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 There are 486 Reviews Done 

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Bear McCreary - God Of War (PlayStation Soundtrack)
Absolutely magnificent
By: Caliburn
Date: 18 Jun 2018

This score just blew me away, it is that good. The God of War theme with the low men choir but also the mother theme are gorgeous. The themes can be heard throughout the whole score. The best tracks, in my humble opinion are "God of War" and "Ashes".

For my full review, you can find it at

Lorne Balfe, Ramin Djawadi - Pacific Rim: Uprising
It lacks on every front
By: Caliburn
Date: 6 Jun 2018

This score is just plain boring. Where the predecessor had awesome music, where you wanted to root for the robots, this score has nothing of the sort. It is just drums and a simple melody as a theme.

You can read my full review over at

Laura Karpman - Taken
Be Taken
By: PeteC
Date: 7 May 2018

Laura Kapman has composed a beautiful tapestry that only some composers can formulate. Go into this music with the mind that the series takes and you will travel with it to places you seen before but only rarely. I was so reminded of Williams in many parts but not in terms replicating but in terms of the paint stroke. Enjoy this superior score.

Ludwig Goransson - Black Panther
A Marvel action movie with a fantastic African style score
By: Caliburn
Date: 28 Feb 2018

Goransson is an unknown composer to me. but he has written a great score, full of African influences. The T'Challa theme with the fanfare sound and the talking drums is great. However, the Killmonger theme is even better with the wild flute sounds and the hip-hop elements.

You can read my full review over at

Matthew Margeson Henry Jackman - Kingsman: The Golden Circle
Music of the sequel is more Kingsman.. which is a good thing.
By: Caliburn
Date: 2 Jan 2018

The music of this movie is written by the same composers, who continued their style.

If you loved the Kingsman soundtrack you will also love this one.

My full review can be read over at

John Williams - Star Wars: The Last Jedi
Return to A Galaxy far, far away.
By: sportsfan800
Date: 1 Jan 2018

The great John Williams has now composed an amazing eight Star Wars films and in this eighth installment of the epic saga, he continues to amaze us. I wish I could could through each track to give a more extensive insight into Williams' work but I will go through some of its highlights.

Like with The Force Awakens, it takes a few listens to get a good feel of JW's work and appreciate the new themes he intertwines with the old ones in The Last Jedi. Prime examples is the Ahch-To Island and the Battle of Crait tracks which gives us a taste of everything. Some of the highlights include some nice variations of Rey's theme and Jedi Steps but also a nice introdution to new music as heard in Rose's theme. It is light hearted with a moderate pace that adds to the characters personality.

For those who enjoyed The Force Awakens, all of the familiar themes from it are represented. Some more than others. For me it was just right. With this being Carrie Fisher's final performance, it is only fitting that Leia's theme is prominently featured throughout and no doubt had an emotional impact to me and moviegoers alike. Beautifully done in all aspects including the track, The Supremacy.

Another fun tracks that JW brought to TLJ was Canto Bight. The music in this piece can be best described as the Cantina Band mixed with a funky Latin Jazz flavor and some interesting instrumentation but I loved it.

TFA did not have too much of a choral aspect besides Snokes theme but this time JW uses it for just the right amount of time to give the scenes a more emotional impact. The Battle of Crait and The Last Jedi each utilize the choir slowly at first and then builds up to a fitting climax.

Of course JW always has a great End Titles piece to each of SW and TLJ is no exception. This particular track begins on a relaxing Sound of a harp and transitions to that familiar end credits theme we all know. Finale includes a very beautiful piano excerpt of Leias theme fitting for her final on screen performance that will definitely bring SW to tears. Another standout excerpt from this track is General Holdos\ The New Rebellion Melody in which the brass And strings build up the suspense to a very pivotal moment in the film. I only wish they would have included more of this melody earlier on this CD to fully enjoy the aspect of this new piece.

Overall fans of John Williams and Star Wars will not only love this score but continue to be astonished of Maestro's ability to write new music for a franchise he has been working on for more than 40 years. We can only Hope he has surprises for us one more time in Episode IX before he takes his final bow. Thank you Maestro!

John Williams - Star Wars: The Last Jedi
It is a Star Wars score
By: Caliburn
Date: 21 Dec 2017

This score contains a lot of great music from Episodes 4-7. There is some new music, but most of the album is a throwback to all the other movies. To me, that is a great thing!

You can read my full review over at

1 of 2 found this review helpful

Hans Zimmer, Hans Zimmer & Lorne Balfe, Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch (...) - Dunkirk
A very good score for the movie... not on its own
By: Caliburn
Date: 10 Oct 2017

I think this whole score is perfect for the movie. I felt very uncomfortable the whole movie and the music made that happen.

Listening to it on its own is just... meh...

Supermarine is one of the only tracks that I can appreciate without the images. It is a but repetitive but still enjoyable to listen to it.

My full review can be found at

1 of 1 found this review helpful

Alexandre Desplat - Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets
a shame
By: anya
Date: 10 Oct 2017

First of all, I was disappointed to learn that the score will not be composed by Eric Serra, because I enjoy his work on all Luc Besson's movies. But well, let's give a chance to Alexandre Desplat.

The movie opens with the song "Space oddity" by David Bowie and it's perfect, so, I had nothing to complain about. But then, comes the title VALERIAN, taking all the screen, to reveal an adventure movie... And here comes Desplat's music : it's dull. As it was the very first notes from his composition for the movie, and because it was surely Valerian's theme, I wanted to remember it, to pay attention, but it was dull, it has nothing iconic, nothing powerful, I forget it right away. I was saying to myself "That's it?! That's the theme?!"
So, for all the score, the tracks are not memorable, sometimes there're even awfull (*spoilers* when the Pearls' planet is destroyed and the bad guy doesn't care, the music sounds like composed by some random dude: "veryyyy saaad because the good guys are dying" and then "eviiiil because the bad guy is baaaad"... yeah that's the impression it gave me... awfull!)

I didn't like the movie in itself but it's been proven many times a movie can be very bad and the music can be amazing (JNHFC ;) ) and for sure, Alexandre Desplat did not manage to give a soul to Valerian.
It makes me regret even more Eric Serra, his music would have been, for sure, unique.

1 of 1 found this review helpful

Diego Navarro - Passage To Dawn
A gem from Spain
By: Caliburn
Date: 16 Sep 2017

This score is absolutely stunning. My favourites on this score are "Misha & Mira", "Lullaby", "To The Core Of The Soul" and "Passage To Dawn – Main Theme". It is a good example that there are very good soundtracks written outside of Hollywood.

A full review can be read on my own review site:

49 pages: 1 2 3 ... 47 48 49 


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