thymian: Hahah Laughing

exocet: Ainít Ziyi like Blazing HOT?!?!?!?!? YesCoolYesCoolYesCoolSmilegrin © 2015

thymian: Fox, thanks for requesting Yo-Yo Ma! Awesome chi

Cal: bye y'all

bruiser: hi bye Cal

Cal: ** To keep this radio station ad-free on the stream we heavily rely on donations. Please consider a small donation to keep the commercials out. Every dollar helps. **

Cal: Since I am leaving soon:

bruiser: bye leavers

bruiser: Yay!!! someone in Accounting was able to help me.

DieTeeFee: Bye Thy and Cal *hugs*

thymian: bye Fee, say Hello to Usedom for me! chi

DieTeeFee: sorry thymian. But you have all the us-crowd to chat with now!

thymian: still gotta 3 hours at work T_T

Cal: bye Fee

thymian: everyone's leaving me Sad

DieTeeFee: and make sure to enjoy London Falling doubly for me!

DieTeeFee: have a nice weekend everyone!

DieTeeFee: gotta close down the office today.

DieTeeFee: i think i'll join the leaving crowd.

Victor: *