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#175 (3) [X]

Dragonel: Nessy - must be Nate's fault (everything is)
NessySheep: LaughingYes Big razz@Nate
BrewersGuy: *nute*
BrewersGuy: mute*
brainyguy9999: AAGGGHHHH!!! TOO BUSY!!!!
ClassCE: while (noOfBlameNate>0)
ClassCE: print Blame Nate
Dragonel: Class - you can simplify that to just "while (1)" Wink
ClassCE: or while (nateIsAlive) print Blame Nate
Dragonel: or just If (error_exists), blame(Nate) .... then if we lose Nate, we could just substitute someone else Smile
jbarta: If Nate = yes; then Print "Blame Nate" If Nate = no; then Print "Blame Nate"
jbarta: *relurk*
ClassCE: put that if in a while statement jbarta
NessySheep: ok, now you people are starting to scare me...
Zgurl49: *is confused*
Segellion: Excuse me? Are we still using Visual Basic? Like.. does the "print" method still exsist?
Maddy: Hi/bye jbarta!
Dragonel: Class - don't need the while if it's a permanent condition
jadedtitan: *hugs nessy* hello
Dragonel: hi/bye jb
ClassCE: Laughing
Segellion: addChild(blamenate);
Kajotex: blast it... i just know java :/
Segellion: Nessy's here??
LMarrese: hi jaded
Segellion: *tackles Nessy in a destructive.. yet fuzzy force*
NessySheep: hi jade *hugs* Smile
ClassCE: Laughing SEG!!
Kajotex: nowadays real men write System.out.println("Blame Nate"); Wink
NessySheep: hi seg Smile
Dragonel: Hi jade - sorry Nessy, geek humour


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