Andres: 'night me!

Andres: 'night Gert!

Andres: Laughing

Gert: *


Gert: WHen you type and reread it that much, it loses meaning.

Gert: I have typed, "Stay off your phones" in this darned syllabus I'm editing No less than four times.

Gert: I am tired and I am going to bed. But first

Andres: Good to know. I was intrigued by some of the tracks I heard.

leviathan12: Worth watching, but I would say rent it.

leviathan12: It was pretty good. The animation was great. The music was ok-to-good. Story was interesting but not totally unique.

leviathan12: Already saw the movie.

Andres: Speaking of unusual animation style you might find Kubo interesting (it's supposedly stop-motion??) if you haven't seen the trailer

Andres: oh cool *retracts laugh*

leviathan12: Nope, no Mutant Girls Squad or RoboGaisha this time.

leviathan12: Extraordinary Tales. Edgar Allen Poe, read by Christopher Lee, animated in a beautiful paper/stop-motion style.

Andres: Okay let's have it.

Andres: Laughing *is already laughing*

leviathan12: Just found a Netflix gem.

Andres: heh, yay