NessySheep: i'm old Sad i have back pain

NessySheep: *carefully waves*

NessySheep: A n d r e s!

Andres: Hello N e s s y and sick Bru *Saturday hugs*

Andres: sorry to hear you are feeling unwell Bru

NessySheep: Cool

bruiser: MAD MAX

bruiser: my throat feels like steel wool Dead

holojedi: Cool Good morning Bruiser

bruiser: hi holo

holojedi: how weird just saw an interview of Van Damme, and then I tune in to SST to see his face again Laughing

bruiser: hi BQ, treki, Kristoff, anyone i missed

bruiser: Dead i'm still sick

Cal: Thanks BQ/JERIC!

Cal: YES!

treki: thx BQSmile

BuyerQueen: update

BuyerQueen: nevermind, pete sent it, thanks

BuyerQueen: Good morning. Someone sent in BFG by John Williams and I can't find an email and there wasn't a note. Anyone know who sent it?

malibcia: good morning