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Here you will find some of the fun, clever, stupid, or just plain entertaining quotes or dialogues from the chat.
If you have witnessed something in the chat that deserves a place on these pages, feel free to submit it.

#256 (0) [X]

*after bruiser posted a link to pictures of a thunderstorm over Mount Etna*

Andres: holy smacks that is awesome
leviathan12: Sounds like a short-lived breakfast cereal.
Andres: They serve 'em at church

#255 (1) [X]

leviathan12: Rukia can take stale bread crust and a ramen flavor packet of information and make a four course meal of rumors.

#253 (0) [X]

Glenno: JBFC
Glenno: Whose looking forward to SPECTRE
Andres: I was trying to avoid it but I will probably have to see it.
Glenno: Avoid it Smile How come? Are you just tired of the franchise, or something else?
Andres: Skyfall had a cold center and a lot of the story consisted of disconnected gestures. Insofar as there was a unified sense of the character, I didn't like it much.
Andres: I like DC a lot, and I thought the opening credit sequence was truly brilliant in how it captured the feel of Fleming's character.
IceBergTYS: As long as they don't reboot Moonraker.
Andres: Actually Moonraker is one of the more interesting books and gives a lot of insight into the character.
Andres: Diamonds Are Forever is another that could be mined. Great book.
Glenno: Oh Moonraker only happened as it did because of Star Wars
Glenno: So blame Star Wars for it
Glenno: Darn SW messing up JB. I won't stand for it!
Glenno: I'll just sit down
Rukia: Laughing

#252 (0) [X]

Montifer: Glenno, midnight is just around the corner for you.

Montifer: Why is New Zealand so far away, that's not fair.

Glenno: Hi Montifer. Midnight is still 2 hours away.

Glenno: And yes wouldn't it be nice if there could be a bridge from NZ to Europe that bends time.

Montifer: So Glenno u have to invent such a bridge.

Glenno: *Gets out portable blackboard and white chalk to plan*

Glenno: Hmmm. Nope I can't make a bridge out of a blackboard and chalk.

#251 (0) [X]

07 Aug 15

On the play list is Indiana Jones

Glenno: Why is there a boulder chasing me?
DieTeeFee: Use whip with vine on the ceiling
DieTeeFee: (been aaaages since i played the indiana jones adventure)
Glenno: Heeelp! Someone beam me up!

Now on the playlist is Deep Space Nine

Glenno: Oh hello Miles

#250 (0) [X]

07 Aug 15 - ON ART

olaziolek: What do you draw? @_@

Glenno: Uh, yeah I draw.

Glenno:  I draw the tea.

olaziolek: Tea?

DieTeeFee: Did i hear TEA?

Glenno: Well when you brew tea. It's called drawing tea... Sometimes. Hardly now... Never, these days.

Glenno: I hate it when a pun doesn't work

olaziolek: -laugh-

olaziolek: Never heard of it

DieTeeFee: Huh… okay. I only know of drawing a beer

Glenno: You can draw curtains too - smile-

Glenno: Don't know how curtains would taste though

olaziolek: -laugh-

#247 (0) [X]

07 Aug 15

DieTeeFee: have i mentioned how awesome it is to meet all of you interesting people all over the world on sst? *is having a little moment right now*

olaziolek: i agree -nods-

Glenno: Yes I find I have those moments too, Fee. Here's a tissue...

DieTeeFee: thanks *drys tears of joy*

Glenno: Sorry Fee, did I tell you that I used that tissue first? Ooops...

DieTeeFee: Eew. *burns tissue*

olaziolek: :D

#246 (0) [X]

sportsfan800: -dead-

leviathan12: Well that's unfortunate that sports died.

NovaKat: Yes

sportsfan800: -eek-

Andres: Well that's unfortunate that sports is a zombie now.

NovaKat: Yes

#245 (0) [X]

ViolaLover: SIN is coming for the weekend tomorrow Cool
PeteC: Best get to confession, then, Viola.
PeteC: CoolRazz
AveD: Laughing
PeteC: Uh, that was a Catholic joke.
PeteC: Rolling eyes
PeteC: Ahem
PeteC: You see, I was equating the SIN to the CONFESSION and...
PeteC: Rolling eyes
PeteC: Oh, never mind.
j2brown: Laughing

#244 (3) [X]

December 20, 2012
Gert tried a new tea Viola recommended in the past. What was to be a simple review turned into a memorable evening of Swypos.

Gert: Vi! I doing the coconut chai! It's but bag, but brood bad.
Jim_A: lol what lolllllllll what's a but bag ?
Gert: I found the vomit chai. It is not as good as I hoped, but not bad! I think I brewed it too long.
Gert: *coconut
NovaKat: -dead-
NovaKat: Oh Rukia, why'd you leave?
MojoPin: -laugh- x3
bruiser: -laugh- oh good Lord
ViolaLover: -laugh- x5
Gert: Night, rukia.
Jim_A: lol this just gets better
ViolaLover: What just happened?!?
MojoPin: vomit chai, NOT a great seller -laugh-
bruiser: Gertisms
ViolaLover: -laugh- x3
Gert: -laugh- it does not taste like vomit
ViolaLover: I am dying!
NovaKat: We love you, Gert *fist bump* please don't go away
Jim_A: crazy, man
Gert: I was trying to swype fast enough to catch vi brogue so she rant to bed.
ViolaLover: Oh my, that will send me to bed laughing Gert. Thank you, I needed that!
bruiser: -laugh-
Jim_A: lol I'm not gonna say
Gert: And I'm talking to gert dad and gert grandma.
Jim_A: lollllllllllllll
MojoPin: -laugh-
Jim_A: oh tell them we said hello and we hope they have a nice Christmas
bruiser: the sad part is i understood that -laugh-
MojoPin: who knew auto-correct had such a sense of humor
ViolaLover: This is too much.
Gert: Oops *before she went to breed
bruiser: *ROTFLMAO*
MojoPin: -laugh- x3
ViolaLover: -laugh- x5
NovaKat: -laugh-
ViolaLover: Can. Not. Breathe.
Jim_A: -laugh- x19
MojoPin: *chokes on water* -laugh- x2
ViolaLover: O.M.G.
ViolaLover: Stomach.Hurting.
MojoPin: -laugh- x8
Jim_A: happy breeding Viola
Gert: Oh. Oh, dear. *bed
ViolaLover: -laugh--yes- x2
MojoPin: -laugh- x4
Jim_A: have a nice holiday, Gert
ViolaLover: *catches breath, starts laughing maniacally all over again*
NovaKat: You're awesome, Gert :D
Jim_A: lol
Gert: Well, glad I could brighten the end of your day. Soweto will!
MojoPin: Gert is da bomb -yes-
Gert: Sleep well ¡
NovaKat: Is that a new catchphrase?
(exocet begins his departing ritual)
Jim_A: lol Soweto is an urban area of the city of Johannesburg in Gauteng, South Africa, bordering the city's mining belt in the south. Its name is an English syllabic abbreviation for South Western Townships.
ViolaLover: God, I'm laughing so hard I'm not even bothered by the spam...*rereads amazing log*
bruiser: Olety wow and Soweto will!
NovaKat: Thanks jimcyclopedia
Andres: -laugh- x2 Vi
MojoPin: doesn't have quite the same ring as Live Long & Prosper
Jim_A: *tips hat*
ViolaLover: bru -yes- That is the new SST battle cry.


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