Sockenfussel: Good Day.

MojoPin: bye Dutch

Dutchbat: Have a nice day all

Dutchbat: Lurking a while before going to town and office

Dutchbat: Sad but it isn't half as good as the first Outlander

Dutchbat: Still doubting if this will be my second McCreary album

Dutchbat: \0/ LEFC!

Dutchbat: Or only leave the Marks score tracks

Dutchbat: CoolCool for me it can be removed completely

Dutchbat: Good thing

MojoPin: I've been requesting from the album to identify the bad files so I can submit them for corrections

Dutchbat: Smile

MojoPin: -- oh, Rudolph? several of the tracks are still corrupted

Dutchbat: You mentioned testing with the Marks req.

MojoPin: hmm?

Dutchbat: What about the testing Mojo?

Dutchbat: Night A

MojoPin: good night, A!

Andres: 'night all! *

Dutchbat: JWFC!