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:: SSTore :: - Conan The Barbarian - Basil Poledouris
Album Information
Album Conan The Barbarian
Artist Basil Poledouris
Year 1982
Genre Soundtrack

Request Buy # Track Listing Length Played
No Link 01 Prologue (Film Version) / Anvil Of Crom
Basil Poledouris
3:35 142
No Link 02 Riddle Of Steel / Riders Of Doom
Basil Poledouris
5:33 164
No Link 03 The Gift Of Fury
Basil Poledouris
3:23 33
No Link 04 Column Of Sadness / Wheel Of Pain
Basil Poledouris
4:09 75
No Link 05 Pit Fights
Basil Poledouris
2:42 19
Amazon 06 Prologue (Original Version)
Basil Poledouris
1:03 26
No Link 07 Atlantean Sword
Basil Poledouris
4:00 44
No Link 08 Wolf Witch
Basil Poledouris
3:20 20
No Link 09 Theology / Civilization
Basil Poledouris
3:04 135
No Link 10 The Street Of Deviants / Hopefuls At The Tower Of Set
Basil Poledouris
1:27 12
No Link 11 The Tower Of Set / Snake Attack (Las Cantigas De Santa Maria)
Basil Poledouris
5:19 24
No Link 12 Infidels
Basil Poledouris
1:01 10
No Link 13 The Tavern
Basil Poledouris
1:49 15
No Link 14 The Wifeing
Basil Poledouris
2:15 42
No Link 15 In The Court Of King Osric
Basil Poledouris
1:12 14
No Link 16 Conan Leaves Valeria / The Search
Basil Poledouris
6:00 55
No Link 17 The Mountain Of Power / Capture
Basil Poledouris
3:57 28
No Link 18 The Tree Of Woe / Recovery
Basil Poledouris
6:01 39
No Link 01 The Kitchen / The Orgy
Basil Poledouris
6:20 196
No Link 02 Orgy Fight
Basil Poledouris
2:52 59
No Link 03 Funeral Pyre
Basil Poledouris
5:13 31
No Link 04 Battle Preparations / Battle Of The Mounds (Part I)
Basil Poledouris
5:58 108
No Link 05 Battle Of The Mounds (Part II)
Basil Poledouris
2:11 15
No Link 06 Battle Of The Mounds (Part III) / Night Of Doom
Basil Poledouris
5:55 115
No Link 07 Head Chop
Basil Poledouris
0:53 12
No Link 08 Orphans Of Doom / The Awakening
Basil Poledouris
6:27 77
No Link 09 Epilogue / End Titles
Basil Poledouris
5:03 132
No Link 10 Theology / Civilization (Alternate Version)
Basil Poledouris
3:25 123
No Link 11 The Tower Of Set (Alternate Cues)
Basil Poledouris
3:36 8
No Link 12 Battle Of The Mounds (Part II) (Original Version)
Basil Poledouris
2:08 22

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Reviewers Rating

1 review done for this album.

Poledouris' Masterpiece!
By: Luther_III
Date: 29 Aug 2006
Conan the Barbarian, easily Basil Poledouris’ greatest original score, is also one of the finest contemporary film scores ever recorded. Its triumph was made possible not only because the film’s starkly anemic dialogue afforded much opportunity for massive orchestrations to take center stage, but because director John Milius brought Poledouris on board very early in production. The result makes one wonder what might be possible if modern film composers were more often given ample time (and budgets) for production of their scores.

While at least one more version of the album was printed, the Varese printing represented here is vastly superior. Every track on the album (except perhaps “Tree of Woe,” which is mostly atmospheric) is superb, and when played from beginning to end, the impression is that of an epic tone poem, a story told colorfully and brilliantly with music. Its leitmotifs representing important characters and themes are recognizable but never overly repetitive, and the work as a whole is bombastic enough to reflect the brutal warfare depicted while subtle enough to satisfy those craving sweeping melodies, complex harmonies, and caliber musicianship. Poledouris made brilliant use of Russian chord structures that gives the album a unifying coherence and also plausibly represents the fanciful locale of the story. One could almost appreciate the gist of the entire story by listening to the music alone.

“Anvil of Crom” features heavy percussion pounding out a unique rhythm in an 11/4 time signature accompanying the god-like theme played by 24 French horns! Though slightly trivialized by numerous performances of a marching band rendition, it remains one of the most memorable title tracks in film music history. The “Riddle of Steel” portion of the next track expands on the lovely Conan theme introduced in "Anvil" and which is revisited in numerous variations throughout the disc. For “Riders of Doom,” John Milius recommended Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana for inspiration, and Poledouris obliged with the most frighteningly satisfying choral depiction of warfare this reviewer has ever heard. This is “O Fortuna” to the Nth degree. What follows is track upon track of terrific music depicting Conan’s epic journey. Sweeping strings, pounding percussion, gorgeous choral passages, and triumphant brass abound. Other tracks worth mentioning include the brooding, choral “Gift of Fury,” the musically satisfying “Theology/Civilization,” the beautiful love theme stated in both “Wifeing” and “Leaving/the Search,” and of course “Kitchen/The Orgy.” In the first half of the latter track, a lush but ominous male chorus guides us through Thulsa Doom’s subterraneous kitchens. For “The Orgy,” Poledouris made use of a theme his then 9-year-old daughter Zoë made up on the recorder. The theme builds without development resulting in a slightly repetitive listen, akin perhaps to Ravel’s Boléro: hated by some, loved by others.

The main gripe with this score, if any complaint at all could be made, is that in the context of the film, the music does not always go along with the visuals. It is true, Poledouris does not employ the meticulous cueing exemplified by, say, John Williams. Really, though, it is the same kind of complaint that often accompanies Tchaikovsky’s ballets: that the music overshadows, rather than supports, the visual elements. But this was Milius’ intent all along. After all, in the first 30 minutes of the film, there is only about 3 minutes of dialogue. Thus, for Poledouris’ Conan it is an open question whether the music accompanies the film, or the film accompanies this masterpiece.

Track-by-track rating:

Track: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Stars: 5* 5* 4* 4* 3* 4* 3* 4* 3* 2* 3* 5* 3* 5* 3* 4*

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