bruiser: Kristoff

Cal: Quite curious about this Frisina concert

Cal: In one and a half weeks!

bruiser: i wonder if it will be anything like the figure skating one Laughing

Morg: *fires Fee out of the 'ella cannon*

DieTeeFee: i'll make sure to mop it up before leaving the office today, sin Wink

bruiser: did you hear Will Farrell is going to makd a movie about Eurovision

Jim_a: Later person campaigning for the death of TeeFee

Morg: never become one of those people!

DieTeeFee: urgh. sorry

DieTeeFee: ...ellas ...ellas.... ellas... e...e...e

Morg: how dare you fee!

bruiser: have a good weekend Fee

SIN55: Laughing Bye Fee, careful not to slip in your CHe drool

DieTeeFee: don't forget to pack your umbrellas.

bruiser: Laughing political babies

DieTeeFee: See some of you tomorrow Smile the rest on monday Wink

DieTeeFee: i'm going home now.

DieTeeFee: aaaaaaaaaaand i am talking politics again. Gawd i'm becoming one of those people... talking about politics and babys all the time.

bruiser: i wish the dream were real.....some of the dolls houses were really cool