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#84 (2) [X]

Darth-bobba was singing a song

Rhubarb_Runner: "In one can hear you sing."

#83 (4) [X]

Lieserl: Eek i'm up to my eyeballs in hippogrphs!
NATEdogg_23: that is a lot of hippogryphs then
Cinder: hippograph?
supercarol: buckbeak? -confused look-
Lieserl: hippogryphs, sorry
Lieserl: NO NOT BUCKBEAK YOU GEEK -Laughs hysterically-
supercarol: hey, sorry, that's the first place my brain went! -sticks tongue out-
supercarol: not that you should be surprised, or anything

#81 (6) [X]

tjoe: *** Saw something funny or cool in chat? *** Copy it to the "Chatlog Quotes" page -

Rhubarb_Runner: *** Saw something annoying or spammy in chat? *** Get over it! It happens all the time

#80 (-1) [X]

To show how badly things can be taken out of context...

Beatfox and gschra11 were talking about playing the game Zelda.

gschra11: I've probably beat it 4 or 5 times. I love it!
time elapses...
NATEdogg_23: gschra you made my night
Diane26: Andres, of course. It's quite stunning. Really lovely
arlingirl: -laughing-
arlingirl: nathan!
arlingirl: that was our private laughter
arlingirl: -laughing-
gschra11: How's that, Nate?
arlingirl: *points at nate* you explain*
gschra11: Where the heck is your mind, Nate?!?!?!?! -bigeek-
arlingirl: ROTF
NATEdogg_23: sorry if you are just checking the chat back and forth things are out of context

#79 (6) [X]

BhelPuri: welcome to the midnight edition of weird news. Nate's pregnant, tj has a crush on niceguy and somewhere darth is pulling out his wife's gold fillings. Lets listen to Anything is Possible by Don Davis :D

#78 (2) [X]

Darth Bobba had just come back after talking with his wife

arlingirl: man wifes are such nags
FoxMcleod64: arlin, manwife another term for husband?
arlingirl: fox -laugh- nooo
FoxMcleod64: -laugh- oh, I guess I looked at that wrong
tjoe: Fox - I prefer to NOT be called a man-wife -bigrazz-
tjoe: Domestic Grunt and Pack Mule will do just fine
arlingirl: tjoe -laugh-

#77 (6) [X]

After PhireAngel asked who Jumbo is... Jumbo?

caray: Jumbo was named Dumbo as a child, but he didn't like the name so when he grew up to adult size he took the name of Jumbo and started working for Boing.
caray: but as many male elephants do he became a dangerous rogue, terrorizing the airlanes
caray: many sighting of him were hushed up by the different governments, filing them under UFO
caray: so as not to frighten the public
caray: It is said that he is responsible for the famous circles in fields all over the world. Some say that his relentless hunting of the sandman comes from an episode in his younger life
caray: what is true is that the sandman exchanged his cloud for a SW speeder, but as he cannot work as well as before because he is always avoiding the rogue elephant his work is not up to par.
caray: Resulting in more and more children refusing to sleep and driving their parents mad.
caray: And this, my little ones, is the true story of Jumbo! :)

#76 (6) [X]

PhireAngel: *shows the two big bowels with popcorn* popcorn , anyone!?
Karma: -Laughing-
arlingirl: bowels of popcorn? Big eek ewwww PHIRE! -Laughing-
Karma: lol
PhireAngel: *changes and puts all the popcorn in one big bucket instead* Yes
arlingirl: Bowels are like intestines, hee hee
PhireAngel: *give the empty bowels to arlin* Here, u do what u think u must do with those please!
arlingirl: I don't want the bowels! -Big eek- ewwwww

#75 (0) [X]

After Caray has requested Dentist just after something from the Charlie And The Chocolate Factory has been requested

stefan_nl: Caray - Nice combination: chocolate factory and dentist -Big grin-
caray: -Laughing- I'm a deeeeenntist -Big grin-
peterthegreat: -Rolling eyes-
caray: Peter - you don't like dentist? open wide...
peterthegreat: ahhhhh
caray: *take huge pincers* All right, let's see what's wrong in that mouth...
caray: what do you mean, anesthesic? This is for me, pal. *sniff gas from mask*

#74 (1) [X]

curiousity: Obi killed the chat!
thuringwethil: I always heard it was curiosity killed the chat

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