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:: SSTore :: - Transformers - Steve Jablonsky
Album Information
Album Transformers
Artist Steve Jablonsky
Year 2007
Genre Soundtrack

Request Buy # Track Listing Length Played
AmazoniTunes 01 Autobots
Steve Jablonsky
2:32 228
AmazoniTunes 02 Decepticons
Steve Jablonsky
3:52 189
AmazoniTunes 03 The All Spark
Steve Jablonsky
3:34 207
AmazoniTunes 04 Deciphering The Signal
Steve Jablonsky
3:05 143
AmazoniTunes 05 Frenzy
Steve Jablonsky
1:54 76
AmazoniTunes 06 Optimus
Steve Jablonsky
3:11 249
AmazoniTunes 07 Bumblebee
Steve Jablonsky
3:53 230
AmazoniTunes 08 Soccent Attack
Steve Jablonsky
2:07 138
AmazoniTunes 09 Sam At The Lake
Steve Jablonsky
1:56 79
No Link 10 Skorponok
Steve Jablonsky
4:54 222
AmazoniTunes 11 Cybertron
Steve Jablonsky
2:43 94
AmazoniTunes 12 Arrival To Earth
Steve Jablonsky
5:24 309
AmazoniTunes 13 Witwicky
Steve Jablonsky
1:54 76
AmazoniTunes 14 Downtown Battle
Steve Jablonsky
1:31 98
AmazoniTunes 15 Sector 7
Steve Jablonsky
2:05 78
AmazoniTunes 16 Bumblebee Captured
Steve Jablonsky
2:17 110
AmazoniTunes 17 You're A Soldier Now
Steve Jablonsky
3:28 157
AmazoniTunes 18 Sam On The Roof
Steve Jablonsky
2:03 140
AmazoniTunes 19 Optimus Vs. Megatron
Steve Jablonsky
4:00 179
AmazoniTunes 20 No Sacrifice, No Victory
Steve Jablonsky
2:53 176

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Reviewers Rating

1 review done for this album.

Steve Jablonsky Owns
By: Krazykaleb
Date: 23 Sep 2008
Steve Jablonsky is a very inquisitive composer. He has a great sence of theme and dynamics.

A protegy of Hans Zimmer, Steve may be the one who may be able to possibly take over the Zimmer legacy and create a Jablonsky Legend.

Steve Jablonsky also did additional work on the soundtrack to the first Pirates of the Carribean: the Curse of the Black Pearl. (not many people know this.)

He use of choir and percussion. As compared to anybody in Remote Control productions you can say this composer has made his name know with this very soundtrack.

He has created a great amount of very simple but emotional themes for Transformers so that you can't get enough of it. It can also be said that the tracks can definately be redone or expounded upon in Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen.

The story of this CD is a very crazy one. It was released by petition from many fans who loved the soundtrack in 2007 of October. I was one of those very petitioners for the release of the soundtrack. The only other soundtrack that was available before this soundtrack was the very badly made: Album which included many tracks that weren't in the film.

What is also interesting is that the soundtrack is only a hour long and many of the themes from the movie are still missing. We can only hope that we will hear them in the next soundtrack.

All in all this soundtrack has probably replaced the whole I love Pirates of the Carribean furvor for a Transformers one. This is one soundtrack that can for the most part never get old.

This definately a soundtrack leaveing people wanting more. And will definately have great replay value.

12 of 15 found this review helpful

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