bruiser: me too, night night, thanks *POUF*

Andres: Well I am out for the night, Happy Birthday Bru sleep well!

Andres: *faint sound of dinosaurs on the march*

bruiser: oh it's a portrait of Igor Stravinsky...I AM SO SORRY MR STRAVINSKY!

Andres: Happy No

bruiser: and then again, i'm not Picasso Wink

bruiser: except drawings some of the shapes made me laugh because out of context, they look a bit rude Laughing

bruiser: it's a little wonky but pretty good for a first go, i think

Andres: If you hold the paper at an angle away from you and the book flat to you it will look fine Wink


Andres: Smile tha's okay

bruiser: Laughing*does drawing lesson; attempts to copy a Picasso line drawing upside down; runs the dude's head off the page*

bruiser: night Ruk

Rukia: *

Rukia: *waves*

Andres: 'night Rukia

Rukia: Time for me to go. night sst

bruiser: this sounds like Troi and Ral

bruiser: *cannot resist--buys Creation st on Amazon*

bruiser: woudn't mind a little Heimdall either