Cal: erm no I am working

Victor: hi j2

Morg: I imagine this to be Cal with overtime:

j2brown: Greetings Victor, Caliburn.

Albi: thanks Morg!

Morg: CFC!! BMCFC!


Morg: Albi: it's still money

Albi: Morg - good old Euros Wink

Morg: Well, what else would he be paid in? Peanuts?

Morg: *takes a sip of his coffee and gags* Yuck! How did that get so cold so quickly???

DieTeeFee: it would be rather weird if cals overtime would be payed in $

Albi: Cal - on a Friday, that sucks Sad

Victor: hi morg

Morg: Big razz

Morg: Yay overtime! Earn those $$$ Cal!

Morg: G'morning Victor!

Cal: working overtime tomorrow

Cal: Weekend gonna take a while

Morg: G'morning maddy!