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Howard Ashman Alan Menken - Little Shop Of Horrors
Suppertime is the best track!
By: Taxihunter
Date: 27 Jan 2016

LadyInque wrote a wonderful review above. I would not waste any more keystrokes trying to convince anyone about the perfection of this musical.

My only beef: Suppertime is the perfect track to remind the viewer/listener exactly what the film is. A haunting melody with the most sublimely evil lyrics:

"Come on, come on,
Think about all those offers
Come on, come on,
Your future with Audrey
Come on, come on,
Ain't no time to turn squeamish
Come on, I swear on all my spores,
When he's gone the world will be yours..."

This is what the whole musical was about, and this song, while truly nightmarish, is what we are really watching in Little Shop of HORRORS: a horror film with great music & lyrics.

RIP Howard Ashman. You were a lyrical genius.

Hans Zimmer, John Lithgow / Ellen Burstyn / Casey Affleck / Jessica Chastain / Matthew Mcconaughey / Mackenzie Foy - Interstellar
By: emile
Date: 5 Jan 2016

this album consist for a great part of minimalistic sounds, which makes this somewhat the black sheep in Hans Zimmers oeuvre. Although each track has really recognisable parts where you really get to know where you are in the film.

For me personally a good soundtrack has a basis of recognisability, a base theme, and some different theme's within to make it listenable. Almost every track in this soundtrack has that same base, even how minimalistic it sounds.

Maybe the reason Hans Zimmer chose for such minimal sound is that actually there is no sound in space. Something similar is in the movie Gravity where the soundtrack is more a soundscape in my opinion.

very recognisable and similar tracks are "Mountains" and "Imperfect Lock" where you really get into that exciting part of the film and get that feeling of trying to be in time or something similar.

"Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night" is nice but is not necessary to be on the soundtrack, but maybe it tells then more about the movie then about the soundtrack.

Dennis Martin - Legend Of Dragoon, The
Legend of Dragoon OST
By: Dark
Date: 30 Sep 2015

This was one of the 1st if not the 1st RPG i played. The mechanics, and story were great. But what really took me away was the actual music of the game. I woudl play to a point in the game onto the 2rd and 3rd disk just to get access to the over-world themes at that point int he game. Well worth it!

Craig Armstrong - Far From The Madding Crowd (2015)
Far fro the Madding Crowd
By: sonnystarks
Date: 28 Sep 2015

Film won't be a record breaker but soundtrack will be a sleeper classic such as John Williams "Star Wars." Violin such as you've never heard before.

Paul Williams Gustavo Santaolalla, Gustavo Santaolalla Diego Luna, Gustavo Santaolalla Joe Matthews, Diego Luna (...) - Book Of Life, The
the book of life
By: passionandsoul
Date: 24 Aug 2015

i am so sorry that you did not approve of my first review, but i will try to correct it. you stated that i need to write a review on the album rather than the movie so i will try to do the best that i can. the album was colorful and the music score very creative and seriously dynamic! i was so impresed by the spanish language and the way it blends with the music score! so original and very unique! it really keeps me listening tom this album all day and every day! i must say that i love this album and give it a perfect rating!

Paul Kalkbrenner, Sascha Funke - Berlin Calling
Keep an open mind.
By: plus1
Date: 24 Jul 2015

This one may be a bit unconventional, but in my opinion it execellently illustrates the fact that it does not always take an orchestra to create a score that fits a film perfectly.
Kalkbrenner's electronic sounds make a significant contribution to the overall atmosphere of "Berlin calling", they enhance its credibility and make a lasting impression on the listener and on top of that they even do work well without the film - what more can be asked of a soundtrack?

Barrington Pheloung - Magic Of Inspector Morse, The
Great Music From Barrington Pheloung
By: YashaWhiteTiger
Date: 15 Jun 2015

"Inspector Morse theme song", "Goodbye Sir", "The Remorseful Day" are just a handful of music that is one of my favorites from this album, Give a listen and enjoy. Inspector Morse is one of the best British series ever to come along and Pheloung's music was a major part of its success.

Shinkichi Mitsumune - Revolutionary Girl Utena
Music to Revolutionize the World!
By: LadyInque
Date: 4 Jun 2015

This is the first soundtrack from an anime series from 1997. The title character enrolls at an exclusive school and finds herself drawn into a world of sword duels, secret histories, and magic. The music for the series was perfect for it, in turns dramatic, silly, and marvellous.

The music on this album falls into two main categories: eclectic instrumental score and pop/rock vocal tracks. Let’s talk about the score first. The main theme of the show is heard throughout the album. It gets its humblest expression as a piano solo in “Sunlit Garden.” The “Revolutionary Girl – Overture” is a lush, orchestral version of it. The rest of the score dances around various sounds. “She is Refined,” “Her Tragedy,” and “Eros’ Dance” sound very classy and classical. “Passionate” and “Duelists” are jazzy. Pipe organ melodrama can be found on “The Memory of an Idea” and “Legend -- The God’s Name is Abraxas”. “Alien Kashira” and “Prayer to Dios” are strange and beautiful, respectively. If you’re not familiar with the series, then these instrumental tracks are probably your best bet to explore. Some of them are quite lovely, and there is ample piano, if that’s something that you like.

Tracks 23, 26-33 are vocal tracks, which are played during the duels on the show. “Absolute Destiny Apocalypse” is one of the most famous tracks, and it played in almost every episode. It’s rock, it’s catchy, and the lyrics, should you understand the Japanese, don’t make any sense. It appears three times on the album, in regular, “Industrial Mix” and Karaoke versions. Track 35, “Truth,” is the end credits music for the first arc of the series, and sounds like standard J-pop to me. I’m not a fan, but your mileage may vary. I think these vocal tracks have more limited appeal to non-fans. If you are a fan, then you may have a favorite duelling theme. You may also be mourning the lack of track 2, “Rondo Revolution,” as I am.

I think this album is great for fans of the anime. This is good music, but out of the context of the show, I think the instrumental tracks are more rewarding for listeners here at SST.

Jeremy Zuckerman - Legend Of Korra, The: Original Music From Book One
Great music for a great series
By: LadyInque
Date: 4 Jun 2015

This is the score from the first season of The Legend of Korra, which was a sequel series to Avatar: The Last Airbender. The score was released after much clamoring by fans, and it’s totally worth that effort. For those of you unfamiliar, these series take place in an Asian-inspired fantasy world where some people have the ability to control (“bend”) one of the four elements. The Avatar is the only one who can bend all four, and “bring balance to the world.”

As with the music for the original Avatar, Korra features a lot of great fantasy score, with an Asian flavor and instrumentation. Tracks like “Fresh Air,” “A Peaceful Place,” and “Firebending Training” underscore Korra’s bending training, and the traditions of this world, so they have the most traditional sound. This comes from the performances of Hong Wang on erhu and other Chinese instruments. This traditional instrumentation is also highlighted in the music for the antagonist of the series, “Amon” and “Chi Blockers.”

But this album also reflects the changing world of the Avatar. While the first series took place in a world on the cusp of an industrial revolution, Korra takes place 70 years later. There are skyscrapers, airships, and cars on every street. The sounds of this world are different, too. One of the most striking things about this album are the dixieland-style numbers, which serve as underscore and come through the characters’ radios. The Angel City Dixieland Band are the ringers on “Air Tight,” “Hittin’ on All Sixes,” and “Squeaky Rags.” On tracks like “On the Lam,” this sound mixes with the Chinese instruments to create a hybrid sound perfect for the series.

The hybrid sound continues with the epic score music. Tracks like “Republic City Under Attack” and “War” are great for action. “Before,” the longest track on the album, plays during the villain’s backstory. It’s slow and sad (in a good way!) “Greatest Change” is the emotional finale of the show. It starts slow, and builds.

This score is here and ready for you to explore. You won’t be disappointed.

Squrl, Jozef Van Wissem & Squrl, Jozef Van Wissem - Only Lovers Left Alive
Strange minimalist rock and lute
By: LadyInque
Date: 4 Jun 2015

Only Lovers Left Alive is a movie about two married vampires named Adam and Eve. They’ve been alive for centuries, and in the film they’ve been living on different continents for a few years. Adam, feeling depressed, reaches out to Eve, who leaves her home in Tangiers, Morocco, to visit Adam in Detroit. Their idyllic reunion is interrupted by a disastrous visit from Eve’s sister.

The music for this movie was written by SQÜRL (the band of which the film’s director, Jim Jarmusch, is a member) and lute player Jozef van Wissem. Some tracks feature just the band, while others feature the lute with varying support from the band. The entire score sounds minimalist and experimental to my ears, with more ostinato than melody, and no real themes. I think they were trying, with the SQÜRL tracks, to evoke the current loneliness and aesthetic of Adam, who in present-day Detroit is a rock musician. “The Taste of Blood” features diegetically as music written by Adam, and heard by the characters in a club. “Feel Free to Piss in the Garden” has a driving baseline, and sounds like something is actually happening on screen besides attractive people moping.

On the other hand, the tracks with the lute seem to signal the timelessness and sadness of the immortal couple at the center of the film. The mostly solo lute on “In Templum Dei” sounds myserious, as befits the title. “Streets of Tangiers” has the expected Middle-Eastern flavor.

Before I go, I’d like mention the two vocal tracks left off SST. “Funnel of Love” is a SQÜRL remix of a song by Wanda Jackson. It’s the first thing you hear in the movie and sets the tone for the whole thing, so I’m sorry not to see it here. The other is “Hal,” sung by Yasmine Hamdan, whose performance is featured in its entirety in the movie. It’s hypnotic – go check it out.

Request: “Taste of Blood,” “Feel Free to Piss in the Garden,” “Streets of Tangiers,” “Our Hearts Condemn Us”
Avoid: “Diamond Star.” It’s more noise than music.

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46 pages: 1 2 3 ... 44 45 46 


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