Victor: gorgeous one, mercy

Locutus76: enjoy

Locutus76: thank you as well Smile

danleich: *relurks*

danleich: well then i will say thank you for your req in chat nowSmile

Victor: *sings along*

Locutus76: thnx for the req, dan, but i'll be gone by the time it will play Sad

faethorferenc: hi j2 Smile

j2brown: Greetings faethorferenc.

j2brown: Followed by WALL-E from Victor.

Locutus76: it sounds very familiar, but i cant place it

Locutus76: quite a nice track, added it to my favs

j2brown: Thanks for that O11, Locutus76.

Locutus76: yikes, tough business nowadays

faethorferenc: Ive a video rental store. But the time is over, so....

faethorferenc: can`t sperate from most of them...Laughing

Locutus76: what business are you in?

Cal: Long live netflix!

Locutus76: Big eek

faethorferenc: without the series? 1150 dvd`s and br