Sanctuary: nice hat

MojoPin: Ratatouille costume:

Sanctuary: hey cinder

Morg: LOL @ A

MojoPin: Whooooooooooooo!

Andres: Did you sleep-buy it Morg?

MojoPin: wb Morg

MojoPin: hello Cin, very welcome!

Cinder: Afternoon Morg.

Morg: with chorizo burrito in hand

Morg: back

Andres: Hi Cinder

gustabotronik: hi cinderita

Cinder: Hello Andres, Gustabo! & Sanctury

Cinder: Hey Mojo. thanks for the request!

MojoPin: nice pick, last

Sanctuary: Yes

gustabotronik: CoolLaughing

gustabotronik: inst 13 dy msijons

Andres: er discussions