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bruiser: nova levi has a story to tell you
NovaKat: Ooh! Story time! *leaps to storytime rug, looks this way and that for levi*
leviathan12: *takes seat by fireplace* Hi nova!
leviathan12: Ok, so, I was at work ( ) today, and I was out doing an interview...
NovaKat: *nod nods, listening*
Gert: ooh, new levi story *sits on couch arm*
leviathan12: And the house we went to, the guy had a kitten about a month old. It was peeking it's head around the door next to his foot looking at us all skeptical...
NovaKat: *gets wide-eyed*
sportsfan800: nova
leviathan12: After a minute it apparently decided that we were nice hoomans. So it mustered up it's courage, scampered out onto the porch a few feet in front of us, looked up, made a concentrating face, and went "MEEEEWWWWWWWW!"
leviathan12: Then it went back inside and continued looking at us from behind the guy's foot.
SweetMadness: Levi, oh my goodness, that is the most adorable thing ever.
Andres: kitten
NovaKat: *squees* awwwww!
leviathan12: We were both like .... *blink.. blink.. *
bruiser: love it!
bruiser: itty bitty guard kitty committee
Gert: aww, baby kitty
SweetMadness: bruiser,
Andres: dat's cheenyus Boo
leviathan12: I was thinking, "Did... did we just get denied entrance by a kitty?"
Gert: *wants a baby kitty *
Gert: haha
NovaKat: Exactly. It was probably trying to show you even though it was cute and friendly, it had a tough kitty side
Andres: well it wasn't hissing, so I'm not sure the meeyow should be read as a challenge?
bruiser: it say "Imma mess yoo up!"
Andres: by what, oofing on his shoe?


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