muchmusic the little phone will hold, so is being picky*

bruiser: and colored toilets/tubs

bruiser: LOL I remember colored tp from the 1970s

bruiser: hi Ruk

Rukia: Laughing my aunt just sent me a website where you can buy colored toilet paper

Rukia: Hi bru

bruiser: *puts music on Britphone so she can use it as an mp3 player*

Rukia: Way to repost phone Laughing

Rukia: Oh no! Eek

exocet: Hi/Bye Victor. Have a nice weekend.

Victor: *

exocet: Ainít Ziyi like TOO HOT?!?!?!?!? YesCoolYesCoolYesCoolSmilegrin © 2014

Victor: and i'm off for today. night people

Jadedtitan: hey maddy

maddy: Hi Jaded!

maddy: Hi Jostanos!

Jadedtitan: hey vic

Victor: hi jade

Victor: that wasn't a joke, josta

Jostanos: Laughing Good one Jade