bruiser: lucky it happened BEFORE i vacuumed

bruiser: and now I am without my Total Pillow Sad

Andres: awww that's no kinda Sunday

bruiser: also, i popped my Total Pillow and microbeads went everywhere Dead

bruiser: Dead rather

bruiser: *burns tongue on tea* -dead=

Andres: Simone Giertz is not 'family friendly' but she is quite amusing vlogger

Jadedtitan: just so!

bruiser: Laughing

Andres: hmmm

Jadedtitan: lol yes bat wings would be great

Andres: need to get that Jasper some bat wings or a Kylo Ren suit for Halloween

bruiser: aww

Jadedtitan: heh yes jasper is the new cat, hes still being a crazy kitten...sammy is doing well, we moved him to a more traversed area of the house and he seems to be out and about more

bruiser: *Jasper is correct name i think?

bruiser: how are Jasper and Sammy?

Jadedtitan: i am too, was worried.... but shes eating now so i think its alright now

bruiser: Syd Sad I'm glad she's okay

bruiser: Dead finished sorta cleaning the house

Andres: Cool Syd