Dutchbat: *hugs Phire*

Dutchbat: Arrived at my hotel in Krakow, now moving again to the IBIS to see if the rest has arrived

Victor: yw Smile

Fox: thanks Victor Smile

Victor: beautiful pick, fox

Dargoni: verry scarry

Victor: *hugs dtf*

DieTeeFee: bye

DieTeeFee: *hugs vic*

Victor: bye dtf, thx, same to you

DieTeeFee: have a nice day everyone!

DieTeeFee: preparing to go home now.

Dargoni: verry scarry

Victor: oh, doesn't sound that good, bru

Dargoni: thanks that was pretty cool

bruiser: i have to do front desk today. UGH

bruiser: DANGIT

Victor: HFC!

Dargoni: thanks that was pretty cool

DieTeeFee: LOTRFC!