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#218 (0) [X]

13 May 11
Rukia: oh bru! guess who's in my room with me right now. -cool-
Rukia: i'll give you a hint. she's small and blind
Glenno: Ooh... have you got a little mole?
Rukia: -laugh- close glenno
Gert: A rat?
bruiser: Gracie!!! *pets*
Rukia: yep the rat dog gracie
Glenno: O you were talking about the animal sort. I was talking about the hairy one on your cheek.

#217 (0) [X]

Gert: bruiser- I'm feeling a bit better. Turns out, the codeine cough syrup I am taking keeps me wiiiide awake and sort of squirrely.
Glenno: Woah Gert 'Squirrely' - I wasn't aware of that side affect
Glenno: What are you going to do with your tail?
PeteC: Nothiing like a squirrely Gert.
Rukia: *throws an acorn near gert. Sits back and observes*
bruiser: Hmmm...*ponders the possibilities of messing with a squirrely Gert*
bruiser: Codeine is a wonderful thing
Glenno: Sure Bru, give a child Codeine - if you want a pet.

#216 (1) [X]

Rukia: slow internet connection is slow

#215 (0) [X]

Gert trying to greet me

Gert: Hi dukia, everyone else. Red- flamethrower is a go for when I'm done with my samples.

 Gert: eukia
Gert: rukjia
Gert: rukia
Jadedtitan: omg gert, thats another for the books
Rukia: i leave my computer and look what happens -laugh-

#214 (0) [X]

Jim misses Arlin, Andres gives Jim quasi-praise, levi creeps on Andres: a natural progression.

Andres: don't fret Jim, you're sort of half-anathema, half-icon as it is

Jim_A: sorry, I had to look up anathema on I am detested and loathed. lol

Jim_A: I am also a formal ecclesiastical curse involving excommunication

Andres: well maybe I overstated things a bit

Jim_A: oh man, if the old gang were here, this would not go away soon; trust me

Jim_A: yea, I guess I do really miss Nate

Jim_A: but do not tell him

Andres: 'course not

leviathan12: I'm telling!

Andres: Why would I bother with Levi around to do it for me?

leviathan12: *leans 4 inches away from andres, stares at side of head*

Andres: Levi that's too 'around', okay?

leviathan12: *backs up 3 inches*

Andres: (laughing) *holds up a mirror* (eek)

leviathan12: Did andres just get more dashingly handsome?

#213 (1) [X]

Welcome to SST Network News, with our crack reporting team of Istagi and elmer.

Istagi: did all you crazy canadians just throw your government out again?
elmer856: *checks news*
elmer856: Yup.
elmer856: Time to vote again!
Istagi: You Canadians are so polite. Usually throwing out a government means guns and tanks and rocks and fires etc.
Istagi: You guys can't even stand in the street and throw beavers at each other...
Istagi: Vive La Beaverlution!!!!!!!
Istagi: and now we go live to the Canadian revoltion...
Istagi: "Hey Hey... Ho Ho... so and so has got to go.... Hey Hey, it's cold out here eh? Yea, lets go inside for a Tim Horton's eh? You betcha!"

#212 (2) [X]

Gert trying to bake cookies one night.

Gert: Well, they started as chocolate ship dookies, but I assed some walnuts then found some dried berries, but basicalyy sort of shocolate chip

#211 (0) [X]

NessySheep: *waves to seg*
Segellion: *emerges from carbon freeze*
Segellion: I can't see...
NessySheep: *hugs seg* Smile hello
Segellion: Nessy you're so clever.. you caught me trying to sneak on here unnoticed..
NessySheep: LaughingCool
maddy: Sege??? You're missing Frozy's links...
Segellion: Oh does frosty have a link? Argh.. sorry I couldn't remember off the top of my head.. I just did a best guess.. Sorry Maddy =\
Segellion: He's got lurkacitus now anyway.
NighthawkFan01: We are Lurkutous of Lerk... resistance is futile.... you will be lurked..."
Segellion: All your lurk belong to us.
NighthawkFan01: forgot the are... All your lurk are belong to us.
NighthawkFan01: Lurk? HA! We don' need no stinking lurk! Vamanos muchachos!
NighthawkFan01: "Would you say I have... a lurk?" "Si, senor Guapo, you have a lurk." "Tell me, do you know what a lurk is?"
NighthawkFan01: Give me one, single, lurk.
NighthawkFan01: You smell that? That's the smell of lurk. I love the smell of lurk in the morning!
NighthawkFan01: Now everyone back off or I blow this lurker's head off. Do wha he sez, do wha he sez!!! Is anyone going to help that poor lurker? Hush Harriet, that's a sure way to get the lurk killed.
hellhoundwp: NHF how about "I am only here to lurk, and chew bubble gum. And I'm all out of bubble gum."
NighthawkFan01: Only two things come out of Oklahoma.... Luerkers and Steers.... and I don't see any horns!
NighthawkFan01: Gah! Robin, you've lost your arms! But you grew a great set of lurkers....
Starchilde7: Either lurk or do not lurk, there is no try.
NighthawkFan01: Great... I'm about to be lurked a million miles form home and gung-ho iguana back there is telling me to relax.
Starchilde7: I believe that was "A Lurk Too Far."
NighthawkFan01: Lurk the Almighty? Lurk the all knowing? Please, please, I'm just plain Lurk.
NighthawkFan01: LURK SMASH!

#210 (1) [X]

SIN55: man, if you compare all the orchestral arrangements from HTTYD vs TSN, it's like comparing a rubber duckie to a nuclear submarine...
I like the metaphor I just made, the rubber duckie looks good on the surface but it's filled with air, while the nuclear sub has many complex parts and is very deep Big grin

#209 (1) [X]

*Andres came in writing random words* *GERT had just put brownies in her oven*
GERT: *surgically removes dictionary lodges in A's skull* All better?
elmer856: Fine work, Dr. Gert.
GERT: Thank you Nurse elmer.
GERT: Well, works's all done for the day, time for a round of golf. Hold all my calls and have Dr. Bruiser take all my appointments.
bruiser: *hooks gert's appointments up to cookie-flavored IVs while she's on the course* that oughta hold em
elmer856: Yes Dr.
GERT:Whoa! I didn't think the patients with veintastebuditis were coming in until next week!
elmer856: Clearly this in an emergency
bruiser: they'll be fine. you go ahead
bruiser: i have it all under contro--OH DEAR GOD!
elmer856: *stands by with icing and milk.*
bruiser: Wait, wait, false was just a stray graham cracker from the cafeteria.
bruiser: you may stand down, elmer
GERT: Good. See that you don't let it happen again. This is a very important game of golf.
elmer856: *turns to bru, somewhat embarrassed as he is caught scooping icing into his mouth. Realizes he is in desperate need of milk.*
GERT: You see, I am meeting a very nice young man whose father died and left him a large inheritance. Only, he can't take it out of his country. However, I am the only one who can help him...
bruiser: *shares milk with elmer* i have an extra carton
Redjack: I have root beer, but that makes no difference in your milk situation
bruiser: a Nigerian prince, Gert?
GERT: How did you know, bruiser?!
elmer856: I appreciate the offer Red
elmer856: *kindly takes bru's milk.*
Redjack: Elmer, I never offered the root beer. I just stated I had it
GERT: *goes to retrieve brownies*
elmer856: *stands by with icing and milk*
GERT: Nurse elmer: knife.
GERT: *extends palm*
elmer856: *hands knife to gert*
sportsfan800: -laughing- nurse elmer
elmer856: -mad- Sports, this is very serious surgery we are performing here. My role is vital in the dispensing of brownies! -razz-
sportsfan800: oh ok then
GERT: This part is tricky... Ok, quick, make ready the dissection platter!
GERT: We're flat-lining, Nurse elmer! Where's that platter?
elmer: -bigeek- *Hands platter to gert.* I brought chocolate sauce for transfusion if nessesary!
GERT: Is it H-positive?!
elmer856: Indeed!
GERT: Alright, hook it up to the sauce bag
GERT: I'm just going to close up here... and done. Clean up, will you?
elmer856: Done! *Carefully hooks up sauce bad full of the chocolatey goodness...*
GERT: *walks away, self satisfied and ready for adulation*
bruiser: good job Dr Gert and Nurse elmer
elmer856: *cleans up with sponge cake*
GERT: I know, Dr. Bruiser. I am the best
elmer856: Another brownie will live thanks to you Doctor
GERT: Someday you, too, shall be as great as me.
elmer856: -laughing- Gert!
GERT: I do it for the children, elmer. And good publicity. I always have time for the media.
elmer856: I'm starting to feel a little inadequate. Jade, where are you so that I may be your "gert".
leviathan12: If we have actual motivation and goals, can we be better?
Jadedtitan: -laughing-
GERT: Haha, elmer!
elmer856: I feel better already!
GERT: Yes, kwcu (levi), even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes.
elmer856: Better comes with the results, good or bad, of the journey to those goals.
leviathan12:JiAnd highly caffeinated blind squirrels find several..
Jim_A: so many goodbyes, so little GERT: Two is so many? *uses superior DOCTOR breain to teach Jim how to count higher than 2*
GERT: breain is my brain, just more excellent than yours, as evidenced by the extra e

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