Lmarrese: Hi bru

bruiser: hi Lmarr

bruiser: ME TOO!!!!

Lmarrese: Laughing Pete's commercial

maddy: Hi Menelao! http://tinyurl.com/lyq9j8z

maddy: Bye DTF! Have a great rest of the day!!


Grenadier: "It belongs in a museum!"

bruiser: which i suspect is poo!

bruiser: i can't catch it--it seems coated with something slick and nasty!

bruiser: bye Fee!

DieTeeFee: have a wonderful wonderful day everyone!

DieTeeFee: i'll be going home now.

Menelao: bugs bunny and Friday 13th interesting mix

DieTeeFee: the trick is to catch the stick and hit right back Wink

DieTeeFee: Big grin

bruiser: well the universe must think so..it keeps hitting me with the stupid stick Big razz

bruiser: *hugs*

bruiser: oh LOL

DieTeeFee: uh... i don't think that bru is particularily despicable *hugs*