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:: SSTore :: - TRON: Legacy - Daft Punk
Album Information
Album TRON: Legacy
Artist Daft Punk
Year 2010
Genre Soundtrack

Request Buy # Track Listing Length Played
No Link 01 Overture
Daft Punk
2:27 187
No Link 02 The Grid
Daft Punk
1:36 194
No Link 03 The Son Of Flynn
Daft Punk
1:35 149
No Link 04 Recognizer
Daft Punk
2:37 156
No Link 05 Armory
Daft Punk
2:03 150
No Link 06 Arena
Daft Punk
1:32 126
No Link 07 Rinzler
Daft Punk
2:16 151
No Link 08 The Game Has Changed
Daft Punk
3:23 180
No Link 09 Outlands
Daft Punk
2:41 152
No Link 10 Adagio For TRON
Daft Punk
4:09 203
No Link 11 Nocturne
Daft Punk
1:41 127
No Link 12 End Of Line
Daft Punk
2:35 185
iTunes 13 Derezzed
Daft Punk
1:43 148
No Link 14 Fall
Daft Punk
1:20 121
No Link 15 Solar Sailer
Daft Punk
2:41 162
No Link 16 Rectifier
Daft Punk
2:13 147
No Link 17 Disc Wars
Daft Punk
4:11 191
No Link 18 C.L.U.
Daft Punk
4:37 183
No Link 19 Arrival
Daft Punk
1:59 132
No Link 20 Flynn Lives
Daft Punk
3:21 184
No Link 21 TRON Legacy (End Titles)
Daft Punk
3:16 182
No Link 22 Finale
Daft Punk
4:20 185
No Link 01 Encom Part I
Daft Punk
3:49 159
No Link 02 Encom Part II
Daft Punk
2:15 148
No Link 03 Round One
Daft Punk
1:36 130
No Link 04 Castor
Daft Punk
2:16 133
No Link 05 Reflections
Daft Punk
2:36 156
iTunes 06 Father And Son (iTunes Bonus Track)
Daft Punk
3:08 166
No Link 07 Outlands, Part II (iTunes Bonus Track)
Daft Punk
2:52 145
Amazon 08 Sea Of Simulation (Amazon Bonus Track)
Daft Punk
2:39 178

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Reviewers Rating

2 reviews done for this album.

What a sound!
By: Ghostkeeper
Date: 4 Mar 2011
Daft Punk is best known for its house and dance music, so I was quite curious to how the duo would fare in the soundtrack world. The verdict? The soundtrack is good, but they should stick to electronic music.

TRON: Legacy's soundtrack is half electronic music and half instrumental. Most tracks have both. The best tracks though, are the pure electronic ones with the low, cracking beat in them. Yes, I'm talking about "The Game Has Changed", and possibly "Fall". That's what Daft Punk is really good at.

Some tracks are more towards the instrumental side, though. It works sometimes, like in "Adagio for TRON", but instrumental music doesn't allow for as much repetition as electronic music. That's where Daft Punk makes the mistake, as can be heard in the second minute of "C.L.U.".

In general though, the soundtrack is really awesome. Very masculine. It has attracted many people to the movie, especially those of the target audience; including me.

5 of 11 found this review helpful

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Brilliant mixture of electronic and instrumental!
By: Bizarro_Kage
Date: 14 May 2011
I love electronic music, but was never much of a fan of Daft Punk really. That has changed... I believe they have found their true calling. This entire score is so incredible a few words cannot do it justice. This is one of those that I am glad I bought the whole album on iTunes.

Hanz Zimmer's influence and guidance are recognized in a few songs. In fact, it often sound like the hauntingly beautiful score of inception (Recognizer), but more... epic.

Daft Punk and the film maker both had a vision of mixing electronic, because of the nature of the movie, and classical and it worked perfectly. The music REALLY contributes to the mood and movement of the film. In fact, it is what made the difference between simply a cool sequel with awesome action scenes and mesmerizing special effects and a great enjoyable movie.

For the more electronic dance flavor, check out Derezzed. It even mixes in the sound of someone getting derezzed from the original film. And it is an energetic groove. I dare you to try and listen without at least bobbing your head.

The one that is most like a classical flavor is Adagio... breath taking.

Disc Wars is a repetitive harmony with a progressive build up of instruments that will blow you away at the climax.

Apart from these mentioned, I enjoy the entire score, but Arena, Rinzler, Outlands, and End of Line are probably my other favorites.

All in all, I thought it was the score of the year.

9 of 9 found this review helpful

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