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SST Interview with Luna Sans

2 Sep 2008

How do you prepare a song with the Numanian language?

Learning a new Foreign Language of any kind is quite the challenge, yet I really embraced the process, and enjoyed the recording of the songs. I found it to be quite fun actually. I really do love languages, and speak Spanish and a bit of French- so that helped a bit too. The language helped to make the music more about the mood, the emotion, and the melody.

Would you make the lyrics Luna sings on "Cartographer" available to the public?

Well, seen as I am Luna, I cannot quite answer this question without asking the brothers. Yet, I will say if you listen closely, the words are easy to decipher. I am sure they will get out there somehow, one day....

What are your thoughts on artists' interests, record labels' interests, and the distribution of music in the digital age?

Although the rapid advancement of technology has been incredible to watch, as artists and people who are directly effected by such advances, we have mixed emotions. In truth, the days of the bustling "record label" are numbered- if not already a thing of the past. So many have already shut their doors, downsized, and/or been forced to merge into one huge conglomerate. With the onslaught of internet music sites, and so many free downloading arenas the music business has become severely damaged. The artist truly has no control. Once it has gotten out there it's out there to stay. You just hope people see music, and songs as a way of life for those of us who create it. It is, on the other hand quite amazing just how fast the music can get out there. Songs can be heard and spread so quickly- around the globe, it just takes a click of the mouse. The sad part is that it is being done so, for free. Unfortunately, people do not realize that music/songs are like paintings. They may not be seen in a physical format, yet artists create and thus should be compensated for their time and hard work. It will be interesting to watch and see how the industry deals with its hardships. Only time will tell.

Please tell us how the E.S. Posthumus-Luna Sans collaboration came about. Was it important for Luna Sans to know the meaning of the lyrics in order to infuse the right sounds and feelings?
I believe the process began when the brothers were looking to evolve their
style, and create and album/sound that was more mainstream with their sound mixed with that of an added vocalist. When we were introduced through a mutual friend, it seems that they decided I was the one to do the job. So gladly I met with them, sang a bar from what is now "Isunova," and the rest is history.

In regards to the lyrics/ language I was not told any meanings/translations prior to the recording if at all. It was important to the process that I feel whatever it was I felt in the moment I sang the songs. It was much more organic that way. I wanted to convey as much raw emotion as I could, and hopefully I was able to do so. I think with this music, it is best unscripted/undefined. It should be up to the listener to decide what the songs mean to them, myself included....

It is rumored that Luna Sans does not read music. Is this true? If so, how did the recording process work?

Oh wow, do I feel special that there is even a rumor out there about me! I wonder who started that rumor? Anyway, yes- I can read music. I must be honest and say I am certainly not one who can orchestrate a symphony, yet, I can handle my own. I'd like to think I have a good ear- that also helps when recording as well.



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