Victor: thx for the picks down there, sweeties, but after "reflection" i really have to leave

ceidon: bye ctf!

olaziolek: he finally admitted it even to himself

bruiser: Laughing ola--he now says "sparkle" instead of "shower"

bruiser: bye cool

Cinder: Guess that is what we should have for dinner on Thursday. First real game!!!!


Cinder: Great commercial!!!! Love it.

Victor: hi/bye ctf

cooltoothfairy: I am getting ready to head out for today friends! Have a great one!Smile

olaziolek: *gives away sunglasses for the moment when cal comes back from shower*

Cinder: Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman and his mom are featured in Campbell's Chunky Soup's ...???

Lennie2020: yeppers, that's the one

Victor: and really back. hi/bye lennie

Lennie2020: not yet

Cinder: And Lennie is Gone with the Wind!!!!

Cinder: Ok... there is one that is cheesey beer soup.. that one?

Lennie2020: *

Lennie2020: oh, before I forget---watch for a new Campbell's Chunky Soup commercial, CinderSmilegrin

Cal: time to sparkle brb