MarcusHalberstram: Ola..? You around? I just watched the first 5 mins preview of HTTYD2 on IMDB - though I imagine you've already seen it?

Cal: not tomorrow

Cal: eer friday that is

Cal: tomorrow 2 PM at Polish radio

Andres: Things are good, am enjoying the transitional weather and keeping busy Smile

BiRhar: thx, I'm fine. How about you?

Andres: Hi BiRhar! Big grin How's u?

BiRhar: Hello A Smile

BiRhar: when will it be announced, Cal?

Andres: Hello Masked btw! *hugs*

Cal: boohoo I will be internetless when it is announced

Andres: lol "is it okay to learn ancient Greek with modern Greek pronunciation?" After several say it's fine, this: "When Aristophanes has his sheep saying βῆ βῆ it is perhaps useful to know that he pronounced it /bɛɛ bɛɛ/ , not /vi vi/."

Victor: maddy, did you check the jive bunny-video already?

Cal: oh full program will be announced soon!

Cal: ?

olaziolek: cal, FMF news. well, 'news'

maddy: Hi DB!

olaziolek: Laughing

masked_platypus: Hello bobba

masked_platypus: Nice timing with olaLaughing