exocet: Yippee-I-O-Ki-Yay!! Cool

NovaKat: *nods* It's quite slim. can lead to cramped fingers with prolonged use

Wigg2K: waddup

NessySheep: I think the original pen is too tiny nova, I ordered a real pen

bruiser: hi Wigg

Wigg2K: especially the instrumental version

Wigg2K: daisy, love this song

NovaKat: Just one pen, but I could buy an extra if I wanted

bruiser: i'll just take a walk when i get home

bruiser: very cool, Nessy Smile

bruiser: hmm, well, maybe not. i forgot a t-shirt-

NessySheep: Do you have an extra pen nova ?

bruiser: stairs, bb

NessySheep: Oh you have it as well nova ?

NessySheep: I wanna use it for university

NovaKat: Hi bru *purrs*

NovaKat: Oh nice. I like using mine

Jadedtitan: Yes nice gift

NessySheep: funny, it doesn't suggest it's own name

NessySheep: fu