Leina: Cal, have you watched the South Park episode we talked about yet Big grin ?

Dutchbat: Cool and hopefully Frederišo Jussid too

Dutchbat: Smilegrin great news from Fimucite festival. Trevor Morris will be there

olaziolek: Laughing

Dutchbat: Smile I req'd this score as it will be on Dutch TV and is great, but then I saw that track Smilegrin

olaziolek: dutch, thanks for the req Laughing

Cpmonster: what a twat

olaziolek: cp, he was just walking around confused, destroying the buildings and hunting for people

Dutchbat: Oops, other way around ♥

Cpmonster: In native danish the word Kong is King. so to us danish people he is called King king

Dutchbat: I #&9829 the new Silvestri for Cosmos

Cpmonster: did he huf and puff or throw barrels at ya?

Cpmonster: your village? Smile

Cpmonster: True story though.

olaziolek: i once had a dream that baby king kong was attacking my village

Cpmonster: Silly that; come to think of it.

Cpmonster: Fight a big Gorilla. That'll wake you up, I speak from experience. Just dont kill it, I believe they are protected

olaziolek: *eats the other half of the chocolate bar*

olaziolek: hi pete! it's 1pm here. but you're right - i'm up too early. i just ate half a chocolate bar to wake up. no effect

j2brown: Greetings and farewell, PeteC.