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 There are 470 Reviews Done 

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Michael Giacchino - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
How to write a score in 4 and a half weeks
By: Caliburn
Date: 7 May 2017

I am pretty impressed what Giacchino has written in the short time-span he had for this move. I think he did a very well. It also makes me wonder what he would have written for it, if he even had more time.

- "Star-Dust"
- "Confrontation on Eadu"
- "Krennic’s Aspirations"
- the three suites at the end.

You can find my full review on my own review website:

1 of 1 found this review helpful

Ramin Djawadi - Great Wall, The
Not Game of Thrones but still pretty decent
By: Caliburn
Date: 7 May 2017

Ramin has written a nice style of music for it. It has Western and Eastern influences at the same time. The main song is beautiful as well. To get to know this soundtrack a bit more, give "First Battle" a listen.

Highlights are:
- "Nameless Order"
- "First Battle"
- "At the Border"
- "Xin-Ren"

You can find my full review on my own review website:

1 of 1 found this review helpful

Marco Beltrami - Logan
It has its moments, but lot of it is just meh
By: Caliburn
Date: 7 May 2017

This soundtrack has its moments. Some of the band stuff is pretty great. But it has also a lot of sound design tracks that are pretty forgettable.

Highlights are:
- "Main Titles"
- "El Limo-nator" for its craziness
- "Eternum – Laura’s Theme" is a nice theme

You can find my full review on my own review website:

Carl Davis - Ben-Hur (1925)
Score for a Silent Movie!
By: Dragonel
Date: 12 Apr 2017

Note that composer Carl Davis was born over 10 years after the silent film "Ben Hur" was released in 1925. But in 1987 he produced a score for it, which is the music available here.

Miklos Rozsa - Miklos Rozsa At M-G-M
Miklos Rozsa At M-G-M
By: ZeframCochrane
Date: 12 Apr 2017

This collection is the place to start in learning about Hollywood's Golden Age in music. Rózsa's music represents that perfect representation of the movies.Most of this collection has never been released before.The first two (Madame Bovary and Ivanhoe) are in mono and all the others are in early stereo.This CD is an excellent way to introduce someone to Rozsa who was unfamiliar with his work.

“I walked long afternoons in the Forum Romanum on the Capitoline and Palatine Hills, imagining the old splendor of the buildings which are in ruins now, and the excitement of the multitude in flowing togas in the Circus Maximus where I wrote the music for the Circus and Victory parades.”
(On his inspiration for Ben-Hur)

Miklós Rózsa

1 of 1 found this review helpful

Klaus Badelt - Time Machine, The
Possibly one of the best scores I have ever heard.
By: Morg
Date: 19 Mar 2017

I have been around here for a long time. Over the years, I have heard and learned about some really great composers, conductors, and artists. I have used this site as a way for me to discover new movies and games that I may not have otherwise heard of.

The Time Machine is one of the most iconic H.G. Wells stories of all time. The original 1960 movie was way ahead of it's time. Fast forward 42 years to the year 2002, and we find the remake of this phenomenal story.

The 2002 versions musical score is one of my all time personal favorites, especially the first track, Professor Alexander Hartdegen. The use of various instruments, especially the use of the piano, makes music to my ears.

If you ever need an album to listen to just to be able to escape for a short while, I would highly recommend this album.

Jeff Russo - Legion (2017)
Moody music fitting a great TV show
By: Jadedtitan
Date: 9 Mar 2017

A show about David Haller, Legion, needs music as weird, complex and perhaps even a little hard to understand, as the character its trying to portray. The music of Legion is a mix of weird electronic musings and introspective orchestrations that fit the mood of the show very well. It has a twist of disconcerting strings for the Clockworks hospital period of David’s story and melodic remembrances for young David flashbacks. The soundtrack highlights the main theme for David with David Redux and also in the last half of 174 hours. Levitate and Tea and Memory are both lovely orchestrated tracks with Choir and Crickets making you feel as if you are outside listening to the voices in your own head. While some of the tracks are certainly harder to listen to, the score does a nice job capturing the weird essence of the show and David’s journey in finding himself.

1 of 1 found this review helpful

Radwimps - Your Name
A Labor of Love
By: ladylark
Date: 1 Mar 2017

This soundtrack was a labor of love by the Radwimps and it shows. For those who don't know, Radwimps is a Japanese Rock Band. They're known for their hard sound paired with gentle vocals.

What they weren't known for in the Music industry was writing instrumental pieces but when the opportunity came up to work on the new Makoto Shinkai movie, Your Name, they leapt onto it.

The band took a year off from producing their own albums to work on Your Name. Each song was crafted to relate back into the over all theme and feeling of the film. The music is as much a part of the film as Shinkai's amazing visuals.

You may ask how I learned of this, I attended TIMM/TIFF this year and it was the talk of the trade show. Universal Music (The company the Radwimps are signed to) was extremely proud of what their talent did.

The only thing I wish is that SST included all of the tracks from the OST as each one was composed specifically for the film, including the J-pop ones.

Radwimps - Your Name
My soundtrack of the year in 2016
By: plus1
Date: 6 Jan 2017

A great soundtrack with beautiful songs.
Well balanced with fast-paced, good-humoured tracks as well slow and quiet pieces.
And the film is thoroughly watchable, too.

2 of 2 found this review helpful

David Arnold & Chris Cornell - Casino Royale (Single)
10 years later: finally available on SST!
By: anya
Date: 16 Nov 2016

you know my name

All the James Bond soundtracks on SST have the theme song of the movie but not Casino Royale (2006): what a disappointment it was for me! And finally, here it is!!!! :D
I'm not a James Bond fan, I didn't like the movies with Pierce Brosnan as 007. And then, Casino Royale came out. All the reviews were good and I gave it a try.
I remember sitting on the theatre, not amoung a big crowd, discovering the opening scene and its end: 007 walking, turning toward us, shooting at the screen and then... hearing those striking and ferocious notes starting the opening credits.
Well, I never saw a James Bond movie on cinema before, so maybe it overwhelmed me even more. I was not used to that kind of opening credits. I thought it was gorgeous and the music sticked to it so beautifully. The combination of the music, lyrics and images was perfect to me.
What I love about this song, it's that it's not like the other James Bond songs: the movie's title is not a part of it, you won't hear Chris Cornell say "Casino Royale", no! It's a song about James Bond, but this guy is already so famous that nobody has to say his name, just the lyrics explain who he is and just by them, you know his name. Because that's what the movie is about: the beginning of James Bond, his first mission as "00".
I think this song fits the new style of the franchise (darker than the 90's ones which were less serious) and maybe a male singer was choosen for this reason, to not make it sound like any of the previous ones.

I don't listen any other music than soundtracks, so I never heard of Chris Cornell before. And as I so deeply wanted this song and sadly discovered it wasn't on the Casino Royale soundtrack ç__ç I purchased one of Chris Cornell's album, just to own this song.
I'm glad that, finally, after 10 years (!!!!), You Know My Name is on SST.
Now I know that at any moment, while listening, the first notes can start and give me shivers and then will come Chris's voice, oh so gentle, to go higher and higher, and finally ending it screaming.

47 pages: 1 2 3 ... 45 46 47 


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