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#232 (2) [X]

Gert: Wow, I idon't remember this rack on Harry Potter.

leviathan12: Harry Potter has a rack now?

bruiser: Harry has a rack? Is it Playtex or Maidenform?

Gert: *track

#231 (1) [X]

The People (leviathan12) v. Rukia - 01 Nov 11

20:13:20 > Rukia: *mike tries to pet the visitors*
20:15:17 > bruiser: -laughing-that's cute
20:15:59 > Rukia: he was a young boy then -big grin-
20:16:52 > Rukia: he's 460 lbs but he's still growing -shy-
20:17:23 > leviathan12: Me too
20:18:23 > Rukia: you're 460 levi -eek-
20:18:27 > Rukia: *lbs
20:18:36 > leviathan12: Nearly
20:21:50 > sportsfan800: -laughing-
20:21:56 > bruiser: you are not
20:22:43 > leviathan12: I ate a 280 lb burger today.
20:23:52 > Rukia: i had a burger with sauteed onions provolone, pickles, and a mound of bacon on it -cool-
20:24:16 > Rukia: I never knew what love felt like until i saw that burger
20:25:39 > sportsfan800: -laughing- ruk
20:26:28 > leviathan12: You mean except for when you married Lion King
20:27:10 > Rukia: *sweats* uh... of course!
20:27:27 > sportsfan800: she's cheating -eek-
20:27:53 > Rukia: you have no evidence -eek-
20:31:16 > leviathan12: I present to the jury the burger wrapper rukia is holding affectionately and periodically looking at forlornly
20:32:15 > Rukia: Objection!
20:32:44 > sportsfan800: hmmm
20:32:46 > Rukia: there was not a wrapper involved
20:33:02 > leviathan12: Did you eat that too?
20:33:22 > Rukia: -razz- no
20:33:41 > sportsfan800: -laughing- levi
20:34:15 > Rukia: the burger was a grilled piece of perfection put on a plate
20:34:59 > Rukia: The prosecuter's claims are baseless and furthermore he is a nunuhead -razz-
20:35:52 > sportsfan800: do we have any more witnesses to back up these claims? *looks around*
20:36:27 > Andres: -cool- nunuhead
20:37:34 > leviathan12: Objection! They are not baseless. The are based firmly on disjointed imagination and disjointed ideas.
20:38:27 > leviathan12: *incohesive ideas
20:41:23 > Rukia: -laughing-
20:45:55 > Rukia: The defense rests! it's cookie time...
20:46:40 > NovaKat: Cookie? -eek-
20:47:14 > leviathan12: The prosecution would like to cross examin... Does Lion King know about the aforementioned burger enjoyment?
20:47:20 > Rukia: hi nova *scritch*
20:47:29 > leviathan12: Was this burger enjoyed in a public or private setting?
20:47:44 > Rukia: uh... -eek-
20:48:01 > Rukia: it was in a public setting
20:48:31 > NovaKat: Hi Rukia *purrs, watches court proceedings, nibbles cookie* -big grin-
20:48:34 > leviathan12: Does Lion King know you are posting pictures of other large feline jungle predators?
20:49:17 > Rukia: Objection!
20:50:02 > rich808: Objection your objection!
20:50:10 > leviathan12: What exactly are you objecting?
20:50:20 > Rukia: There is no evidence of such activity
20:52:11 > Rukia: What say you judge?
20:52:34 > leviathan12: Prosecution presents chat log, 20:13:20. Does the name "Mike" mean anything to the defendant?
20:52:44 > Andres: Objection detained. Bailif, the objection will be remanded to a cell until further notice.
20:52:56 > rich808: hey bru
20:53:18 > Rukia: -big eek- [SPOILER]I forgot![/SPOILER] maybe -embarrassed-
20:54:24 > Rukia: what does this have to do with a burger prosecutor?
20:55:46 > leviathan12: There was a burger?
20:55:58 > Andres: -laughing-
20:56:14 > Rukia: -laughing-
20:59:36 > Rukia: -cool- SMB

#230 (0) [X]

leviathan12: You are driving through the desert and/or texas/midwest. You must follow the Coyote-Roadrunner amendment of 1867. "Any vehicles traveling in remote areas must pass beneath bridge or through tunnel of height not to exceed height of vehicle by more than one-half the hight of the occupant of the roof of the vehicle."

#229 (1) [X]

SIN55: I wonder how it feels to run around naked (minus the physical pain of things bouncing). It must be so liberating.

brainyguy9999: Sin: It is. You should come to our annual 5k Sun Run.

Jadedtitan: you live alone sin, try it out

Jadedtitan: im sure your cat wont mind...much

SIN55: I don't feel free in my own house, theres hardly space to run

SIN55: I mean like flat out sprint through a field

SIN55: that's it...


#228 (1) [X]

Andres: LaughingLaughingLaughing There's a medical code for "Struck by turtle"

Jim_A: Laughing why would they even need that ?

NovaKat: Laughing must've happened often enough

Andres: well the weird thing apparently is there is NOT one for "slipped on a banana peel"! Laughing

Jim_A: how slow and dumb do you have to be to get 'struck by a turtle.'

Andres: I believe that depends very much on who threw it Laughing Laughing

#227 (0) [X]

noshoes039: Even walking around my apartment now where I shouldn't have to worry about lego, I still keep shoes on most all the time. (Despite my screen name.)
Rukia: nosh's name is a lie!!!!!!!!!
Jim_A: ironic
Rukia: imposter!!!
Segellion: That kind of makes you a hypocrit you know.. since your name is noshoes..

#226 (0) [X]

(Marmite was brought up. Some of us have not tried it. This is a reaction to us saying we'd try most any food once.)

mister_mouse: Not true! People all over the world detest it [Marmite]! it is not a question of where you're from!

#225 (0) [X]

Gert: Dare I ask: what was the buffalo blood incident, and why do you want saled?
Gert: *saled
Gert: *slae
Gert: grr
Gert: *salad

#224 (0) [X]

Cinder: Looking over Yoshi's shoulder.. Oh you are right.. silly me!!!
Yoshi_290: -eek-
Yoshi_290: -embarrassed-
Cinder: Oh dear Yoshi.. sorry... not looking down anything.. just to see if .. Oh me oh my!!!
Cinder: Phew Yoshi!!! I only look if it is nice hairy chest!!!
Yoshi_290: ewwww... I hope not on me....
Yoshi_290: slick is the name of the game
Cinder: Yoshi, you are cracking me up!!!!
Yoshi_290: heyyyy
Class: -confused-
Cinder: Hi Class.. what is with the funny face??
Class: your conversation between Yoshi
Yoshi_290: hee hee.... class made you look. Haahahahaaha
Zgurl49: -laugh-
Class: we were meant to have hair
Cinder: Oh we.. um.. who knew anyone was reading it!!! I thought it was just Yoshi and I!
Yoshi_290: not me
Yoshi_290: I agree with cinder. all eyes off the screen.
Class: -bigeek-
Cinder: Yes so true Class, but that was in the day when we no clothes or just a nice animal skin!
Yoshi_290: type with your eyes close
Cinder: Or leaves if we lived south of the border!
Zgurl49: class –laugh—laugh-
Class: -dead-
Yoshi_290: i see you peeking class
Class: I tried it once its a pain.
Class: -shy-

#223 (4) [X]

Gert: I took my parents' out to pee and all I got after 10 minutes were baleful stares from the grass.

(Somewhere the "dog" escaped from the post.)

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